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"Uh..." Shen Yanxiao was confused by the sudden change of Mo Yu. This fellow’s aura was exactly the same as Tang Nazhi. If she didn’t know that Tang Nazhi was in the Radiance Continent, Shen Yanxiao would really think that this fellow in front of her was Tang Nazhi wearing an appearance-changing item.

"Haha, I really picked up a treasure today. You come with me." Mo Yu excitedly pulled Shen Yanxiao, completely disregarding the elves that had been thoroughly petrified on the sidelines. He shouted to make them spread away and then pulled Shen Yanxiao all the way in a rush.

The elves who stood in the testing area had still not recovered from the strange event just now.

After the departure of Mo Yu and Shen Yanxiao, they silently turned their attention to the crystal basin that had been emptied, their expressions incomparably dumbfounded.

"This...this is the sap of the Tree of Life... how can it evaporate..." A cyan elf swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

The liquid used to test the level of the elves was actually the sap of the Tree of Life. Everything in the Tree of Life resonated with the elves, so the level of the elves could be judged by color using its liquid.


They had lived for so long, yet this was the first time they encountered such an incident in the advancement test wherein the sap of the Tree of Life evaporated into nothingness.

"By the way, that adult elf just now, it seems... he’s a white elf?" Some elves swallowed their saliva. A white elf in a cyan-level city, this was simply incredible.

Generally, the elves who would go to the cyan-level cities to conduct the test and recruit elves for the training camp were mostly yellow elves. Even the red elves would hardly go here, let alone the white elves who were second only to the black elves.

But the elf who had just took that young elf to take the test had a white badge swaying on his chest. This kind of bypa.s.sing levels and carrying out a recruitment here... was very strange.

"Everyone calm down. The test will continue. That one just now is Master Yu of the Silvermoon Guards." The elf in charge of the test looked calm as he said this.

"Master Yu!!" A group of elves could not calm down in an instant.

The name of the Silvermoon Guards resounded throughout the whole Moon G.o.d Continent, and the five most distinguished elves were members of the Silvermoon Guards that were stationed at the five entrances of the Moons.h.i.+ne City leading to the five black-level cities.

Among them, the one in charge at the entrance to the Rain City was the legendary Master Yu, Mo Yu!

"But... Is Master Yu not a black elf?" A cyan elf muttered.

The elf in charge of the test replied casually, "He just took a badge randomly."

Took a badge randomly...

The elves suddenly had the urge to die. The black elves possessed badges of all levels. Of course, if they were to wear the black badge directly, they could walk freely everywhere in Moon G.o.d Continent.

Few black elves would set aside their black badge and choose to wear a badge of other levels.


The one responsible for recruiting members for the training camp wasn't a white elf, but actually a black elf? And he was even a top member of the Silvermoon G.o.d that was directly under the Elf King...

For a moment, all the elves felt an incomparable regret. If they knew that the elf responsible for the training camp was such a big shot, they would have gone in front of Mo Yu earlier ah. If they could get the favor of a black elf, then it would be much easier for them to mix in the higher-level cities in the future. If they could get even just a word or two of advice from him, it was already enough for them to use for a long time!

It was a pity that no matter how regretful they were now, the training camp registration point was already empty. Mo Yu had long disappeared while pulling Shen Yanxiao!

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