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"That... I didn't seem to have asked her name… so... I don't know..." The original imposing Mo Yu shrunk his neck and sat in the chair with a guilty conscience.

In an instant, four pairs of eyes as sharp as a blade shot toward him.

"Hey, whatever her name is, it’s not very important right?" Mo Yu lowered his head and made excuses for himself.

The sudden enthusiasm of the four elves just now was instantly reduced to slag by Mo Yu, this stupid, hopeless idiot.

Could they still count on such an idiot to have good sight?

After Shen Yanxiao arranged everything to earn extra money, she planned to go to the prison the next night to see her uncle who was being sealed off due to karmic consequences of pursuing love. However, before Shen Yanxiao could go and see the situation, Mo Yu suddenly came to the inn.

"Who is it?!" Mo Yu ran all the way to the inn. When he saw that Shen Yanxiao was resting, he immediately rushed up to her.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Mo Yu with doubts. Didn't he say that he would come to her after seven days? How come he was already here the next day?

"What's wrong?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

Mo Yu said, "What is your name?"

"..." Shen Yanxiao was completely speechless. Did this fellow specifically run back just to ask her name?

But it was true that although Shen Yanxiao and Mo Yu had talked a lot all the way from a cyan-level city to a white-level city, even though Mo Yu had told her his name, she really had never mentioned hers.

"My name is Yan Xiao." Shen Yanxiao omitted her surname belonging to human beings. The book of family names didn't exist for the Elves. Moreover, if someone surnamed Shen suddenly emerged, it would probably cause her many problems.

Who told her Third Uncle to do such a wonderful thing in Jadeite City? Otherwise, Shen Yanxiao would not have had to hide things.

"Yan Xiao? Eh, how come it's a bit similar to the name of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Mo Yan?" Mo Yu stroked his chin. He still had not forgotten how his four good friends troubled him.

Shen Yanxiao had no words as she looked up at the sky. How was it similar?!

"Whatever, it doesn't matter. I came here to find you because there are other important things." Mo Yu was very eager to see Shen Yanxiao's performance in front of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

Hmph! They dared not believe his vision? Then he would bring them the real person and scare them good!

"What is it?" Shen Yanxiao asked.

"It's about getting into the advanced training camp."

When Shen Yanxiao heard his words, her originally lazy att.i.tude was immediately replaced with seriousness.

"What's the matter?" Don't tell her she was already out of luck. She had just been rejoicing that she was lucky, she didn't want to be splashed with a bucket of cold water.

Mo Yu appeared a little embarra.s.sed as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. This matter was after all caused by his mishandling of his work. At the beginning, he said that everything would be ready, but there were so many problems in the end.

"Cough, it's actually like this... Although your ability is very special, you are a cyan elf after all, so even if I want to send you to the advanced training camp, it is not that simple."

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head. Honestly, she also felt that Mo Yu bringing herself into the advanced training camp at the beginning was not in line with the style of the Elves.

Sure enough, looking at this situation, there should be a problem.

"If I can't enter the advanced training camp, I'll start from the primary training camp." Shen Yanxiao was very understanding.

Mo Yu quickly shook his head and said, "It's not impossible to enter it, there's just a little problem."

"Tell me about it." Shen Yanxiao said with a raised eyebrow.

Mo Yu cleared his throat and said, "It is not impossible to send you in, but you have to show your talent first."

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