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How honest was his brother before? How good of a youth was he before? But now, he had also become so outwardly kind but inwardly evil. It really made him want to ascend the heavens, ah ah ah ah...

"Cough..." Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi’s grief-stricken face, and she was without words.

How come this guy was always like this? 

Although she had long known that her elf ident.i.ty might bring a certain shock to the five animals, this shock had just emerged and it was instantly killed by the nonsense of Tang Nazhi, which made her have... mixed feelings.

"Little Xiao, are you really an elf?" Qi Xia felt that his IQ had been challenged for the first time. He really couldn’t find any area in Shen Yanxiao that could a.s.sociate her to the elves.

Weren’t the elves pure and very proud?

Then why was this one in front of his eyes... more black-bellied than human beings?

"I think I’ve been completely disillusioned with the elves." Yang Xi said very tactfully.

"Mentality is destroyed, physicality... still a good fit." Yan Yu hesitated for a moment before stating his “kind” evaluation.

When Shen Yanxiao would not speak, she seemed to be a sacred and pure elf.

But when she started talking...

A mutant elf!

Shen Yanxiao had black lines on her forehead. She now felt that her previous concerns were simply stupid. How could she naively think that these few animals would be scared by this situation? They were obviously having fun!

"Have you all said enough?" Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

"Er... let us sigh for a while. We have never seen an elf before, and now there is a living one in front of us. You have to give us time to adapt to this." Tang Nazhi said with a sincere expression.

Their good partner who had been with them for a year suddenly turned from a black-bellied human being to the legendary aloof and proud elf. No matter how strong their hearts were, they would also be shocked for a moment.

Of course, this momentary shock, for the five animals, was really just... momentary.

After that, they immediately focused on the issue of whether Shen Yanxiao really were a mutant.

"The rumors are not true. Whoever said that the elves are pure in nature, let’s drag them out and beat them up." Qi Xia had profoundly tasted Shen Yanxiao's black-belliness and craftiness. Her mastery of toying around with people could definitely let countless of self-proclaimed shameless humans kneel in admiration.

"Sigh. I’ll never believe in rumors again. Seeing is believing, ah." Yan Yu had a tragic expression from being deceived.

"My worldview has been distorted, let me rebuild it." Yang Xi rubbed his eyebrows and seemed to try to adjust his knowledge of the elves.

"I think... my impression of the elves has been thoroughly revised." Li Xiaowei sighed unceasingly.

"Enough of you all!" Shen Yanxiao had completely exploded!

What sacred and pure? The elves’ description had all been broken into slag in the face of Shen Yanxiao.

"You’re an elf, temperament! Temperament!" Qi Xia kindly reminded.

"Temperament your b.a.l.l.s[1]!" Shen Yanxiao glared at him with cold eyes, wis.h.i.+ng she could shoot him to death.

"The Elf is a pure race, you can't speak vulgar language... Well, does ‘b.a.l.l.s’ counts as vulgar language?" Yan Yu turned to ask Yang Xi.

"In a sense, b.a.l.l.s are a kind of equipment, it should not be a vulgar word." Yang Xi replied with a seemingly very earnest att.i.tude.

"That depends on how it is used. I think Little Xiao’s usage of the word... is quite vulgar." Tang Nazhi stretched out his head and joined in.

"Maybe it’s a mantra? Since Little Xiao likes b.a.l.l.s very much, should we buy her a lot of b.a.l.l.s as gift for her next birthday?" Li Xiaowei who was once an honest person had really gradually become evil.

[1] 篮子, the exact word is “Basket”. Its usage here means men’s which is used as a swearing word. I’ve replaced it with a word that is more appropriate in english.

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