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"Yun Qi clearly said that the last G.o.d's body had been used by those people, and had already been taken as an experimental product. If Shen Siyu was the last G.o.d, then... Who was that body?

Shen Yanxiao had fallen into a huge whirlpool, and Xiu’s ident.i.ty had once again become unclear.

Yun Qi said that someone had brought the last G.o.d's body to them and that man also explained that body’s ident.i.ty as the last G.o.d. But now Shen Siyu said that he was the last G.o.d?

She also once suspected that Xiu was the last G.o.d, but he had never admitted it. Furthermore, when Yun Qi was talking about the last G.o.d at that time, there was no emotional fluctuation from Xiu, as if it had nothing to do with him at all. In that case, Shen Siyu’s words seemed to be more believable.

Xiu said that he was a devil, but he had the characteristics of the G.o.d Race.

Shen Yanxiao bit her lip. She did not dare tell Shen Siyu about Xiu. Because if Xiu was really a devil, then Shen Siyu, who was once a G.o.d, stood on the absolute opposite side of him. On one side, there was Xiu who had always accompanied her during her growth; on the other side, there was Shen Siyu, who had guarded her for many years and even lost the last trace of his G.o.dhood for her. She never wanted to see any problems occur between the two of them.

Xiu, are you a G.o.d or a devil?

‘Are you that worried?’ Xiu’s voice impressively echoed in Shen Yanxiao’s mind.

Shen Yanxiao slightly froze, but there was no trace of strangeness on her face.

‘Me and him, we’re not enemies.’ Xiu’s voice was still cold and cheerless; nevertheless, it appeased Shen Yanxiao.

"Do you know him?" Shen Yanxiao asked in her mind.

‘Since he has fallen to a demiG.o.d, his appearance and breath have changed a lot. Even if we have seen each other before, I won’t be able to recognize him. Moreover, I had lost my consciousness even before the battle of G.o.ds and devils had ended.‘ Xiu slowly responded.

"Then, are you a G.o.d... or a devil..." Shen Yanxiao urgently wanted to know this point.

After a few moments of silence, Xiu slowly replied, ‘I’m a G.o.d and also a devil. I can be a G.o.d or a devil.’

"..." Xiu’s answer made Shen Yanxiao completely speechless. But her heart was also slightly relieved. It was good that Xiu and Shen Siyu were not enemies.

"Little Xiao?" The silence of Shen Yanxiao attracted the attention of Shen Siyu, who then called out to her.

"Hmm?" Shen Yanxiao returned to her senses and looked at Shen Siyu.

"I’m still your brother." Shen Siyu thought that Shen Yanxiao felt a bit distant because of his ident.i.ty. He couldn't help but feel helpless. He didn't want to tell Shen Yanxiao all these things before because he didn't want this sister to distance herself away from him. He had lived for tens of thousands of years and witnessed the defeat of the Devil Race and the demise of the G.o.d Race. His former comrades and his companions all sacrificed their lives in that battle. He could not even remember how did he spend the last 10,000 years of his life.

Although he was no longer a real G.o.d, he had the eternal life of the G.o.ds. He watched the time change and witnessed the human beings around him die. He had become numb and no longer willing to involved himself with humans.

Human life was so short-lived. For the G.o.ds who had eternal life, the life of mankind was like a flash in the pan; it would wither away after a short moment.

Even the original Shen Yanxiao, he did not want to pour too much affection on her, until that day when this little girl, who had been ignorant for more than ten years, suddenly looked at him with a pair of clear and bright eyes and called him:

Big Brother Siyu.

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