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“Is there no one with the warlock branch?” Shen Yanxiao looked around the crowd. No one she knew seemed to be a.s.sociated with the warlock branch.

Tang Nazhi was somewhat weird when he whispered, “The Holy Roland School warlock branch has not recruited a student for many years. Not only here, you could not find a new warlock within the entire continent. It is estimated that warlocks will soon be entirely extinct.”

“Extinct…” Shen Yanxiao frowned. It had just been about a month since she started along the warlock path. She really believed that it had a huge potential as a career. How did it reach such a miserable point?

Tang Nazhi glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention then whispered, “You may not know, but a hundred years ago warlocks were not nearly as tragic as they are now. They had been very popular. But then, at least in our continent, some warlocks began to study forbidden curses involving the human body. They conducted research on living experiments and killed a lot of masters as a result. Things were exposed later… after that warlocks become the synonym for evil to many people.”

“Forbidden?” There were such things for the warlock skills?

“Well, the use of curse transformations on the human body. I heard that in the past, they had been experimenting on how to integrate curses and humans… evil, just thinking about it is disgusting. We shouldn’t talk about this anyway. The warlock path is dying.” Tang Nazhi pursed his lips. He didn’t want to expose Shen Yanxiao to such topics.

Since he didn’t want to talk, Shen Yanxiao didn’t ask. But she finally understood why such a strong career would be cast aside.

“Ah! There is the dean.”

At the front of the square, high on the platform, Ouyang Huanyu slowly walked to the center of the platform under the eyes of the crowd. Not a trace of weakness could be seen on his aged face, his dignity was strong as the G.o.ds. Even the most distant student could sense his strength.

The whole squared quieted as they watched him intently. All eyes were locked onto Ouyang Huanyu. Even Tang Nazhi expressed some excitement, his eyes looked as if they were not staring at an old man, but at a beautiful woman. Shen Yanxiao wouldn’t have been surprised if he rushed to up the stage directly.

“Can’t you stay calm?” Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Tang Nazhi slightly sighed, ah. “Boy, do you not know who he is? That is the dean of our school! He is the strongest magician, the only person to have reached the level of Great Magister.”

Great Magister? Even Shen Yanxiao, though she had only been involved with this world a short time, understood the incredible talent and dedication needed to reach such a level. Ouyang Huanyu was far beyond the normal master. 

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