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"Shen Yanxiao’s eyelids were slightly warm and her nose started snuffling as she looked at the five familiar faces in front of her.

She wanted to say something, but the usual her who had the gift of the gab suddenly failed to utter a word. The words stuck in her throat were being pressed down, making her unable to say anything.

Qi Xia got up and reached out his hand to hold the speechless Shen Yanxiao in his arms.

"Silly girl, it’s only a year's time. Before, when you just came to The Rising Sun City, we also had not seen each other for a long time, correct? You must not think that you can get rid of us and have fun alone in the Moon G.o.d Continent. Wait until The Rising Sun City is stable, we will organize a group to attack the Moon G.o.d Continent. Don't be too miserable when you get there, or we will look down you."

"I’m not that lame." Shen Yanxiao's voice was a little hoa.r.s.e.

"Not that lame? How old are you already, yet you’re still crying like this, it’s embarra.s.sing, ah." Tang Nazhi smilingly teased on the side.

Shen Yanxiao immediately broke free from Qi Xia’s arms, forced down the tears in her eyes and raised her head before she put on a proud and pampered appearance and said, "Are you joking, why should I cry? I’ll wait for you then. Within half a year, I will create a storm in the Moon G.o.d Continent. I will wait for you to come and join me, to make our way through the whole continent!"

She would not let herself be miserable, otherwise she would not be worthy of the efforts of this group of partners of hers.

She would never fall apart, because there was a group of people around supporting her.

As long as she would not be toppled over, they also would never collapse.

Tang Nazhi mischievously smiled and said, "Remember your words, half a year, half a year alright? We will also develop the cities around The Rising Sun City within half a year, and then go to the Moon G.o.d Continent to find you afterwards. If you haven’t created a storm yet by then, we will laugh at you."

"Bring it on! You’ll see, at that time, you will be able to play around as much as you like there." Shen Yanxiao’s mouth broke into a smile. She knew that the five animals were afraid that she might feel too sad, so they teased her.

"Playing around in the Moon G.o.d Continent, ah. I’m really looking forward to it." Yan Yu chuckled.

"Across the whole continent, across the ocean, I think we really are extraordinary, and... I like it!" Yang Xi's face was full of expectations.

"Then let’s wait for Little Xiao to lead us." Li Xiaowei jokingly said.

In the entire sky and ground, there was no place their Phantom would not dare to go.

Whether it were the Radiance Continent or Moon G.o.d Continent, as long as they wanted to, they would dare to charge forward.

Their hearts were as big as the world.

"It isn’t just the Moon G.o.d Continent, right? Didn’t Little Xiao say that there are other races in her body? It would also be fun if we could play in the continents where all other races lived except the G.o.d Race and Devil Race in the future. " Tang Nazhi rested his hands behind his neck as he smiled and looked at his companions.

"Tsk tsk. Playing around the entire world, huh? I like this plan." Qi Xia supported their future plan.

However, the members of the Phantom did not expect that these jokes they only said today to let Shen Yanxiao be at ease would actually become a reality in the near future.

Soon after, the name of the Phantom would resound throughout the whole Barren Land, and would also spread to the entire Radiance Continent. And after a long time, it would be known to all the races in the world.

It was just that right now, everything in the future was still too far from the reach of this group of youthful teenagers. The road before them was still very long, and the road to their future was just beginning.

They still had a long time ahead of them. We would naturally witness a legend belonging to the group, Phantom.

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