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Shen Yanxiao’s response made Qie Er suck in a breath of cold air.

Shen Yanxiao knew clearly how Shui Ling had injured An Ran before, and so... she specifically aimed at the same place where Shui Ling had shot An Ran!

No one would be so naive as to think that this was just a coincidence. Definitely, Shen Yanxiao had long planned this.

From the very beginning, she had already made up her mind to shoot through Shui Ling’s shoulder blade. The series of ruthless attacks before were just to pull the wool over people's eyes[1], to disrupt Shui Ling’s mind, letting him think that Shen Yanxiao wanted to kill him!

A seemingly incomparable battle. Yet, everything had been carefully planned by Shen Yanxiao. Every step fell into her calculations!

"Qie Er, if it’s alright with you, can I now take An Ran back to rest?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and did not wait for Qie Er to answer. She walked straight over to An Ran, who currently looked foolish, and then dragged him away.

Her inquiry was simply a mere formality, and whether he would allow her or not, she actually did not care.

The elves standing on the training ground watched Shen Yanxiao’s and An Ran’s departure. The cruel image that Shen Yanxiao had left in their minds would haunt them for a long time.

Everything that happened today served as a wake-up call to all the elves.

Shen Yanxiao was not someone good to provoke. If you wanted to deal with her, you must be prepared to be destroyed!

After this day, no one among the elves dared to speak a sentence with Shen Yanxiao again. Similarly, no one dared to target An Ran anymore, either.

Qie Er angrily left with a pale face while Shui Ling went back with the help of other elves.

Shen Yanxiao was just like an onlooker, humming a little song while leading An Ran back to their tree house to recuperate.

Along the way, An Ran’s expression was very strange. He was looking at Shen Yanxiao with a complicated look. Finally, he opened his mouth and slowly said, "Thank you."

"No need. Consider this as a payment. After all, you’ve given me a bow, have you not?" Shen Yanxiao smiled; she did not intend to return the bow to An Ran.

An Ran looked at Shen Yanxiao, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. She was talking about the bow she had borrowed in the morning, right?

"You have really scared me, I thought you would..."

"Did you think I would kill Shui Ling?" Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow.

An Ran nodded. Shen Yanxiao’s performance on the training ground was just too horrifying. The strong killing intent that was exuding from her was almost suffocating.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and said, "Killing an elf during the advanced training camp? I am not that stupid. But if Shui Ling still won’t grow up after that, I don't mind killing him after the training period has ended."

Her hands had already been contaminated with a lot of human blood. She didn’t mind adding the blood of the elves to them.

An Ran looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise. He could hardly believe that these words had come out from the mouth of a minor elf.

The elves might get worse and worse, but to the point of killing the same kind... it was unusual.

Shen Yanxiao realized that her own words might be too b.l.o.o.d.y for the simple and innocent mind of An Ran. She smiled and s.h.i.+fted the topic, "I’m just joking, don't take it so seriously. Anyway, aren’t you hurt? Why were you running around everywhere? Hurry back and take a rest for me."

An Ran honestly hummed in response and did not say anything more.

Actually, Shen Yanxiao was thinking about another thing on her mind.

Xiu’s speculation was correct. She failed to use her source of life this morning due to her bow. Did that mean that the bows of humans and elves could not be used interchangeably?

If this were the case...

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry. But she already let Vermillion Bird and the Moons.h.i.+ne Trading House buy her a lot of elf bows, which by now ready to be s.h.i.+pped back to the Radiance Continent to earn her a big profit, ah!

[1] deceive/fool people.

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