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Twenty-five of Broken Star Palace’s Second Stage Professionals against a group of five Second Stage Professionals and their five Mythological Beasts.

For a time, both sides were inseparable. The brilliant light continued to bloom in the hall, and the roaring sounds constantly resounded through the sky.

Under the powerful attacks, the entire pavilion was crumbling. One second before the pavilion completely collapsed, the people of the Broken Star Palace and the five animals rushed out of the pavilion together with their Mythological Beasts.

The tall pavilion vanished in an instant; there was only the ma.s.sive screen that protected the people of The Rising Sun City in the midst of the ruins.

The huge noises disturbed the residents of the Twilight City. They went to check on the source of those sounds only to see that in the ruins, twenty-five Second Stage Professionals were fighting against Qi Xia and others.

"Aren't those the few aberrants of The Rising Sun City?" Some people recognized Qi Xia and his comrades at a glance.

But when they noticed the several Mythological Beasts around them, everyone could not help but gasp in awe.

"Their magical beasts... are actually Mythological-level?" Everyone doubted whether their eyes had a problem. Qi Xia and others achieving the level of Second Stage Profession at the age of sixteen or seventeen was already an abnormal thing, but now, they actually also had Mythological Beasts in their hands...

This was making other people die from coughing up blood!

All of the residents of Twilight City secretly felt lucky. Fortunately, their City Lord was wise and did not insist on fighting in the finals of the group battle against The Rising Sun City; otherwise, these five Second Stage Professionals, plus their five animals...

Could you find a combination that was more heaven-defying than them?

However, they felt that the group of people who was fighting with Qi Xia and the others also seemed to have the strength of the Second Stage Profession or above.

Five people and five Mythological Beasts were incredibly facing the fierce attacks of more than 20 people of their own strength, and yet, they actually had not fallen into a disadvantageous position...

Were they still human beings?!

The teamwork between the Phantom members was perfect to the extreme. No matter how Senior Brother Qian commanded his companions to carry out a combination attack, they could not break the cooperation between the Phantom. Furthermore, with their five Mythological Beasts, Qi Xia and others became even more powerful. One high-level magic attack fell down, next was a Shatter Cut smas.h.i.+ng the surroundings, and in the midst of that beautiful rain of sword attacks, there were also black snakes showing their fangs; finally, in the middle of the smoke and dust came an attack from a Sacred Impact.

Flames set every direction ablaze; lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

More than 30 figures turned into a virtual shadow in the air, so that the residents of Twilight City were not able to see how they were exchanging blows.

After a short while, they heard someone wail, after which a Magister from the Broken Star Palace fell on the ground. A dark arrow was nailed into the flesh of his neck. A black snake coiled around the arrow and its sharp fangs pierced the neck of the Magister, injecting a blood-seal poison into his body.

The appearance of the first victim in the battle made the hearts of the people from the Broken Star Palace utterly shocked.

The other party was only five people, and after fighting up to this point, the first one to die was actually one of their people!

With such a situation, how could they not be surprised!

Senior Brother Qian opened his bloodshot eyes wide as he looked at the Magister who was already dead. He could not wait to tear Qi Xia and others into pieces.

Had they ever suffered such a loss in the Broken Star Palace?

No, they were the ones who destroyed others! Just how long had it been since they last tasted failure?

They must not lose here!

They must not be defeated at the hands of these five teenagers, otherwise the prestige of the Broken Star Palace would start to scatter like ashes and disperse like smoke!

"Kill them all, by any means!"

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