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A still silence spread throughout the whole venue. Everyone’s eyes were locked on the figure above the ring.

The City Lord of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao, was standing alone on the ring. In this battle, the winner and loser had finally been clearly distinguished!

Elder Wen suddenly closed his eyes. He had never imagined that this match would end with such an outcome. Although he hated Shen Yanxiao, he had to admire her mind. She had been attacking the forelimbs of the Redflame Beast in order to shake up his figure. Otherwise, even if the Vermillion Bird tried to make a good impact, he probably would not completely knock the Redflame Beast out of the ring.

Indeed, a very deep plan, with very treacherous means!

At first, Shen Yanxiao’s attacks had been targeting Duan Hen, so everyone thought that her target was Duan Hen, and the arrows that were hara.s.sing the Redflame Beast were just a cover.

But who would have thought that her so-called cover was her real goal. She made it seem as though she were targeting Duan Hen, just in order to let the Redflame Beast relax his vigilance.

With her stifling strength and comprehensive plan, whether it were the Redflame Beast or Duan Hen, Shen Yanxiao had toyed them around in between her palms.

Even if Elder Wen was not willing to accept this fact, he had to admit that Shen Yanxiao was really capable; her mind was not comparable to that of ordinary people. She could think of a foolproof strategy in such a chaotic battle. He feared that there would only be a few similar people in the entire Radiance Continent.

Being able to build The Rising Sun City in a short period of time was not a trivial matter. He had completely underestimated her.

The Vermillion Bird and the Redflame Beast who had fallen to the ground quickly got up. The two Mythological Beasts transformed into their human form. On the dissolute-looking face of the Redflame Beast, there was a hint of thick anger. He couldn’t imagine that a mere human would dare to calculate against him and he was actually so ignorant that he had stepped on the trap that she had laid for him.

His pride as a Mythological Beast made it impossible for the Redflame Beast to tolerate such a thing happening. The vicious beast’s nature was instantly exposed as he immediately charged towards Shen Yanxiao on the ring.

But in a flash, Vermillion Bird appeared in front of Shen Yanxiao to block him, putting on a fighting posture.

"If you dare to hurt her, even if my strength is greatly reduced today, I’ll make sure you will die with me."

"Just by yourself?" Redflame Beast sneered, "I will kill you, and then slaughter that despicable human being. I will send you both to h.e.l.l."

"Try it." Vermillion Bird's body immediately ignited a blazing flame. As long as the Redflame Beast dared to go forward half a step, even if he risked his life, he would shoot him dead in front of Shen Yanxiao.

He would never allow anyone, anything, to threaten the safety of Shen Yanxiao by any means.

As long as he, Vermillion Bird, was still alive, no one could!

The body of the Redflame Beast also ignited in flame. The loss on the ring did not extinguish the beacon of fighting, and the horn of the battle of death was about to ring.

"Redflame Beast, enough!" Duan Hen got up from the ground. He did not have the st.u.r.dy physique of a Mythological Beast like Vermillion Bird nor the Redflame Beast, and the impact of the attack just now had hurt him half to death. He could only slowly recover his strength. But his whole body was also stinging with pain, and even talking was a little hard for him.

The Redflame Beast looked coldly at Duan Hen and said, "It’s not your turn to interrupt my matter."

Duan Hen’s face turned green; he secretly clenched his fists.

Seeing that the Redflame Beast was going to provoke a fight, the hearts of everyone in the venue hung up in the air.

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