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Elves were pure and kind-hearted, but pollution could make them wicked and complicated.

In the first place, she was neither kind nor pure...

Therefore, pollution had no effect on her?


He definitely ridiculed her in a roundabout way!

Where did that high-end, overwhelming, and refined master go? Please don't deceive her!

"Then I am really... lucky..." Shen Yanxiao forced a smiled as she looked at Xiu. The pink bubbles popping out of her heart cracked and shattered into tiny pieces in a flash.

She knew!

She knew that her family’s Great Master was not kind at all!

Xiu said faintly, "That is the natural disposition of human kind; however, for the elves, it is a deadly poison."

"How so?" Alright, he was actually not deriding her. In any case, he had dragged the entirety of humanity down; she felt better now!

"Human beings have the richest and most complex emotions among the eight races. Human beings have seven emotional states and six desires. Different people grow up in different environments, and also form different personalities. But other races do not. Every race, except human beings, has one of its most remarkable characteristics."

"The elves are cold and detached. They coexist with everything in this world that has life. They like peace and nature, and show no interest about everything outside."

"Dwarves are impulsive. They have a clear distinction between their likes and dislikes. They treat what they love with obsession and do not cover up their disgust."

"The merfolk are vain. They live in the endless seabed, dance with the ocean, and love the people‘s praises for them."

“The dragons are greedy, they pursue countless treasures to decorate their lairs.”

"The undead are wicked, they like everything dark."

"The devils are psychopaths..."

Xiu’s cold and cheerless voice enumerated each of the unique characteristics of several races. Each race had its own distinct negative side, with all being clear to their stereotypes to the point that it was almost impossible to see any strange flowers, like a greedy elf or a vain undead.

However, human beings possessed all the negative emotions of the several major races and for them, that was very normal...

Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu and asked softly, "Then what about the G.o.ds?" Would the G.o.ds, who were admired by almost all living beings, have a negative side?

Looking at Shen Yanxiao, Xiu slowly answered, "Proud."

"Proud?" Shen Yanxiao pondered and thought that this word was not too demeaning.

"The most fundamental reason why the G.o.ds do not get into conflict with races other than the Devil Race is... disdain." Xiu said with indifference. Except for the devils, all races in the world were not the opponents of the G.o.ds.

For the G.o.ds, the only one that could match the word ‘opponent’ was the devils!

"Too many complex, negative emotions will disturb the minds of the elves. The elves mainly rely on their source of life. Their coldness and detachment are also to better cultivate their source of life, but once their emotions become complicated, their source of life will also be polluted." This was one vicious circle. A negative seed just needed to be dropped in the minds of the elves; it would then automatically take root and germinate in their source of life and bit by bit nibble at the minds of the elves.

The reason why Shen Yanxiao was not affected by pollution was precisely because she had a human side. She had been a human being for more than a decade in her previous life. Dealing with complex negative emotions, for her, was simply a piece of cake.

As a result, pollution could not invade her indomitable mind, because there was already a much darker pollution than this nuisance...

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