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"Shen Yanxiao remembered that Shen Duan had originally set up her parents, and when he was finally prepared to deal with her, a mysterious man suddenly arrived and took her away. After a few months, Shen Siyu brought her back to the Vermillion Bird Clan.

So what happened during the months she was away?

Xiu said that her seal was not only sealing the power of her human and elf sides. Then, what was the reason for putting such a terrible seal on her body?

"I have to go find Big Brother Siyu. Only he can tell me what is going on." Shen Yanxiao's heart felt uneasy. An ominous premonition was rising in her heart.

She felt that she had missed some important clues that could solve all the mysteries surrounding her, but she did not know what exactly she was missing.

Just when Shen Yanxiao planned to find Shen Siyu as soon as possible, there was a knock on the door of her room.

Xiu moved his body and gracefully walked to the table behind the screen and sat down slowly.

Shen Yanxiao bafflingly sat up and quickly put on her coat; she did not bother to wear shoes and just ran to open the door.

Outside the door, a cautious-looking Tang Nazhi was stiffly standing in front of Shen Yanxiao; his handsome face that was usually frivolous was completely serious and somewhat fearful at this moment.

"Nazhi?" Shen Yanxiao looked at the somewhat strange Tang Nazhi, her head full of question marks.

When did this animal get so jumpy?

"Uh, that... Little Xiao, I have a couple of sentences to say, I will finish it quickly! Don't ignore me!" Tang Nazhi was deeply afraid that Shen Yanxiao would not give himself a chance to open his mouth.

Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned, looking at the weird Tang Nazhi and said, "Say it then."

Huh? She did not close the door directly? Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao’s “abnormal” att.i.tude and said, “Tomorrow will be the time that you and Elder Wen have agreed upon. You have to prepare for tomorrow’s game. Long Fei just sent someone, and that person told us that in the seven days of training time you have granted Duan Hen, his strength has returned to its peak. So you must be careful tomorrow. I am done! I’ll go now!!!" After Tang Nazhi finished speaking, he immediately turned away and left, as if Shen Yanxiao had a terrible contagious disease.

"What time we have agreed upon? Seven days of training time? When did I say that?" The rapid departure of Tang Nazhi left Shen Yanxiao with a series of questions.

How come she could not understand a single thing that Tang Nazhi had said?


Shen Yanxiao frowned and closed the door. She turned to look at Vermillion Bird, who was holding the Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon, and then asked, "Vermillion Bird, how long have I been asleep?"

Vermillion Bird looked at Shen Yanxiao and then glanced at Xiu who was sitting next to the table. He unhurriedly said, "Ten days."

"... Ten days!!!" Shen Yanxiao’s eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popped out. What’s going on?

She had been sleeping for ten days? Could it be that she had missed the finals of the individual battle?

Not appearing in the battle was tantamount to abstaining. She was so out of it that she had actually lost the game?

This was too ridiculous, ah!

No, wait!

Just now, what did Tang Nazhi say again? She and Elder Wen had set a time? She still had a game tomorrow? And Duan Hen had been cultivating for seven days...

Could it be that something strange happened during her sleep?

She didn't believe that Elder Wen would agree to give her a period of recovery time after knowing she was lethargic, just out of kindness.

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