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In fact, after Shen Yanxiao's elf blood had awakened, she had not fully used the power of her source of life. Before, she use the force of dou qi and magic to execute an attack; now she must try to use only her source of life.

In this regard, Shen Yanxiao was a full-fledged rookie.

After watching for a long time, she slowly raised the Purple Baron in her hand and tried to shoot at the target in flight.

Shen Yanxiao's shooting immediately attracted the attention of the elves, they all put down their training tasks and watched Shen Yanxiao with focused eyes.

They wanted to know the talent of the elf, who was the first one to rush into the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, when it came to archery.

Would it also amaze them?

Shen Yanxiao breathed in and out, her two fingers pinching the bowstring loosened, after which a thin arrow flew out like a lightning.

However, when her arrow hit the target in flight, it made a crisp sound and was directly bounced off by the protective layer of the target.

Shen Yanxiao's heart thumped.

These moving flying targets were unique to the elves. Each of them was only the size of a quail egg and was constantly moving. There was also a protective layer on their outermost part. Shen Yanxiao had never expected that she would not pierce through the protective layer of the target!

Without the use of dou qi, the power of Shen Yanxiao's arrow was really small and pitiful.

The thin arrow fell to the ground, and all the elves' eyes were on that arrow.

"Pfft..." No one knew who laughed but in a moment, the whole training ground was filled with jeering.

"Haha! I thought she was awesome. It turned out that she cannot even break the protective layer."

"So what if she has already entered the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower? If her strength can't be used in combat, then it's just useless."

The situation of Shen Yanxiao today formed a stark contrast to the shock she had brought them in the Pure Spirit Tower previously. All the elves who had been astonished by Shen Yanxiao's strength because of the matter in Pure Spirit Tower, revealed unkind smiles after seeing this scene.

The elves' martial arts were bows and arrows. The cultivation of their source of life was to make their skills with bow and arrows more lethal, but Shen Yanxiao couldn't use the source of life in her body, which was a complete joke in the eyes of other elves.

Qie Er was standing in the distance. After seeing this scene, his mouth outlined a vicious smile. He immediately took out the sheepskin book and quickly wrote something.

The ridicule around continued, but Shen Yanxiao did not care about their remarks. She just frowned and looked at the Purple Baron in her hand.

“Why was it like this?” She had tried to use the power of her source of life, but at the moment of shooting, she did not feel the power of her source of life being transmitted to the arrow.

'The source of life is not dou qi or magic. It is integrated with you. You must treat it as another you. Work with it as one when attacking.' Xiu's voice sounded at the right time. He noticed that although Shen Yanxiao had tried hard to use the source of life within her body, the method was wrong.

The source of life was Shen Yanxiao's own thing. It was different from her previous cultivation of magic and dou qi. To use the power of the source of life, she must integrate the life force into her whole body, but Shen Yanxiao continued to use it like how she used dou qi— using it as a gas; thus, she could not achieve perfect results.

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