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"My point was not about whether she compared notes or got into a conflict with him. I am asking if Yan Xiao has injured Shui Ling, and Yan Xiao has already admitted it."

Admit my foot!

If not for his fear of causing unnecessary trouble, with Mo Yu’s temper, he would have already rushed forward and fought against these generals fettered by old conventions.

This fella was being misleading all along. He had distorted a normal ‘friendly match’ into some private conflict. The difference between the two was obviously huge.

Comparing notes in a friendly match was allowed in the advanced training camp, but getting into a conflict was strictly forbidden!

Shen Yanxiao admitted that she had injured Shui Ling, but she did not admit that she had been in a conflict with Shui Ling. Do your parents know that you mislead others like this?!

"Mo Yu, calm down first." The seemingly unfl.u.s.tered Mo Feng kept Mo Yu calm, but it was not difficult to see from his expression that he felt very doubtful about Shen Yanxiao's ability to injure Shui Ling.

Mo Yu kept his composure back. Meanwhile, He Xu continued to ask Shen Yanxiao, "Yan Xiao, are you aware of Shui Ling’s sudden death this morning?"

Shen Yanxiao responded, "I just knew about it when the guard told me."

Shen Yanxiao was very certain that the death of Shui Ling was definitely not because of her. She was not stupid enough to stir up trouble at a time when she had to conceal her strength and bide her time.

Due to the Moon G.o.d Continent’s stability, the elves rarely had abnormal deaths, so Shen Yanxiao could understand how serious it was for these elves, who were responsible for the advanced training camp, when an elf suddenly died. 

"Very well. According to our investigation, before Shui Ling died, he had not been exposed to any dangerous objects. But after you compared notes with him a few days ago, he was injured, and his injury wasn’t light. In this period of time, he had been recuperating, then suddenly died. Do you have anything to explain about this?" With Mo Yu’s protest, He Xu finally replaced the phrase “got into a conflict” into “compared notes”.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly revealed a smile.

"Esteemed generals, do you mean to say that Shui Ling was killed by me?"

Shen Yanxiao’s reaction made the three present generals crease their brows into frowns together. In such a serious situation, where Shen Yanxiao was being interrogated as a suspect, she could actually still smile?

"At the moment, only you can be the reason for Shui Ling’s death."

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and sat down on a chair very leisurely. She smiled and said, "Since General He Xu has investigated the matter between me and Shui Ling, then you should also be clear that I’m an elf who was just temporarily placed in the advanced training camp, and that I don’t have the level of the black elves.” Shen Yanxiao said, pointing to the temporary badge on her chest.

He Xu frowned and replied, "But according to Qie Er, on the first day after entering the advanced training camp, you had cultivated on the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower for ten continuous days. You may not have been a black elf before, but there is no guarantee that your rank hasn’t advanced after leaving the Pure Spirit Tower."

"This little fellow has continuously cultivated in the Pure Spirit Tower... for ten days?" He Xu’s words made Mo Yu and others drop their jaws to the ground. The five of them could be said to be the top elves of the advanced training camps. However, the time they had been able to continuously cultivate when they first entered the Pure Spirit Tower was actually only one-tenth of Shen Yanxiao’s...

They could hardly imagine how this little fellow with limitless potential had done it.

This incredible news really made even these guys, who had recommended Shen Yanxiao into the advanced training camp, extremely shocked!

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