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The fact that her Warlock profession had broken through the second stage already marked a super-genius achievement, but to think that she still possessed dual-cultivation and her dou qi profession, Archer, had also broken through the second stage... Did she want them to die from coughing up too much blood?

Elder Wen was deeply experiencing the feeling of falling from heaven to h.e.l.l.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao herself was very surprised that her Archer profession was at the level of Second Stage Professional.

If it wasn't for last night when Xiu suddenly asked her to try to use her bow and shoot an arrow, she would not have been able to discover that her Archer strength did not regress at all!

Only, when she shot an arrow from her bow, it not only used her dou qi but also a lot of power from her source of life.

The Elves were born Archers and Pharmacists and had a natural advantage in both professions.

Although the part of Shen Yanxiao that belonged to human beings had been suppressed because of the awakening of her elf blood, the natural characteristics of the Elves had also surfaced.

The elf's natural advantage as an Archer directly filled the gap in her Archer profession.

It then abruptly promoted her again from Senior Archer to the level of the Second Stage Profession Magic Archer. Furthermore, because of the source of life, Shen Yanxiao found that her arrow had become an extremely terrible killing weapon.

After reaching the second stage, the Magic Archer would have a certain magical power attached to the arrows they would fire. In addition, she could cast curse techniques with a certain degree of corrosiveness on the arrows, which was already very heaven-defying. Now, because of the source of life, her arrow was also carrying a strange power belonging to the Elves.

When the three forces were combined into one, the effect of each of Shen Yanxiao’s arrows was now far beyond the norm for Magic Archers.

That was why she could pierce the flesh of the Redflame Beast with a single blow.

The reason why she didn’t take action at the beginning was because she was still learning how to mobilize the power of her source of life. This kind of power was still strange to her. She only had last night to familiarize herself with it and therefore she was still not very skilled in using it.

This was the reason why she did not counterattack for some time.

Although her Warlock profession had fallen from Summoner to the level of a Senior Professional, Shen Yanxiao had achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in the Archer profession. She rarely used her Archer profession, but now, it had opened a chance for her to make a big comeback!

Looking at the Redflame Beast who was in a violent rage above the ring, Shen Yanxiao hooked her lips up.

"Redflame Beast, how is the feeling of being hurt by a human?"

Shen Yanxiao’s voice with a thick provocative meaning, pa.s.sed into the ears of the Redflame Beast.

The Redflame Beast immediately let out an angry roar. To think that a human being mocked him for his incompetence. This was definitely a disgrace for the Redflame Beast!

The Redflame Beast immediately opened his mouth and threw a dozen or so fireb.a.l.l.s to Vermillion Bird in the sky.

Vermillion Bird nimbly dodged away as Shen Yanxiao's laughter spread throughout the venue.

The revelation of Shen Yanxiao's Archer's ident.i.ty meant that the match had returned to the original point again. The ups and downs of the battle really made everyone’s heart feel unbearable.

Those who had previously ridiculed Shen Yanxiao had now completely closed their mouths shut and a trace of fear and guilt appeared in their eyes when they looked at the team of The Rising Sun City.

Who knew that the City Lord of The Rising Sun City was actually aberrant to this point. There had been no people with dual-cultivation to appear in a thousand years!

They only knew that Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock, and everyone thought that her full strength right now was only at the level of Senior Warlock. How could they possibly know that underneath her Warlock profession, she was actually concealing her Second Stage Profession Magic Archer ident.i.ty?!!

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