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Inside the room, Qie Er stood in front of Elder Yue, and his eyes were full of doubts.

"Elder Yue, why do you want Yan Xiao to join the Moonlight Tribe?" Qie Er did not understand why the Elder Yue should do this. Shen Yanxiao might not know what the Moonlight Tribe represented, but Qie Er was very clear.

The Moonlight Tribe was once the supreme tribe to a.s.sist the first generation of Elf Kings. Their ancestors had partic.i.p.ated in the battle of G.o.ds and devils. Among the Elves, the Moonlight Tribe once became the highest symbol of the tribes. The powerful and heroic ones among the numerous elves were born in the Moonlight Tribe.

Even after so many years, though the Moonlight Tribe had now lost its former peak, it was still a sacred and heroic tribe in the eyes of many elves.

Shen Yanxiao was just a low-level elf with an unknown origin. Even if something had unexpectedly happened to her in the Pure Spirit Tower, Elder Yue should not...

Elder Yue sat in the chair and looked at the indignant expression of Qie Er. He sighed silently.

Since when did the elves start to forget the peace of mind? When did too many emotions appear in their hearts? If it were in the past, Qie Er would not ask such a rude question.

"The little one is very talented. Such an elf should not be buried in the dust. Moreover, there are too few elves in the Moonlight Tribe nowadays; if more fresh power can come in, the leader will be happy." Elder Yue answered in a gentle tone.

However, Qie Er still couldn’t understand.

"Elder Yue, forgive me for being blunt, but Yan Xiao’s background is unknown. We still haven’t found her origins. She has no tribe, and we cannot find her parents; such an elf is not safe." The birth of the elves was also very important. Children born from high-ranking elves would have far more talent than other elves.

"What about that? That child's eyes are very clear, and there was no sense of turbidity. Do you have any prejudice against the child, Qie Er?" Elder Yue felt that Qie Er had too much prejudice against Shen Yanxiao, which was nothing good.

Qie Er slightly knitted his brows and bowed, "I just hope that the hero tribe can keep its purity."

Elder Yue laughed and said, "Hero tribe? It is only the Moonlight Tribe. It is no different from other tribes. There are only a handful of elves in the Moonlight Tribe nowadays. If it continues on this way, I am afraid that in another thousand years, it will disappear completely."

There was a trace of loneliness in Elder Yue’s eyes. No one wanted their tribe to disappear into the long river of history. But the fertility of the elves had weakened shortly after the war of the G.o.ds and devils. At least, six pairs out of ten were unable to give birth to new life.

The elves had begun to move into a terrible future.

Elder Yue was very worried. He feared that the Elves would completely disappear from this piece of land under the sky in the near future and become a legend forever.

"Elder Yue..." Qie Er's voice was a little mournful. The situation of the Moonlight Tribe was indeed very pessimistic. From the earliest ancestors who had survived the war of the G.o.ds and devils, the elves in the Moonlight Tribe became less and less, and for an unknown reason, the ability of the Moonlight Tribe elves to breed was now low to a terrible point.

The tribe, which once had as many as ten thousand elves, now only had seven elves left after these few thousand years, and these elves were no longer young.

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