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"Mo Yu hurriedly pulled Shen Yanxiao all the way to the Fragrant Night City’s gate leading to the next level, a yellow-level city. The elf guards stationed at the gate immediately straightened their backs and put on a respectful appearance at once upon seeing Mo Yu.

Mo Yu directly took Shen Yanxiao and went inside. However, after Shen Yanxiao entered the gate, she immediately felt a stinging pain from her fingertips. The sharp pain spread from her fingertips to her whole body and she instantly bounced out of the gate, back to Fragrant Night City.

Shen Yanxiao dexterously stabilized her figure and landed on the ground. Her originally white fingers had already become a bit blue, and the stinging pain was constantly coming.

Suddenly, Mo Yu noticed that the arm he had been pulling had disappeared. He immediately turned around and saw Shen Yanxiao standing ten paces away from him, looking at him gloomily.

"..." Mo Yu embarra.s.singly smiled.

He forgot that Shen Yanxiao was just wearing a cyan badge and could not enter the yellow-level cities.

Just now, Shen Yanxiao must have been bounced out by the enchantment of the yellow-level cities.

Mo Yu awkwardly ran all the way to Shen Yanxiao and said, "This is my mistake. I’m so happy that I forgot you’re only wearing a cyan badge."

Shen Yanxiao just looked at Mo Yu, and the more she saw this fellow, the more she felt he was like the idiot Tang Nazhi.

"All right, I have other badges here, I’ll give you one for the time being." Mo Yu quickly made up for his mistake. He took out a black badge from his ring, removed the white badge worn on his chest, and put on the black one. Then, he put the white badge into Shen Yanxiao’s hands.

Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned, and the elves who were guarding the city gate stared their eyes out.

"Master... Master Yu..." The legs of the elves guarding the city gate nearly gave way in fright; they barely stabilized themselves by leaning their bodies against the wall.

Master Yu, is it alright for you to hand over the white badge to a cyan elf? Will our Elf King not kill you?

There was a great difference between the cyan elves and the white elves. One was the lowest existence of the elves while the other was already standing on top of many elves.

Mo Yu directly gave the white badge to a cyan elf. Seeing this would make one feel very crazy.

"What's wrong?" Mo Yu did not feel that his approach was inappropriate.

The guards silently wiped their cold sweat away.

Master Yu, even if you have many badges, you can’t squander them like that ah!

You... you’re totally unruly, does the Elf King know? Do the other four masters know? Are you really sure that you are not courting disaster by doing this?

However, the city guards were just some yellow elves. They didn’t have the courage to find a black elf trouble. They could only swallow their complaints into their stomachs and have a big guess about the ident.i.ty of Shen Yanxiao at the same time.

"Could it be Master Yu took fancy to this lady? So he is doing this..." Several elves who were guarding the city couldn't help but start thinking about this type of idea.

When elves choose their partners, it was possible to bring their other half from a lower-level city to the city where they were located.

This female elf was indeed beautiful, but...


This lady seemed to be still young, right?

Master Yu is too impatient. Is this the so-called “when hungry, you can't pick what you eat”?


"Cough, Master Yu is apparently fond of little girls..." One of the elf guards whispered.

"Master Yu’s taste is actually small and fresh ah..."

Shen Yanxiao had no idea that she had already been branded as the fiancee of some elf...

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