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"Luo Fan?" Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Duan Hen also sat down.

"The City Lord of Blizzard City should have already told you about Luo Fan staying behind in Twilight City."

"Was it you who disclosed this news?" Shen Yanxiao was smart. It was only natural for her to know that it was absolutely impossible for anyone to know that Luo Fan had been left behind in the Twilight City. The reason why Long Fei knew about it, she feared, was because someone had intentionally disclosed the matter to him. And the person who revealed the news to Long Fei must have wanted to convey this matter to her using Long Fei’s mouth.

Only, she did not expect that person to be Duan Hen.

"It was indeed me." Duan Hen decisively acknowledged it.

"What exactly do you want by using Luo Fan to make a deal with me? Let me tell you, Luo Fan is nothing but someone who had been defeated by me in the past. He is worthless in my eyes and does not necessarily const.i.tute a bargaining chip for you and me." Shen Yanxiao said this with a lack of interest. No matter how much importance Long Fei and Duan Hen attach to Luo Fan, she couldn’t really see Luo Fan as her opponent. If Luo Fan were smart, he wouldn’t let her discover his existence in the Twilight City. Yet, he was now exposed. If she wanted to check things out, wouldn’t it be an easy matter now?

He didn’t even have the ability to hide himself. For such an enemy, she even disdained to think of ways to deal with him.

Duan Hen shook his head and said, "I am not using Luo Fan himself to make a deal with you, but the information that he revealed to Elder Wen. It was you who turned Luo Fan into a waste before, you should have been very clear about his current state. But, if I tell you that Luo Fan is now an Advanced Magician, would you still think he is worthless?"

"Luo Fan is an Advanced Magician?" Shen Yanxiao was indeed a little surprised. Given that Luo Fan was in his peak strength, he could only be a Pharmacist. How could he become a Magician?

Shen Yanxiao’s surprised reaction made Duan Hen very satisfied. He thought that he had found enough chips for the deal.

"I can tell you that Luo Fan stayed in Twilight City because he wanted to talk to Elder Wen about a certain deal. The content of the deal is related to why he became an Advanced Magician, and one of the rewards he wants has something to do with you."

"Let’s hear it." Shen Yanxiao's eyes became a bit more serious.

"He promised to help improve the strength of the Elders Council’s people, but Elder Wen must get rid of all the people around you before you can leave the Twilight City first."

"Get rid of?" Shen Yanxiao’s eyes narrowed. Elder Wen really had a big appet.i.te.

"I don't know why he doesn't retaliate against you directly and still needs to ask Elder Wen to get rid of the people around you instead. But what I can be sure of is that the Elders Council will agree to his request. Compared to the other people in the city, the powerful subordinates that the Elders Council has been gathering are growing day by day, which is what Luo Fan is after."

"So what do you want from me in the end?" Shen Yanxiao hooked up the corner of her lips and looked at Duan Hen. Duan Hen was very clever. He wouldn’t run to her and reveal all this for no reason at all. She was very clear that if she wanted to get more news, she must agree to carry out this transaction with Duan Hen first. But she was also somewhat curious as to what kind of thing Duan Hen wanted her help for.

Duan Hen looked at Shen Yanxiao and slowly said, "I want you to help me kill some people."

"Have me help you kill people? Duan Hen, you think too highly of me. If you want to kill someone, with your Redflame Beast, you can do it yourself. Unless you want to eliminate someone you shouldn’t be killing, or can't let others find out that it was you who killed them." Shen Yanxiao pointed out the words that Duan Hen had not spoken yet.

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