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In a black-level city called Water City...

In a certain hidden area, Mo Yu was sitting at the round table, his face looked agitated as he looked around his companions.

"Mo Yu, you've gone mad." A handsome black elf wearing a silver light armor frowned as he looked at the agitated Mo Yu.

"Mo Feng, listen to me, she’s the most interesting elf that I’ve ever seen. Unlike me, you have not seen her talent with your own two eyes. If you had also seen it then you would not have this kind of evaluation." Mo Yu eagerly said. At the round table, there were also four other elves sitting beside the table. Like him, all of them were also members of the Silvermoon Guards; each of them was stationed to guard the entrances in the Moons.h.i.+ne City that led to the five various black cities. This time they were all gathered today to discuss a th.o.r.n.y matter that they must personally resolve.

Mo Feng frowned and said, "No matter how special she is, she's still a mere cyan elf. Mo Yu, we went to various cities to select the next Silvermoon Guards, not for you to have fun. And even if you went to have fun, you should not make such trouble just for this matter. Just a cyan elf, what can she be capable of? Even if she is indeed more special than other elves, you can’t just make an exception and directly put her into the advanced training camp. For you to do such a thing is truly unreasonable; I personally don’t agree with your request.” 

"You... why can’t you understand what I’m trying to say? She has all the rights to enter the advanced training camp. If she goes to other training camps, then it will be simply wasting her talent!” Mo Yu just wanted to roar right at that moment. No matter how much he wanted to put Shen Yanxiao into the advanced training camp, he still needed the consent of these other four people in front of him to do so.

Mo Yu's thoughts were very simple and he believed that this matter should not be difficult; he never expected that as soon as he mentioned that he would send a cyan elf to the advanced training camp, he would be opposed by his four companions right away.

Mo Yan, who was sitting next to Mo Feng, was also looking at Mo Yu with disapproval.

Mo Yu was the greatest troublemaker of the five of them. His temper was not like an elf. This time, they left Moons.h.i.+ne City and went to other cities to pick potential elves for the training camp. The four of them chose black-level cities, and even those under them would choose to go to white-level cities.

However, Mo Yu was a maverick. He ran to a cyan-level city for fun. This was still no problem. But then, he actually wanted to send a cyan elf to the advanced training camp. This was just unbelievable.

"Mo Yu, if you really think that the elf has potential, we can agree to temporarily send her to the intermediate training camp, but we will never agree sending her to the advanced training camp." Mo Yan directly rejected Mo Yu's request.

One must know that the elves in the advanced training camp were all black elves. Even the white elves couldn't enter it, let alone a cyan elf. If they really agreed with Mo Yu's proposal, it would really be a big joke to the elves.

Mo Yu had already gone mad. How could these guys not believe his vision?

Although he was usually a troublemaker, he did not dare to bring this matter up just to make trouble. He knew the seriousness of the matter.

"Mo Yan's decision is already very magnanimous. If it is in accordance with the normal rules, a cyan elf would not be able to enter the intermediate training camp. Mo Yu, stop arguing back anymore. If the elf you are talking about has such a talent, even in the intermediate training camp, there is also an opportunity for her to play." Mo Lei chose a compromise and agreed with the proposal of Mo Yan.

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