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An Ran couldn’t help but wonder -- if Shen Yanxiao hadn’t warned him, would he also end up the same as those elves?

Could it be that Shen Yanxiao knew about the things in the Pure Spirit Tower?

However, An Ran quickly denied this possibility. Any elves who had entered the training camp, regardless of where they would be a.s.signed in the future, must absolutely keep everything in the training camp confidential. Of course, anyone who would dare to reveal half a word would be subjected to the most severe punishment.

No elf dared to violate the rules set by the Elf King. Moreover, Shen Yanxiao did not belong to any tribe, so it was impossible for her to have heard about this kind of thing from any elf.

With doubts, An Ran followed Shen Yanxiao out of the Pure Spirit Tower.

Outside the Pure Spirit Tower, the elves that had been brought by the Flaming Giant Apes were lying down in a row while Qie Er stood in front of them with a cold face.

Shen Yanxiao and An Ran silently stood on the far side.

Just as the two of them stood in place, the door of another Pure Spirit Tower that was less than a hundred meters away was opened, and ten elves or so came out of that tower. Their eyes looked at the group of elves who were lying dead on the ground, and each of their eyes carried a natural expression.

However, when they saw Shen Yanxiao and An Ran unexpectedly standing on the side, a discussion broke out among that group of elves.

It was a pity that their distance was a little far away and Shen Yanxiao could not clearly hear them.

Qie Er didn’t tell them to take any other action. He just let the Flaming Giant Apes close the door of the Pure Spirit Tower; after that, there were no other instructions. Shen Yanxiao and An Ran stood honestly at the side of the bunch of dead elves, feeling the cover of the sunlight.

An hour later, the situation of the elves on the ground showed a noticeable improvement, and the cries of pain had disappeared. Several elves had also awaken from a half-unconscious state.

When they realized that they were lying outside the Pure Spirit Tower, they stood up immediately.

After ten more minutes, all the elves had returned to normal. They no longer felt any discomfort except that their complexion was still a bit unsightly.

Qie Er stepped forward and came in front of them with his hands behind his back; with a cold expression he asked, "How do you feel?"

The elves exchanged glances with one another and didn’t know how to answer.

Qie Er sneered and said, "A bunch of idiots. Why do you think the advanced training camp exists? Is this Pure Spirit Tower really the same as the ones you have experienced before? Do you really think that you can take however much life force you want here? Then you’re all naive."

"Let me tell you, the life force in this Pure Spirit Tower is more than ten times stronger than the life force in the black-level cities. You are used to absorbing only a thin amount of life force; suddenly absorbing such a large and powerful force now, did you really think that your source of life could afford it?!"

Qie Er showered them down with a scolding, and all the elves had their heads bowed down to Qie Er’s reproach. No one dared to utter a word of reb.u.t.tal.

They were not fools. Qie Er had already pointed it out to them. If they still didn’t understand what was going on, that would be too stupid of them.

The life force in all the cities of the Moon G.o.d Continent was emitted naturally by the Tree of Life, but their distance from Tree of Life would create some disparity.

However, the life force in this Pure Spirit Tower did not seem to emanate naturally from the Tree of Life. Although this force was powerful, it was too dense, and it had a high purity that their source of life could not absorb in a short period of time.

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