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An Ran hesitated for a moment before he looked at Shen Yanxiao again with an extremely complicated expression.

"I thought... I thought you had an accident. Qie Er closed the Pure Spirit Tower we had been at before, and we went to another Pure Spirit Tower."

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows, "Closed the Pure Spirit Tower? Why?" She had actually been closed up during the time she had spent in the Pure Spirit Tower? What exactly happened?

Wasn’t Qie Er a bit making a fuss over nothing.

"Because you never came out. The power in the Pure Spirit Tower was chaotic, and Qie Er was worried that there might be an explosion, so we were not allowed to go in again there. Are you really okay?" An Ran was still not at ease.

Shen Yanxiao looked at An Ran with a frown and said, "Explosion? Can Qie Er make it sound more mysterious? I am perfectly fine. I don't think there is anything wrong with me." When she finished her cultivation, everything in the Pure Spirit Tower was the same, without any so-called chaos.

An Ran was relieved as he responded, "That's good. You have really scared me to death over these past few days that you were in the tower. I actually wanted to go inside, but without the instructions of Qie Er, the two Flaming Giant Apes won’t. ......"

"Wait!" Shen Yanxiao heard something amiss.

"Did you just say that I stayed in the Pure Spirit Tower for a few days?"

An Ran replied, "Yes, for ten days..."

"..." Shen Yanxiao was not calm at all. She looked at An Ran with wide eyes. She wondered if she were still in a dream, and everything in front of her eyes was just an illusion.

"You’re saying I stayed in the Pure Spirit Tower for ten days? How could it be!" Don't joke around. She had obviously only spent an afternoon there!

An Ran swallowed his saliva, looking at the horrified expression of Shen Yanxiao, and then muttered, "It’s true. You’ve stayed there for ten days."

Shen Yanxiao abruptly stood up from the chair.

There was no need for An Ran to lie to her. Since he said it was ten days, it must really be ten days.

However, why didn't she feel it at all?

"Xiu, did I really stay in the Pure Spirit Tower for ten days?" Shen Yanxiao asked through her mind and felt that all this was unbelievable.

Xiu slowly answered, ‘I thought you were aware.’

Aware my foot!

Shen Yanxiao was utterly speechless. Xiu was actually aware of the flow of time. Only she did not know it, thinking that she had only spent an afternoon in the Pure Spirit Tower.

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry. No wonder she would feel so hungry tonight; it was not about her ability to withstand hunger, but she had actually been not eating for ten days!!!

It was difficult to digest.

"I completely had no idea..." Shen Yanxiao replied in her mind in a gnashed teeth.

‘You didn’t feel it?’ Xiu asked, as if it were quite unexpected to him. Shen Yanxiao’s concept of time was actually poor to this extent.

"No. I feel that I have only been in my source of life for a while before I came out. And now, you’re telling me that I have been in there for ten days." Shen Yanxiao’s expression was the same as “囧”. Within her, where the source of life was located, she had watched the growth of her source of life, and the flow of time there seemed to have stopped.

She was watching as the tree slowly grew up, and it turned out that she was watching for ten days ah...

‘The source of life is the life of the elves. As it grows, your attention is focused on it, and your sense of time decreases.’ Xiu found the reason.

From a small sapling to a real tree, this was not something that could be done in a short time. But Shen Yanxiao had witnessed everything. The tree’s growth was actually very slow; it was just that Shen Yanxiao’s sense of time had disappeared. Thus, she felt that the tree was growing very fast instead.

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