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As soon as the army came out, even if they wanted to conceal their hands, it was basically impossible. Shen Yanxiao was a small matter, but if they were charged with violating the Four Nations’ Agreement and flamed a war between nations, the gains would not make up for the losses.

Luo Fan said with a smile, "Elder Wen is too worried. Since I’ve let you postpone the discussion of reward until three days later, there are naturally other ways to deal with The Rising Sun City. And you can rest a.s.sured that this matter will not give us away.”

"Oh? How?" Elder Wen did not believe it easily.

"The strength of The Rising Sun City is indeed great, but only when compared to the other three cities. Even though Shen Yanxiao might be a strange figure that can warp the sky, her age is still young, her experience is small, and her knowledge is very shallow. With her insolent temper, she’s likely to act recklessly and blindly and it’s simple for her to offend anyone.” Luo Fan said this, implying something.

Elder Wen seemed to understand some of the meaning of Luo Fan.

"Are you trying to borrow someone else’s hands to deal with her? But ordinary people cannot be the opponent of Shen Yanxiao and her people."

Six Second Stage Professionals and two Mythological Beasts, such a formidable lineup could practically stand out in most parts of the Radiance Continent. As long as they did not arouse public anger and did not confront the army of various countries, this six-person team could definitely be an invincible existence.

Luo Fan smiled softly, "But what if the one she offended isn't an ordinary person, but rather an organization that is more powerful than her?"

"Organization more powerful than her?" Elder Wen narrowed his eyes. On top of the Radiance Continent, the four countries stood high, but there were also some mysterious and powerful forces outside the four countries, such as the G.o.d’s Domain. The power of the Holy Sage was enough to bring the leaders of the four countries to their knees.

It was just that the att.i.tude of the G.o.d’s Domain had always been mild, and very few people would become hostile against them. Furthermore, the G.o.d’s Domain rarely interfered with the things between people in the Radiance Continent. Even if there were evil and wicked people doing evil deeds, the G.o.d’s Domain had never taken action.

The only things that could mobilize the G.o.d’s Domain were those related to the demons, demons beasts and magical beasts.

However, apart from the G.o.d’s Domain, Elder Wen also knew of another mysterious and powerful organization. This organization was weaker in name than the G.o.d’s Domain, but they did not have so many rules; their strength was also so tyrannical that it could make one's hair stand up.

Elder Wen suddenly looked bright. Looking thoughtfully at Luo Fan, he asked, "Are you talking about... the Broken Star Palace?"

Luo Fan nodded, "The Broken Star Palace was built by people at the peak of human strength who had survived the war between the G.o.ds and the devils. They already have thousands of years of history. No one can be sure how terrible the power of the Broken Star Palace is in the end. But the only thing that can be certain is that in the Radiance Continent, if there is an existence that can contend with the Broken Star Palace, it can only be the G.o.d’s Domain."

Elder Wen swallowed his saliva. He had naturally heard the name of the Broken Star Palace. However, he did not expect that Shen Yanxiao would have actually provoked this group.

“Is it true that there is a grudge between the Broken Star Palace and Shen Yanxiao?” Elder Wen’s tone sounded a little excited.

Luo Fan smilingly answered, "That’s why I said that Shen Yanxiao acts recklessly and blindly. She actually went to provoke the people from the Broken Star Palace. In our views, the Second Stage Professionals might be a very powerful existence; but Elder Wen, in the Broken Star Palace, who is not a Second Stage Professional? The situation of Second Stage Professionals in the Broken Star Palace is just like that of dogs."

Elder Wen took a breath of air.

Second Stage Professionals were just like dogs...

These were very insulting words, but it was telling the world a truth.

In the Broken Star Palace, there was never a lack of Second Stage Professionals!

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