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Chapter 100- The Bookworms Are Too Savage Part 3


Shen Yanxiao wasn’t certain she could enter that cla.s.s relying on the hasty last-minute efforts that she’d made

“Shen Jue, you guys are here, ah.” Lin Xuan trotted all the way to Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi’s side. Compared to Tang Nazhi, who appeared to be domineering on the outside, Lin Xuan felt that this Shen Jue, who was the youngest among the three of them, was much easier to get closer to.

“What’s up?” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Lin Xuan panted. Secretly shooting a glance at the expressionless Tang Nazhi, very carefully, he opened his mouth and said, “Just now, the tutor sent people to pa.s.s on the news that the cla.s.s placement test will be pushed back by a month. Moreover, I’ve heard them say that our cla.s.s placement test this time will be somewhat special, and that it’s very possible that it will be conducted along with students from the other branches.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. To be able to have the test postponed, speaking simply, couldn’t be any better news to her, and in this way, she too would have the confidence to be able to understand even more.

In fact, the pharmaceutical branch’s cla.s.s placement test was equal to having students of different talents separated and taught. The more inferior the grade of the cla.s.s was, the lower the level the students in that said cla.s.s could attain, and the students who were all previously from the violet cla.s.s at the very least were able to be promoted to junior pharmacists from apprentice pharmacists after only a year of time.

The worth of apprentice pharmacists was very low, for they practically couldn’t make any medicine. Only when an apprentice pharmacist had reached the level of a junior pharmacist could they be considered a genuine pharmacist.

With regards to their cla.s.s placement, if one were to be initially allocated to the two below the yellow cla.s.s, even if it had reached the time of graduation, it was very likely that it’d be very hard for them to become pharmacists.

“Collaborating with the students of the other branches? This is actually quite uncommon.” Tang Nazhi appeared to be rather interested towards this news. He looked at Shen Yanxiao and asked, “There’s another month to study. How much of a certainty do you have in entering the purple cla.s.s? Is it ninety percent?”

“…”  Shen Yanxiao broke into a cold sweat, for Tang Nazhi’s confidence towards her was truly so big that it was exceptional. So how could she have the nerve to tell him that she didn’t even have a tenth of certainty as of now?

It truly wasn’t proper of her to reply Tang Nazhi’s question. Shen Yanxiao could only use the old method—using her smile as a reply.  

This smile, which Tang Nazhi didn’t want to see as often as he did during these two days, made him already subconsciously treat this smile as Shen Yan Xiao’s symbol of absolute confidence!

“It looks like you have a hundred percent certainty. In that case, I’ll trouble you to help me have a sudden breakthrough in this period of time! Fellow brother, my hopes of entering the purple cla.s.s will be counting on you!”  Tang Nazhi solemnly patted Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder.

“…” In the end, just which eyes of his had seen that caused him to think that she had a hundred percent certainty!!!

The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth slightly twitched.

“Since there’s still quite an ample amount of time, we don’t need to urgently study like this. Let’s go! Brothers, I shall take you with me, and go enrich your experiences.” Tang Nazhi gave a mischievous laughter. Swinging his arms, the lunchbox and book that were in his hands were tossed to Lin Xuan who was at the side.  With one of them over Shen Yanxiao’s frail shoulder, facing the opposite direction, he walked over to it with a soaring heroic spirit.

“Where are we going?” Before Tang Nazhi’s tall and slim figure, Shen Yanxiao was exceedingly pet.i.te, and could only be dragged by Tang Nazhi—moving towards somewhere unknown.

“You’ll know it right away after we get there.” Tang Nazhi gave her a strange smile, and pretended that it was a mystery.

Shen Yanxiao finally knew why Tang Nazhi would be mysterious like that.

Seeing betting tables of all sizes, and the scene with a boiling cauldron of voices before her eyes, the corner of Shen Yanxiao’s eyebrows slightly twitched.  

“How is it? You, lad, have never been to this kind of place before, right?” With his arm on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder, and with the posture of a close friend, Tang Nazhi hadn’t sensed the slightest bit of Shen Yanxiao’s facial expression twitching.

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