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As Shui Ling spoke, his eyes were fixedly staring at An Ran, as if he wanted to immediately tear the elf in front of him into pieces.

Shen Yanxiao was shocked by Shui Ling's narrative. All these were just an old past in other people's ears, but for her, it was totally different.

The mixed-race Lady Saint...

If she was not mistaken, that should be her mother Wen Ya!

She always thought that her mother was only an ordinary elf when she was on the Moon G.o.d Continent. However, who would have known that Wen Ya had the ident.i.ty of a Lady Saint.

And she even almost married the Elf King...

But the last part of Shui Ling's story actually made Shen Yanxiao secretly apprehensive.

Wen Ya returned to the Moon G.o.d Continent a few years ago, and together with a human?

Then, was it possible that that human was her father, Shen Yu?

"That... what happened to that mixed-race elf and human?" Shen Yanxiao pressed down her inner excitement and asked calmly.

Shui Ling was satisfied with Shen Yanxiao’s fleeting, shocked expression. He knew that his words had some effect. He did not believe that after she knew the scandal of the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe, Shen Yanxiao, as an elf of the Moonlight Tribe, would still remain friendly with An Ran.

"Our King is merciful and did not kill them, but they were forever imprisoned in the Moons.h.i.+ne City, while the Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe will forever be banished from the black-level cities." Shui Ling's tone was full of regret, as if the Elf King's punishment was too light. It seemed like he really wanted to get rid of that mixed-race and the human being she brought along with her, together with the entire Moons.h.i.+ne Tribe.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

It appeared that her parents really did not die. They were apparently being imprisoned in the Moons.h.i.+ne City. However, she could not figure out how Wen Ya and Shen Yu had escaped from Shen Duan's scheme.

Before Shen Duan died, he confessed to killing Wen Ya and Shen Yu, but the information that Shen Yanxiao received now indicated a greater possibility that they were still alive.

Moreover, why did Wen Ya and Shen Yu not directly return to the Vermillion Bird Clan to expose Shen Duan's plot? Why did they have to travel to the Moon G.o.d Continent and venture into the Moons.h.i.+ne City instead?

A series of questions piled up in Shen Yanxiao’s mind, and her desire to see her parents and figure out the truth of the past was getting more and more intense!

The silence of Shen Yanxiao made Shui Ling and other elves laugh coldly.

Of course, how could a member of the hero tribe want to get close to a traitor?

They viciously watched the bloodless face of An Ran, admiring the image of this traitor being crowded out by all the elves.

At this moment, they looked cruel and devoid of mercy.

An Ran's heart sank to rock bottom. He didn't dare to raise his head and look up at Shen Yanxiao. He was afraid that he would see the familiar disgust and hatred once he looked at her face.

Shen Yanxiao was the only elf he had had any long interaction with, other than the elves of his tribe. She was the only one who did not discriminate against him. She even taught him how to cultivate in the Pure Spirit Tower, a long-lost kindness that once made An Ran feel a little warm.

He was very scared. He feared that in the face of these embarra.s.sing truths, Shen Yanxiao would despise and hate him just like other elves.

Being pushed away by stranger elves was nothing, but he had long treated Shen Yanxiao as a friend, and if an elf he cared about become hostile toward him, that feeling...

He could shut his heart so all the cold words of others could not hurt him, but if a dear friend started hating him, An Ran didn't dare to imagine further anymore.

"Yan Xiao, stay away from that traitor and come together with us instead, you belong with us." Shui Ling smilingly said and once again extended his hand to Shen Yanxiao. This time, his eyes were full of confidence.

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