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The registration point of the training camp and the test point of the cyan-level cities were adjacent. In the early morning, many elves ran here to prepare for the test. Everyone wanted to get rid of their cyan elf ident.i.ty as soon as possible and enter life in a higher-level city.

A long queue soon formed at the test point. Bin Dong was with the two cyan elves who had lined up early in the morning, waiting for them to reach the test point.

"Bin Dong, we’re really thankful to you this time. With your help, it will save us a lot of trouble." One of the cyan elves hurriedly gave his thanks.

Bin Dong slightly smiled and enjoyed the other party’s grat.i.tude.

"Not every yellow elf is so kind like you Bin Dong. The elf that day really didn’t know what's good and what's bad. So what if she has lot of money if she doesn’t have any skills? I have pa.s.sed the place where the fruit was being sold two days ago, I didn’t see that little elf selling things again. It seems that she has awakened and gotten Bin Dong’s point. It’s good that she still has a little brain." The other cyan elf tried his best to sing praises for Bin Dong.

"She’s quite sensible." Bin Dong naturally attributed the reason why Tian Bao did not continue to sell the fruit anymore to his "persuasion."

If Shen Yanxiao were here, she would be quite surprised that the dialogue between the three elves was like a conversation between human beings who were devoid of moral integrity.

"Hah! I didn’t see that elf who’s unable to tell good from bad in the line. Based on her manner, I knew that she is ignorant and incompetent." The cyan elves looked around and didn't see Shen Yanxiao. The thought of themselves making progress immediately gave them a sense of superiority.

However, before he finished everything he wanted to say, he saw a pet.i.te figure walking towards them leisurely.

"Bin Dong, look, it’s her!" One of the cyan elves hurriedly shook Bin Dong’s arm.

Bin Dong looked with a frown and saw Shen Yanxiao's figure at a glance. He slightly raised his eyebrows and evoked a haughty smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Poor elf, ah. With your qualifications, it will be very difficult to enter the yellow-level cities." Bin Dong chuckled.

The cyan elves at the side quickly agreed, "Blame yourself for being ignorant. If you had been a bit more wise, you could also have ask Bin Dong to give you some advice..."

Their words had not been finished yet when Shen Yanxiao’s feet took a turn and went directly to the training camp registration point at the opposite side.

The three elves who were prepared to mock her seemed to have been slapped in the face by Shen Yanxiao in public; their faces turned white for a while.

"Is that guy crazy? She actually ran to register for the training camp?" The expression of the cyan elf was very shocked.

The training camp was very popular among the elves who were in their early years, but the training period was only half a year. Although one could obtain the maximum resources they could get within these six months, this six months’ time was too short. After half a year, they could be a.s.signed anywhere, and it was almost impossible to have a chance to improve your strength again.

There weren’t many elves who were willing to try this kind of ‘killing the chicken to take its eggs’ approach.

In the entire training camp registration point, only Shen Yanxiao was there. Compared to the long queue for the test point, it was simply so pitiful that people could not bear to look straight at it.

"Gee. And here I thought that she wants to do better. I bet she knows that she can't pa.s.s the test so she ran to take such a hasty action. Well, at least in those six months of training camp, she could stay in a yellow-level city." Bin Dong sneered. He really disliked this cyan elf who ignored his yellow elf ident.i.ty very much.

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