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The news that Shen Yanxiao was about to leave was soon spread throughout The Rising Sun City. On the surface, Shen Yanxiao only said that she would go to the Moon G.o.d Continent to find her Third Uncle. Only Shen Siyu and the five animals knew her true purpose for going to the Moon G.o.d Continent.

Afterwards, the five animals would be fully responsible for managing The Rising Sun City. Lan Fengli would also go with the two Phoenixes to the various mountains of the Radiance Continent to capture magical beasts after Shen Yanxiao’s departure. Their contacts from Divine Wind Alliance, Long Xuan Empire, and Seven Kingdoms that would engage in business with the Bounty Hall had also been put on the agenda.

Shen Yanxiao also wrote a letter to Yun Qi before leaving. In the letter that Yun Qi sent previously, he mentioned that Ye Qing’s concoction of the Blood Feast Potion was nearly finished. After another month or two, Yun Qi could finally recover his former strength. The letter that Shen Yanxiao sent this time to Yun Qi was to invite Yun Qi and Ye Qing to temporarily stay in The Rising Sun City after the Blood Feast Potion was completely concocted, and she also requested her two masters to serve as mentors to teach the people of The Rising Sun City and Oriental City about warlock skills and pharmaceutics.

The rewards obtained in the previous Four Regions’ Tournament had also been handed over to Qi Xia and Su He to deal with, and they arranged people to extract them.

Externally, the news of Shen Yanxiao’s departure was blocked to the maximum extent, and no one should tell the outsiders about her departure.

Before Shen Yanxiao left, she went to see Shen Feng. She did not tell him the truth of her trip. Although Shen Feng was reluctant to let his granddaughter continue to put a toll on her body, he could only let her do what she wanted. Before leaving The Vermillion Bird Clan’s residence, Shen Yanxiao specifically spoke to Shen Jiawei for a while and repeatedly asked him to take good care of Shen Feng and Shen Ling.

Shen Jiawei was very grateful for Shen Yanxiao's trust, and repeatedly guaranteed that he would take the utmost care of his grandfather and uncle, and also told Shen Yanxiao to be careful on the way and to pay attention to her own safety.

There were still many things that were scattered and fragmented. Shen Yanxiao sorted it out for a long time. After a few days, Shen Siyu left The Rising Sun City, and a few more days later, the carriage that would bring Shen Yanxiao to the coast of the Radiance Continent had finally arrived. The five animals, Lan Fengli and Nangong Mengmeng accompanied Shen Yanxiao to the end of the road until she was sent to the coast of the Radiance Continent.

Lan Fengli looked at Shen Yanxiao reluctantly. He knew and was afraid that he would not see his sister for a long time in the future.

"Sister, this is for you." Lan Fengli walked over to Shen Yanxiao and placed a bean-sized crystal in Shen Yanxiao’s hands.

Shen Yanxiao recognized this small crystal. This crystal had been found and picked up by Lan Fengli on their way back from the Twilight City. At that time, this crystal was the size of an egg. Although it did not look expensive, Lan Fengli liked it very much. When he heard that she was going away, Lan Fengli used his own hands to quickly polish the egg-sized crystal into what it was now.

"Good." Shen Yanxiao took it and attached it to a string she took out from her storage ring, then wore it on her neck.

Nangong Mengmeng looked at Shen Yanxiao with tears, but also said nothing. Her red eyes already resembled those of a rabbit.

"It's getting late, you should board the s.h.i.+p." Qi Xia looked at the s.h.i.+p docked on the sh.o.r.e and said in a soft voice.

Shen Yanxiao froze for a moment, after which she immediately took out a box from a storage ring and stuffed it in the hands of Qi Xia.

"Farewell gifts for the few of you. Wait until I’m gone before looking at them." After saying that, Shen Yanxiao headed towards the s.h.i.+p without looking back.

The merchant s.h.i.+p quickly pulled up the anchor and gradually sailed away from the Radiance Continent, bringing a s.h.i.+p of people to the endless sea.

The five animals joined together and opened the box that Shen Yanxiao gave.

Inside the box, there were five contract papers lying quietly.

She left each of them a city that belonged to them before she went away.

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