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Chapter 103- Good Children Don’t Gamble Part 3

Everyone was extremely depressed, for in front of such a group of geniuses that radiated like starlight, with the speck of talent they had, it was simply better for them to hurriedly conceal themselves properly, and not make a disgrace of themselves. They’d originally thought that Tang Nazhi of the Black Tortoise Clan’s fight to death to get into the pharmaceutical branch wouldn’t bring any results for the few years and they even quite rejoiced in his misfortune, but who would have imagined that that b.a.s.t.a.r.d would actually be admitted to the pharmaceutical branch. Furthermore, it seemed like his evaluation hadn’t been low.

One aberrant was already enough for them to vomit blood, yet now, at this one table, sat 4 aberrant people so powerful it was to the point of absurdity—how would they still stay alive?

“Who could’ve imagined that, apart from the Vermillion Bird Clan, it can be considered that the 5 large clans have gathered together.”

“However, I’ve heard that the talented ones of the Vermillion Bird Clan of this generation had withered. Not only did the clan produce a crippled idiot, even the other few adolescents of the same generation didn’t amount to much. There was only Shen Yifeng who was considered to be not too bad, but when compared to Qi Xia and the others, he‘s simply subpar. Ever since he was defeated by that certain person of the sword scholar branch who quit school halfway through this year, it’s been as if he hasn’t dared to appear at school. I don’t think I’ve seen him attend school this year either.”

“The Vermillion Bird Clan can be considered to be crippled already. I’ve heard that the strongest person in the Vermillion Bird Clan as of now was a person who doesn’t have any blood relations.h.i.+p to the Vermillion Bird Clan. I think he was called… Shen Siyu?”

“It’s simply laughable that the strongest person in the Vermillion Bird Clan was unexpectedly someone who didn’t have any blood relation of the clan flowing in him. Having disciples of their own whom didn’t have any future prospects was already bad enough, yet, the clan had unexpectedly produced an idiot, and make a disgrace of itself. This truly left people speechless.”

With a group of people speaking about this, they began to collectively make cutting remarks towards the Vermillion Bird Clan’s decline in the recent years. Little did they realise that a certain ‘idiot’ from the Vermillion Bird Clan was standing right to their side, at that very moment, listening to their attacks with an unperturbed face.

There wasn’t anyone that had taken notice of a certain guy who’d unperturbedly and quietly nabbed the purses of the few adolescents who’d been making cutting remarks towards the Vermillion Bird Clan into her storage ring.

Stroking her storage ring that had ‘taken a tonic’, Shen Yanxiao secretly sneered.

She was truly so sorry, ah. She, the idiot, had truly had lost face for her clan, for she hadn’t become a pervertedly strong person that had you guys prostrating yourselves in wors.h.i.+p. Ah, she’d truly let you guys down!!

However, no matter what the others were saying, Shen Yanxiao’s attention had already been concentrated onto the betting table.

The person who had the priest badge hanging from his chest was precisely Yan Yu. His appearance was very well-favored. His excessively fair skin had people to feel like it was somewhat abnormal, but amongst the four people present, he was considered to be the most lukewarm considering the expression in his eyes, and there wasn’t even the slightest bit of a trace of unreasonableness. Yang Xi’s appearance was even more resolute, by a little bit. On that expressionless face, that seemed to be somewhat young and inexperienced, was an ice-cold gaze that watched each and every move on the table attentively.

The banker who was in charge of the table felt that he was under great pressure. To be able to open a casino right under the eyes of the Holy Roland School, thus causing harm to the students—the power backing the casino naturally wasn’t low. However, the 4 people that he was confronting as of now were nevertheless from the five largest big shots of the Long Xuan Empire. Apart from the current emperor that could have his heart not jumping and the colour of his face not changing when dealing with these four little devils—it was basically an impossible thing for the other people in wanting to accomplish water-like tranquility.

The male banker secretly wiped away the cold sweat he felt, for it was very seldom that the disciples of the 5 large clans would appear in their casino.

He didn’t know what kind of horrible demon had cursed him today, for the four of them to unexpectedly show up at the same time. If the Vermillion Bird Clan’s Shen Yifeng were to suddenly show up at the doorway later, he wouldn’t find it surprising at all.

Since they’d opened their doors to do business, how could it still be possible for them to expel their customers?

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