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Mo Feng and others looked at Mo Yu at the same time. Previously, Mo Yu had said that Yan Xiao was just a cyan elf. Then, why did it directly indicate the level of the yellow elf after she put her hands in the test liquid?

In order to ensure the accuracy of this test, Mo Feng specially prepared the advanced test liquid used by the elves in the white-level cities for entering the black-level cities. The concentration of the sap of the Tree of Life in this test liquid was far higher than the ones used in the cyan-level cities. Therefore, there would absolutely be no mistakes.

Mo Yu had seen the test results of Shen Yanxiao only a few days ago. Even though the power of the Tree of Life in the white-level cities was more intense than that in the cyan-level cities, it was definitely unlikely to make one break through a level in such a short period of time.

This time, the four elves were very puzzled.

But not to mention the four of them, Mo Yu himself was also confused. He could clearly remember the results of Shen Yanxiao's test in Fragrant Night City, and her level was definitely only cyan at that time.

How come in just a few days, she directly jumped from a cyan elf to a yellow elf?

Even Mo Yu, who was the one who had personally recommended her, felt incredible, let alone Mo Feng and others.

However, the shock that Shen Yanxiao brought to them was far from over. After the test liquid was completely converted into yellow, a red color soon spread out from Shen Yanxiao's palms, then the red color quickly swallowed up all the yellow in the liquid, and in a flash, the redness reached the edge of the test liquid.

After which, a white line spread from Shen Yanxiao's fingertips toward the red liquid.

The third change!

The four elves who were originally skeptical of Mo Yu's words were thoroughly shocked after seeing the third change made by Shen Yanxiao with their own eyes!

They looked at Shen Yanxiao incredulously, blinking their eyes subconsciously, wondering if they had seen an illusion.

In this world, was there really such an elf who had an unstable source of life?

But within the short time of the test, her level had really changed three times, right?

Everything in front of them had completely distorted the worldview of the four elves!

After the liquid in the crystal basin had became white, it began to boil, then a white mist began to pervade the crystal basin.

Mo Feng immediately watched the group of mist, afraid to miss any details.

Shen Yanxiao frowned and watched as the mist spread around. To be honest, she felt very uncomfortable right now. But Mo Feng and others' focused eyes were telling her that if she wanted to convince them to agree to send her to the advanced training camp, she better not take her hands out at the moment.

The scene that appeared in Fragrant Night City was once again staged.

Only this time, the crowd was no longer a group of ignorant cyan elves. The five elves present were the top elites amongst the elves. They all knew very well what everything in front of them indicated, and because of this, their hearts were full of excitement and shock!

The elf's absorption of the Tree of Life's power was not only about the absorption degree, but also about the absorption speed.

When two elves absorbed the same amount of power, the time they spent was also a great judgment of their strength.

The sap of the Tree of Life blended in the test liquid they used right now contained certain impurities because it had been processed beforehand, and it could be said that it was difficult to absorb. Otherwise, they would not dare to take these test liquids to test the elves, or else after being used only for a few times, the sap of the Tree of Life would be completely absorbed.

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