The New Life (La Vita Nuova) Part 6

The New Life (La Vita Nuova) -

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Beyond the sphere which spreads to widest s.p.a.ce Now soars the sigh that my heart sends above: A new perception born of grieving Love Guideth it upward the untrodden ways.

When it hath reached unto the end, and stays, It sees a lady round whom splendours move In homage; till, by the great light thereof Abashed, the pilgrim spirit stands at gaze.

It sees her such, that when it tells me this Which it hath seen, I understand it not, It hath a speech so subtile and so fine.

And yet I know its voice within my thought Often remembereth me of Beatrice: So that I understand it, ladies mine.

After writing this sonnet, it was given unto me to behold a very wonderful vision:[32] wherein I saw things which determined me that I would say nothing further of this most blessed one, until such time as I could discourse more worthily concerning her. And to this end I labour all I can; as she well knoweth. Wherefore if it be His pleasure through whom is the life of all things, that my life continue with me a few years, it is my hope that I shall yet write concerning her what hath not before been written of any woman. After the which, may it seem good unto Him who is the Master of Grace, that my spirit should go hence to behold the glory of its lady: to wit, of that blessed Beatrice who now gazeth continually on His countenance _qui est per omnia saecula benedictus_.[33] _Laus Deo._

[32] This we may believe to have been the Vision of h.e.l.l, Purgatory, and Paradise, which furnished the triple argument of the _Divina Commedia_. The Latin words ending the _Vita Nuova_ are almost identical with those at the close of the letter in which Dante, on concluding the _Paradise_, and accomplis.h.i.+ng the hope here expressed, dedicates his great work to Can Grande della Scala.

[33] "Who is blessed throughout all ages."


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