When I Was Summoned to Another World with RPG Style, [Likes NTR] Skill Appeared Chapter 47- Part2

When I Was Summoned to Another World with RPG Style, [Likes NTR] Skill Appeared -

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Episode 47 [Cheating Girlfriend Series – Prototype②] “m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e a lot while I have s.e.x okay” Part 2 (Unedited Version)

I let out a deep sigh inside a dark room, my rough breathing from before has calmed down considerably.

Afterward, I stared absentmindedly at the screen inside the window. Contrary to this room, the room reflected inside the screen is very bright.

The artificial illumination from [Light] crystal ball installed on the ceiling is s.h.i.+ning upon Kerebryl and Kantarou’s intertwined bodies. Kerebryl’s whole body is drenched in sweat, her moist brown skin looks really glossy from the way it's reflecting the light.
[Aa……, n, Ha……]
Kerebryl's long slender legs were kept open in the shape of letter M just like before, and s.e.m.e.n that was c.u.mmed inside her could be seen starting to drips down from her place down there.
The sight felt like it's trying to remind me that Kerebryl really just had a s.e.x for real, one that is enough to result in this appearance of a woman overwhelmed by her climax.
Kerebryl's legs moved slightly, but her crack that is the most important place for a woman is still exposed as it is. It looked as if she couldn't even afford the strength needed to conceal it from her body that is slumped motionlessly.
[n, Fuu……]
Kerebryl leaked a sensual sounding sigh. Her face looks really seductive with both of her eyes closed and her silver colored eyelashes pointed downward.
[Kerebryl-chan, did it felt good?]
Kantarou brought his mouth to Kerebryl's left ear and whispered something into it.
Kerebryl's long eyelashes trembles, and then her eyelids are opening slowly and revealed her big purple eyes that are directed toward me.
[It was……good……]
Her cheeks are flus.h.i.+ng, and then Kerebryl answered with words that was accompanied by soft sigh.
[Really? I'm glad then]
Kantarou responded while smiling happily.
[Your p.u.s.s.y is also as amazing as ever Kerebryl-chan]
He immediately followed up his respond while still looking as happy as before. That d.a.m.n Kantarou sure is in high tension compared to the usual now.
[Ufufu…… really……?]
After she heard Kantarou's words, Kerebryl answered while making a charming smile.
[My p.u.s.s.y…… does it really felt that good……?]
While keeping her smile as it is, Kerebryl stared at my direction and said that with an embarra.s.sed voice.

The way Kerebryl was talking just now made her sounds like she’s being overtly conscious of the camera, or at least that's what she sounded like to me.

Kantarou’s left hand suddenly rose up, the five fingers are touching and digging into Kerebryl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s that are moist with sweat.
The thick fingers are sinking deeply into the breast that is ample and voluptuous. At the same time, the excess soft meat was squeezed and overflow from the gap between the fingers.
Kantarou’s big hand moved like it’s kneading the breast that is elastic like rubber.  Every time strength are entering into that hand, the elastic breast would change its shape and returned back in a process that looks really lewd.
Kantarou’s right hand touched Kerebryl’s small head next. Kerebryl turned her head to the sideway just now, and that head was pulled toward Kantarou’s face afterward.
[Ah-……, No……]
Kerebryl shook her head sideways and showed a small resistance, however that resistance was really small and didn’t amount to much. Before long, the distances between the two faces immediately shrunk again little by little.
[n……, -chu-……]
Kerebryl might have given up. She’s simply closing her eyes slowly by now, and then the moment her eyelids were completely closed, the two lips touched lightly.
[­-chu-……, n, -chu-……, nn……]
Kantarou made several amount of kisses that can be likened to a small peck, but after that is done he immediately presses his lips strongly.
[Nn, Nh……]
Kerebryl’s jaw moved slightly. I understood that that means Kantarou had pried open Kerebryl’s lips and inserted his tongue inside her mouth.
A whirling ­-jii- sounds echoed not long after that, and the screen inside the Window approached Kerebryl closer with her upper body centered as the focus. By the time the screen stopped moving, Kerebryl’s beautiful side face and her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s that are currently being ma.s.saged are reflected largely on the screen.Kerebryl always said that she will only kiss the person she likes.
Did that d.a.m.n Kantarou plan to show him kissing Kerebryl to me?

[N, n……, Nn……, N……]
It seems Kantarou is licking the inside of Kerebryl’s mouth with his tongue while holding her head in place. As for Kerebryl, she is keeping both of her eyes closed. Her finely shaped eyebrows are furrowed too, and the long eyelash below it is twitching like its trembling.
[Nn……, Nh……]
Her eyelids are opening slightly, and then her purple colored pupils turned toward my direction. There’s a hint of wetness inside those eyes of her, it might be because she’s concerned by the sound that the camera makes when it zoomed on her.
[N, Nh……, Nn, n……]
While still playing with Kerebryl’s breast, Kantarou moved his head and kissed Kerebryl like he was trying to cover Kerebryl’s lips with his. The expression reflected in Kerebryl’s gaze which is pointed toward my direction is turning into an agonized one as she meekly endured the sensation of her mouth being ravaged.
[Nnh……? n, -chu­-……]
The screen continues to show pa.s.sionate kissing scene where the two parties involved are moving their jaw busily. The whirling -jii- sounds then echoed and the image is moving backward until the lower body of those two are displayed on the screen.
[N, -chu-……, N……, nh……]
Kantarou seems to have getting turned on while he was kissing Kerebryl. His c.o.c.k is standing in half erect figure right in front of the crack in Kerebryl’s place down there.
[N……, -rero-……, -chu-, n-chu­-……]
It was quite the graphic image. As the half erect c.o.c.k is recovering its hardness and inflating its volume, its tip is gradually rising upward while making some twitches in the process and headed straight toward the crack in Kerebryl’s place down there. Kerebryl’s half opened eyes had become fully open too now as she watched that spectacle with sideway glance.
[Nh……, -rero-……, N, Nh……]
It seems Kerebryl is responding to Kantarou’s tongue movement now. There was a gap formed between their lips just now, and I could see the two tongues are moving up and down to intertwine themselves.
[N, Nn……, n-chu-……]
Meanwhile, Kantarou’s left thumb and index finger is pinching Kerebryl’s swollen nipple while gently squeezing it between the bellies of the fingers.
[NhUhn……, n, NhAa……, Nh……]
Sweet moans escaped Kerebryl’s lips at the same time her shoulder is letting out a twitch. Their long kisses seem to be over, and both of their opened lips are moving away from each other.
[A, ha……]
The tongues of those two are drenched with lot of saliva, and the transparent liquid is also drawing a bridge of thread between the two tips. That transparent thread was stretched for a long distance before it would finally snap in the middle.
[N…… Mou……]
Kerebryl is groaning with slightly angry tone like she’s trying to scold Kantarou. Her long slit eyes are also narrowing as she glared at him.
[I said that kiss is no good right?]
After saying that, Kerebryl used the back of her hand to wipe her lips that are wet with saliva.
[My bad Kerebryl-chan]
Meanwhile, Kantarou looks unfazed by everything. He said something to Kerebryl just now, but the tone behind his voice is calm and doesn’t feel like an apology at all.
[But kissing feels good right? It feels like it’s going to improve the mood of the s.e.x or something like that]

Kerebryl stayed silent and didn’t say anything to Kantarou words, however she turned her face that is turning red to the side.
After that, Kerebryl let out a small shout and turned her gaze downward. She’s staring at Kantarou’s c.o.c.k that has turned big from the erection, there’s also some s.e.m.e.n from his previous e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n dripping down from the tip of the glans.
[You’re still……, what are you going to do……?]
Kerebryl turned her face sideway and said that while looking downward at Kantarou.
[Yup. Let’s do it again Kerebryl-chan]
Kantarou nodded and said that happily.
Kerebryl muttered like she was annoyed, however she doesn’t seem to dislike the words she heard.  Perhaps Kantarou just invited her to go for another round.
[You’re still doing fine yourself aren’t you, Kerebryl-chan?]
Kerebryl laughed mischievously. After that, she raised her upper body slowly.
[I’m fine, I’m a dark elf after all]
[Yup yup. Dark elves women sure are lewd aren’t they, it feels like they’re going to like anything if it’s related to s.e.x]
[Mou……, Don’t talk about me like that will you]
I thought to myself while listening to the two conversed with each other.
Somehow, Kerebryl seems like she’s getting used to this. It feels as if the distance between her heart and Kantarou’s had become closer now.

Kerebryl has her eyes focused on Kantarou’s upright standing c.o.c.k. The c.o.c.k is still big and hard as ever that you might not believe it has e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed twice already.
Kerebryl then stretched out her right hand. Her fingertips are touching the swelled glans that has dark red color like she was trying to squish it playfully.
[It sure is manly……]
While speaking like a swooning girl, Kerebryl traced the tip of her finger around the c.o.c.k’s glans neck gently like it’san object of affection for her.
[Well, the only thing I can boast about myself is my vitality after all]
[Ufufu……, It’s wonderful indeed……]
After hearing Kantarou’s response, Kerebryl laughed mischievously once again.
She then pushed her left hand against the bed and made her waist float slightly. Her a.s.s can be seen turning into a round shape above Kantarou’s waist.
[Make me feel good again okay……]
Kerebryl said that while using her right hand to grasp the shaft of the c.o.c.k. She guided the tip of the reddish black glans to her crack down there, and then she lowered her waist slowly.
The small folds in Kerebryl’s place down there opened to left and right before closing up again immediately. The folds that are drenched with love juices can be seen sticking firmly against the surface of the glans.
[A, Ahn……]
The glans proceed to penetrate the opening even further, it’s prying open its path slowly but surely with Kerebryl’s deepest part as its destination. Meanwhile, the small folds are constricting around the wide glans neck in an attempt that looklike it’s trying to suckthe glans inside. After the whole glans is finally completely swallowed, the small folds then proceed to entangle itself around the shaft of the c.o.c.k tightly.
The swelled glans is splitting open the wall and rubbing it at the same time during its way inside. The wall that is covered with slimy love juices is making the surface of the glans sliding smoothly against it, and the unique rubbing sensationis also creating pleasure for both of the parties involved.
[Ha, A….., nh……]
The c.o.c.k kept advancing to the deepest part of Kerebryl’s place down there, and then the tip of the glans head touched the elastic wall of the uterus mouth. At that moment, Kerebryl leaked raised a moan that sounded like she couldn’t prevent from leaking.
[Whew……, This is truly an amazing p.u.s.s.y……]
Kantarou was saying something that sounded like a groan. Kerebryl who had listened to it then moaned with an embarra.s.sed tone behind her voice.
[The tip of my c.o.c.k feels really good right now……]
I think I had an idea of what Kantarou might be saying just now. He must be praising the feeling of Kerebryl’s place down there as he felt the b.u.mpy sensation at the deepest part of the wall and also the pleasure it gives when it touched the back area of the glans.
[Alright Kerebryl-chan, it’s time for you to say that the fun time is going to start now]
[I have to…… say it too……?]
After she heard Kantarou’s words, Kerebryl responded with her eyes narrowing down in embarra.s.sment. However Kerebryl doesn’t seems to dislike what Kantarou just said, nor does she seems to be opposed to it. In addition to that, Kerebryl mentioned the word ‘too’. That means Kerebryl knows the effect of the words that she’s going to say after this, and that fact seems to changes the expression in her face into a thrilled one.
[Yup. You need to give the timing to start the masturbation. Doesn’t that make you sounds kind Kerebryl-chan?]
While muttering that, Kerebryl then lowered her back slowly toward Kantarou’s belly.

[Kyah-……? N……, Ufu……]
A whirling ­-jii- sound is echoing, and the screen began to moves toward Kerebryl.
It seems she was surprised at first, but she immediately broke into laughter afterward.
[Ufufu……, Mou……, Are you really going to make it that close……?]
The -jii- sounds echoed again, and Kerebryl’s embarra.s.sing figure is enlarged on the screen.
Her cheeks are dyed red, and her lips are forming into a bashful smile. I can tell from that smile that Kerebryl is currently embarra.s.sed, however that smile also means that Kerebryl understood how the lens is zooming on her.
[Yup. It’s an important scene to make people e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e during masturbation after all]
From the way he’s speaking, it seems Kantarou is trying to emphasize something with his speech.
[We need to make sure your lewd face and p.u.s.s.y are reflected clearly Kerebryl-chan]
While continuing to speak with cheerful tone, Kantarou used both of his knees to sweep Kerebryl’s legs to the left and right.
A feverish sigh escaped Kerebryl’s mouth.
Her long legs were spread open to the left and right until her thighs nearly formed a horizontal line, and the screen is focusing around the middle of it where a large c.o.c.k can be seen being swallowed by her place down there clearly. The sight is also getting more obscene the more I move my gaze upward toward the direction of Kerebryl’s place down there. The pubic mound around the bottom area of the crack were pushed to the side by the shaft of a thick c.o.c.k that is sticking out halfway, gleaming because it was covered by love juices, and is throbbing like it’s alive.
[After this…… the climax scene is going to start……]
Kerebryl said that while rising her left hand and smiling lewdly. She then bends the fingers on her left hand lightly and moved it back and forth like she’s giving a handjob to someone.
[Watch me have s.e.x……, get turned on, and……, m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e a lot, okay……?]
Kerebryl seems to be very embarra.s.sed, however she still spoke with plenty of other emotions inside her words that was aimed at my direction on the other side of the screen.
[Yup yup, that’s great Kerebryl-chan]
Inside the screen, Kantarou made his knees stand upright firmly. It seems he’s planning to use the sole of his feet to support his waist so that he can push Kerebryl’s up from below.

Suddenly, I hear a loud noise from direction outside of the screen. Those two let out a small cry and looked toward my direction with a surprised look on their face.

The -don- thumping sound echoed once again. Kerebryl and Kantarou who seems to have graspedthe situation sighed with a somewhat relieved look on their face.
Next, there’s a ­-dosa­- thud sound that was louder compared to before.

Both Kerebryl and Kantarou have their eyes directed at the upper side of the screen, perhaps both of them are staring at the door at the entrance of the room.

I could hear a m.u.f.fled voice from outside of the screen. It seems someone is talking quite loudly outside of the room, this hotel’s soundproofing isn’t really good as expected.
Loud -GAN- cras.h.i.+ng sound suddenly echoed, those two gasped for a breath and stayed still in silence. There’s no doubt that the person outside just crashed against the door of the room where Kerebryl and Kantarou are staying.
Then as if someone is b.u.mping against a wall, a heavy ­-don­- sound echoed followed by -gatagat rattling sound that keeps repeating while moving further away.

After a short while pa.s.sed, I could hear -batan- sound of a door being closed in a distance.

I know the ident.i.ty of these sounds.

Kerebryl and Kantarou deeply exhaled the breaths that they’ve been holding. Because they were in the middle of a s.e.x act, they surely felt awkward and ended up staying more quiet than necessary.
[Kerebryl-chan, your p.u.s.s.y was squeezing me really tightly just now you know]
[Lies……, I……, didn’t tighten mine or something like that……]
When she heard Kantarou’s cheerful sounding voice, Kerebryl responded with her cheeks flus.h.i.+ng red. It seems the unexpected event made her nervous and she ended up unconsciously tightened her place down there.
[I’m saying the truth, you’re really lewd Kerebryl-chan, you got excited when that someone is pa.s.sing the corridor didn’t you?]
[I was just surprised……, Ah-……]
Kantarou raised both of his hands while he was saying something, then when Kerebryl argued back at him with small voice, he touched the area below Kerebryl’s stomach with his ten fingers.
[Is it really?]
[Nh……, Nha, Aa……]
With the belly of his fingers pressed against the skin on Kerebryl’s stomach, Kantarou proceed to raise his hands upward quickly. The stimulus from the delicate and feathery touch is making Kerebryl letting out unbearable sounding moans. Perhaps because she has reached climax for many times, Kerebryl’s whole body had become sensitive like an erogenous zone.
[Kerebryl-chan, your heart was pounding really hard earlier wasn’t it?]
[It’s beating hard, but……, Nn……]
Kantarou extended his thumbs and index fingers like he was trying to make the shape of letter L with his hands, and then with both of his hands shaped like that, he raised Kerebryl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s from below. The lump of meat that looks soft yet heavy were tilted upward from its root, and the whole things looks extremely lewd.
[I knew it. You were excited weren’t you Kerebryl-chan? Having s.e.x during such thrilling situation feels really good after all]
Kantarou is lifting Kerebryl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s just by using two fingers alone. He seems to be trying to enjoy the pleasant sensation from the b.r.e.a.s.t.s’ weight, or perhaps he was only using two fingers so that the whole thing would look more obscene. It might be possible because Kerebryl’s big b.r.e.a.s.t.s looked like its being presented toward me at the other side of the screen.
A moan filled with embarra.s.sment leaked from Kerebryl’s lips. She seems to understand exactly how she looks to the camera.
[I’m not……., Nh, thrilled, or something like that……]
Kerebryl is making a reb.u.t.tal, however her voice sounds weaker compared to normal.
[By the way, Kerebryl-chan. It seems there’s someone staying at the room next door]
Kantarou’s L-shaped fingers rose up to the mountain of b.r.e.a.s.t.s. As the fingers is digging into the b.r.e.a.s.t.s, the lump of soft meat looked as if it gets caught between the intersections of the fingers and stopped the hand in its track.
[Nnh……, Eh……?]
Kantarou’s thumbs and index fingers then moved toward the cute swollen nipples and squeezed it between the bellies of the fingers. The sudden stimulation made Kerebryl closes both her eyes as she moaned, but there’s also a hint of surprise in her face that was turned to the side. It seems like she was trying to respond to Kantarou’s words before this.
[Next door……? Nh, N……]
When she said next door, Kerebryl definitely talked about the room next to this one.
In the meantime, Kantarou’s fingers also moved and pulled Kerebryl’s sakura colored nipples upward. It made Kerebryl’s whole b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were really elastic changed its shape like it’s growing upward toward the pointed nipples.
[Yup. I’m sure they were on leave before this and just came back right now]
Kantarou took his hands off the b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and the soft meat that was pulled into elongated shape then bounced and returned into its round fruit-like shape while letting out some jiggles.
After that, Kantarou used both of his hands to grasp Kerebryl’s slender waist like he’s trying to secure it firmly.
Kerebryl let out a small cry, it seems she was a little surprised by that.
[Alright Kerebryl-chan, let’s continue the recording shall we]
[Eh……? We’re continuing……the recording……?]
When she heard Kantarou’s words, Kerebryl responded back with an astonished voice like she can’t believe what she just heard. It seems Kantarou just told her that they’re going to continue the recording, and that surprised Kerebryl more compared to before this.
[The real deal for today’s recording is going to start now]
[The real deal……, Ah-……? A, aa……]
Kantarou slowly lifted Kerebryl’s waist. His c.o.c.k is slipping out from Kerebryl’s place down there while the folds are rubbing against the shaft which has blood vessel emerging on the surface of the skin. Their movement stopped when the glans of his c.o.c.k is peeking out from the opening that looked as if it’s constricting around the wide glans neck.
Kerebryl’s waist then was lowered down all at once. Kantarou’s c.o.c.k could be seen entering deep inside Kerebryl’s place down there, and the shock of their bodies. .h.i.tting against each other is creating a strong ripple in the surface of her a.s.s and thighs. The glans of the c.o.c.k also seems to have rubbed against the entrance of Kerebryl’s uterus mouth, and she’s letting out a loud moan with a sweet tone behind her voice.
[What are, you doing……, Nh……, The wall of this hotel, is thin……, my voice, will be heard……]
Kerebryl is shaking her head like she was refusing something. It seems she was worried that her moaning voice could be heard from the next room, however Kantarou doesn’t seem to care about it in the slightest, he keeps moving both of his hands and pulled Kerebryl’s waist up and down. Kantarou’s c.o.c.k can also be seen appearing and disappearing below Kerebryl’s a.s.s that was moved forcibly.
[Don’t worry Kerebryl-chan]
Kantarou was saying something with a carefree tone while lifting Kerebryl’s waist again greatly. The thick shaft of his c.o.c.k that appeared from Kerebryl’s place down there is reflecting light because its surface is covered by plenty of viscous love juices.
Once again, Kerebryl’s waist was lowered down in a single stroke. The tip of Kantarou’s glans is rubbing against the entrance of Kerebryl’s uterus mouth strongly, and it seems to bring a large amount of pleasure to Kerebryl and made her moaned with loud voice.
[Ah……, A……, AAaa……, Ahn……..]
Kantarou’s two hands moved in swaying motion, but his c.o.c.k never moved from its position. The only one that moved is Kerebryl where the crack in her place down there is sliding up and down along the shaft of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k, and the movement of her body is making her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s bouncing and jiggling around. From my point of view, it looked as if Kantarou is using Kerebryl’s place down there like an onahole for his c.o.c.k.
[A, AaaNh……, Noo……, my voice, It’s going to came out……]
Kerebryl cannot hold back her moans from leaking out and shook his head to the left and right greatly. It seems her whole body has turned sensitive and the pleasure from her place down there is overwhelming her sense.
[They keep cras.h.i.+ng against the wall earlier right? I’m sure that person is drunk]
Kantarou said that with a carefree tone.
[Nha, Aa……, That, Nn……, might be so……]
While answering Kantarou, Kerberyl is looking to her left, at the room next door, with a worried gaze.
[A……, Aah……, Ah, Unh……, Anh……, A, Aa……, Aahn……]
Kantarou continues to lift Kerebryl’s waist and slammed it against his crotch nonstop. The ­-pan- -pan- sounds of bodies. .h.i.tting against each other is echoing inside the room, followed by the sight of ripples forming across the soft meat in Kerebryl’s skin. High-pitched nasal voice also keeps coming from Kerebryl as the glans of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k is prying open the wall while also rubbing it at the same time. The mixture of love juices and s.e.m.e.n between the gap in her place down there also ensured that all of their movement resulted in great pleasure for both of them, and the surface of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k can be seen covered with those sticky, cloudy liquid whenever it appeared from the crack.
[Kerebryl-chan, don’t you like this kind of stuff? The possibility that your voice might be heard by someone is thrilling right?]
[Aa, Ah……, I don’t know……, Nn, This kind of thrill, I’m……]
Kerebryl claimed that she doesn’t know, but there’s no doubt that she was excited by the situation. Her long slit eyes are moist, and the expression in her face had turned into a mushy one from all the pleasure. On top of that, Kerebryl seems to had moved her waist on her own in accordance to the movement of Kantarou’s hand at one point. Her waist can be seen moving with a stronger force and is also with smoother motion compared to before.
[Also, the person next door sounds to be pretty drunk to me. Why not just let your lewd voice out Kerebryl-chan?]
[N, Aah……, My, voice……? nHa, Nh……]
While letting out sweet sounding moans, Kerebryl’s purple eyes turned to the left side. The gaze coming out from those eyes is different from the anxious gaze from before, her gaze this time is better described like a sticky and enthralled gaze. It looks as if Kerebryl is sending a flirtatious gaze at the room next door and that she was throbbing for something.
[Kerebryl-chan voice is loud after all. They might start masturbating after they heard your voice]
[Ha, AaaNh……, No……, are they, listening……?]
When she heard Kantarou’s words, Kerebryl turned her line of sight to the left once again. Her throbbing expression seemed like she was wondering whether her moans was heard by people next door or not.
[Aah……, Nh, Aah……, AhHaah……, Nnh……]
Kerebryl doesn’t even try to hold her voice back anymore. The fact that the wall of this hotel is thin also has become a useful addition to her circ.u.mstances right now. Even thought she understands that it was something that she shouldn’t do, the possibility that her voice could be heard by the people next room seems to incite a thrill that excites Kerebryl even further.
[You know, if the people next door came here, you’ll be able to show them our recording session Kerebryl-chan]
[Anh, No……, that would be bad……, Nnh, it’s, embarra.s.sing……]
Kerebryl is looking at something far away with her eyes directed toward the upper side of the screen. Perhaps she was staring at the door at the entrance of the room while thinking ‘What if someone suddenly comes in?’
[N, Nn……, If they, NhAah……, see all this……, Aah, Aahn……]
There’s a camera installed in front of the bed that served as a proof that the two of them are recording an erotic video, and that fact is exciting Kerebryl even further.
[Kerebryl-chan, do you know what kind of person is staying at the next room?]
[Nh, Aah……, Eh-……? Nn……, I don’t know……]
After hearing Kantarou’s question, Kerebryl swung her neck to the side widely. It seems Kantarou is asking something to her.
[Well, I guess you couldn’t have known. Shall I tell you then?]
[Ha, Aah……, Nnh……]
The crack in Kerebryl’s place down there that was spread open into an obscene shape is swallowing Kantarou’s c.o.c.k slowly this time. It slide little by little until the tip of the glans is b.u.mping and pus.h.i.+ng against the entrance of Kereryl’s uterus mouth.
[The truth is, the one staying next door is *beep*]
Kantarou is stopping all of his movement in that position and then talked about something.
At the very next moment, Kerebryl’s long slit eyes were opened really wide. She must have learned about who is staying in the room next door from Kantarou.

That day, I remember getting myself drunk and cras.h.i.+ng against the wall and door of the hotel for many times. There’s no doubt that the ident.i.ty of loud noises in the video earlier was me and Rachel from back then.
That d.a.m.n Kantarou sure is in control of his recording this time isn’t he. I would never even dreamed that the hotel we’re staying at is the place where he performed his recording, on top of that, he even did it in the room next door.
His video this time is only a prototype, so could it be that Kantarou was trying to experiment with his recording by doing it in various pattern?
For example, stuff like “This video was recorded in secret while the boyfriend is staying next door”, or “While he was away, I f.u.c.ked his girl and taught her many things while enjoying her reaction”.
Kantarou is very talented. There’s no doubt that stuff like that is very lewd, and it’s also quite ambitious for a project, but as a person involved in the whole thing, I had a complicated feeling about it.
Before I fell asleep back then, there’s a possibility that the voice I heard is the sound of Kerebryl’s moaning. When I think of it in hindsight like that, I can’t really accept it for granted somehow.

[That person…… is in the room next door……?]
Kerebryl said that with trembling voice while looking toward her left side. It wasn’t shown on the screen or the likes, but beyond her gaze, there’s supposed to be me and Rachel sleeping behind the thin wooden walls.
[That’s right]
Kantarou nodded while wearing carefree expression.
[No way……, N, Nnh……]
Kerebryl kept staring toward her left side. Perhaps she was thinking about all the dirty stuff that she just did, whether her moaning voice was heard by me or not, and maybe other various thing. Her finely shaped eyebrows can also be seen furrowing into a pained looking expression.
[Nh……, n……, A, Aaah……]
Her current situation seems to have made Kerebryl very excited. I could see it even from beyond the screen that strength is entering into the muscle in her slender thighs. It made her place down there contracting, and the wall ended up squeezing the c.o.c.k tightly like it’s trying to snuggle against it.
Kantarou let out a small cry. It seems Kerebryl’s place down there is tightened considerably, and the c.o.c.k that was enveloped by wall that is tender like a jelly is being squeezed from all side.
[I’m……, Nn….., Aaahn……!]
In the middle of her muttering, Kerebryl closed one of her eyes like she was trying to press her eyelid down. After that, her whole body twitched like she was convulsing, and the shaking is also getting bigger as time Perhaps the emotion of surprise had acted as trigger and brought Kerebryl into an unexpected climax.
[Whew……, Kerebryl-chan, did you came just now?]
Kantarou said something with a lively sounding voice.

Kerebryl didn’t respond back, however she turned her face that is flushed red downward.
[Yup yup, I understand Kerebryl-chan, I understand]
And in turn, Kantarou made a small nod for many times.

[Kerebryl-chan, why don’t you move yourself]
It seems Kantarou just said something unexpected, the expression of surprise is reflected on Kerebryl’s face that was turned toward him.
[It’s fine right? *beep* doesn’t know that we’re in the room next door after all]

Kantarou seems to be explaining something to Kerebryl, she was listening in silence while wearing a puzzled look on her face.
[You’re excited right, doing it secretly while *beep* is in next door? If you moved your waist yourself, it will feel like you’re betraying *beep*. I’m sure it’s going to make you feel really good]

Kantarou continues to talk about something. Kerebrll remained silent, however her long pointy ears can be seen letting out a twitch.
[Kerebryl-chan, come on]

Prompted by Kantarou’s voice, Kerebryl turned her gaze toward my direction slowly.

Kerebryl looks like she was lost in thought. Her adorable and finely shaped lips can be seen moving like she was trying to mumble something.
[N……, A, aa……]
After that, Kerebryl put more strength into her legs and slowly raises her a.s.s up. Kantarou’s c.o.c.k start to slide out from her place down there, and Kerebryl leaked an unbearable sounding moan at the same time.The unusual situation is keeping Kerebryl in excitement, and her place down there is remaining in its tight condition just like before. It seems her wall is rubbing against Kantarou’s c.o.c.k even more compared to before and created stronger pleasure too.
[NNnnh……, Nn……]
The glans of Kantarou c.o.c.k looked like it’s going to came out from the folds that were spread open obscenely, but Kerebryl stopped moving at that moment and begun to lower her a.s.s back down again.The insertion of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k also seems to result in more pleasure to Kerebryl compared to before. The swelled circular glans wasprying apart the wall as it penetrates deep inside her, but the tender and soft meat immediately closing back again and enveloped the shaft of the c.o.c.k tightly while bringing great pleasure to both party as the mucous membrane are rubbing against each other.
[Ha, Ahn……, N, Aah……]
Kerebryl start to move her waist on top of Kantarou while knowing that I was situated in the room next to her. It was a s.e.x act where only the girl is moving, but just that alone is still enough to make this sight very obscene.
[Kerebryl-chan, you should explain it to the camera. Describe it in detail for the people on the other side of the screen]
[N, Aah……, Eh……? Nh, What do you meant…..? Nn……]
It seems Kantarou is giving another instruction again. Kerebryl responded back to him with a confused expression on her face, but during the time she responded, she never stopped the movement of her waist. The moment when Kantarou's c.o.c.k is pulled out from her place down there seems to be particularly pleasant for Kerebryl, her back was raised slowly during that moment like she was trying to make the wide glans neck rubbing against the wall even longer, and her movement is also giving off impression that she was trying to show off her s.e.x act with him.
[Your situation right now. How about explaining it in detail?]
After making a small nod to Kantarou's words, Kerebryl stared at my direction with her eyes narrowed and her lips curved into a smile. From my point of view, that face of Kerebryl looks like a mixture of apologetic feeling combined with expression of arousal.
[Hey……, can you hear me……?]
With her eyes still narrowing down in embarra.s.sment, Kerebry opened her lips and talk slowly.
[Nn……, Right now, in a room next to my boyfriend……, Aah……, I'm currently, recording a p.o.r.n video……]
Kerebryl is describing her situation like she was speaking to someone else.
[That person……, Nnh……, doesn't know that I'm in here……, NhAahn, and is currently……, shaking my waist……]
Kerebryl continues to explain her current obscene situation with her cheeks flus.h.i.+ng red. She also seems to get turned on by the dirty words that she said herself.
[My voice……, AaNh……, Aah, might be overheard from here……]
Kerebryl's purple eyes moved slowly toward the room next door as she said that, and the gaze coming from those beautiful eyes looks really sensual and dirty.
[That might happen, but I thought you like this kind of thing Kerebryl-chan?]
[Yes……, Nnh, this kind of s.e.x……, AaHn, I don’t, dislike it……]
Kerebryl made a single small nod and continues with a lewd confession, and her waist also never stopped moving obscenely during the whole time she was talking.
[Are you excited because it feels like you’re cheating for real?]
[N, Nnh……, That’s right……, it feels, like I’m cheating, NhAah……, This kind of immoral s.e.x……, Nnh, I really like it……]
it seems Kerebryl had come to like the situation she’s in right now. A mischievous smile is floating on her face, and the movement of her waist has become more aggressive compared to before.
[Yup yup, that’s great. I’m sure he’s been masturbating furiously to this extremely lewd Kerebryl-chan]
While he was speaking, Kantarou used both of his hands to grab the area around Kerebryl’s pelvis.
[N, AaNh……, Nn, Ufuu……, Do you think so……?]
Kerebryl smiled bashfuflly and muttered with small voice.
[Nh, A, Aahn……]
Kantarou also started to move his c.o.c.k from below. Every time his waist is thrusts upward, the bed below him is shaking while making creaking -gin- -gin- sounds.
[Kerebryl-chan, take out your tongue]
After saying something, Kantarou raised his face and extended his tongue out.
Kerebryl then turned her face to the side and opened her mouth in respond to Kantarou.
Her small tongue then is stretched toward Kantarou’s direction.
[N, nn……]
The front sides of those two’s tongues touched each other, and both of their faces then are getting closer slowly.
Their lips then overlap.
[N, Nnh……, N, Nh……]
Their mouths moved, something also seems to be moving under Kantarou’s cheeks.
I’m surprised. My chest feels like it’s hurting too. It seems Kerebryl is entangling her tongues inside Kantarou’s mouth.
[N, -chuu-……, N, n……, -chu-……]
I wonder, why is it so erotic to kiss while you’re having s.e.x?
Even when the one doing the kissing is Kerebryl and Kantarou, that statement still holds true nonetheless.
[Nh, -chuu-……, -chup……]
When those two’s half opened lips parted for a moment, I could saw Kerebryl’s tongue moving to rub the upper side of Kantarou’s mouth. That was a way of kissing that Kerebryl always makes sure to do whenever she kissed with me.
I can’t describe the pain inside my chest as slightly hurting this time.

-jyuppu- -jyuppu-……
[Alright Kerebryl-chan, next is for you to squeal with a lewd face while saying m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e a lot, okay?]
[Eh……? Nh……, AaaNh……]
It seems Kantarou just said something perverted again. Kerebryl looked like she wants to confirm what she just heard, however moans immediately escaped her mouth after that because Kantarou is thrusting his c.o.c.k from below strongly.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-……
[Kerebryl-chan's sensitive spot, it's here right?]
[N, AaNh……, Y-, Yes……, that spot, Anh, Aah……, It feels good there……, AaNh, A, Aa…..]
Kantarou had s.e.x with Kerebryl once in the past, and it seems he remembered her sensitive spot from back then. When Kerebryl answered him, she also's making some nods with her head.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-……
[Nh, HaaNh……, Aah, It's, so deep……, Nh, No……, NhAah, AaNh……]
Kantarou is making the tip of his glans rubbing persistently against the wall in the inner area persistently. That spot is where Kerebryl would feel it the most, and it's also supposed to be a place that only known by me.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-……
[N, AaNh……, More……, thrust it, deeper……, Nh, HaaNh….., Ah, aNh……]
Kerebryl is also moving together with Kantarou. Her wall that is narrowing tightly from all the excitement is sticking perfectly on the surface of Kantarou's c.o.c.k, and when the two things are rubbing against each other, it creates a big pleasure for both of them.
The way Kerebryl is shaking her waist made it look like her body is seeking for Kantarou's c.o.c.k, and both of them are keeping their vigorous movement steady in pursuit of climax while sweet moans kept leaking from Kerebryl lips.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu- -jyuppu-……
[Nh, HaaNh, Nnh……, c.u.m……, Aah, Nha, AaNh……, c.u.mming, c.u.mmingg……!]
Kantarou's glans is pounding the entrance of Kerebryl's uterus mouth repeatedly, and every time it did, Kerebryl's body is also letting out a huge twitch. From the way her eyes looks disoriented, it seems the wave of pleasure is very overwhelming for Kerebryl.
-jyuppu- -jyuppu-……
Kantarou let out a small groan and pushed his c.o.c.k into Kerebryl's place down there all the way up to its base. It seems he's going to continue as it is and let out his s.e.m.e.n into Kerebryl's uterus mouth.
[Nh, Ah……, NhAAaahn……!]
-bikun- -bikubiku- -bikun-……
Kerebryl's body arched to the back greatly while trembling. It seems she reached her climax at the same time her uterus mouth is bathed in s.e.m.e.n that was shot out from Kantarou's e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.
[Aa……, a……]
Kerebryl's adorable face is flipped to the back, only her chin could be seen beyond the sight of two b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were trembling and jiggling around at the center of the screen.

Kantarou's c.o.c.k slumped out from Kerebryl's place down there, and s.e.m.e.n from the three e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.ns starts to drips down immediately afterward.
When I looked at it and recalled how those s.e.m.e.n had pa.s.sed through Kerebryl's womb, I can feel my chest start to hurts once again.

[That was amazing Kerebryl-chan]
Kantarou said that with a satisfied tone behind his voice.
[We've took all of my planned videos with this now]
[Is it over……?]
Kerebryl asked that with a restless tone like she was confirming something. It seems the recording of the adult video is over with this.
[Yup, it felt really good for me too, and I was able to capture Kerebryl-chan's erotic figure perfectly]
[Is that so……]
Kerebryl answered with small voice like she was murmuring, and her cheeks also looks like its turning redder.
She then raised her body up with slow motion. It seems she can't move her body really well because of the intense climax she just had.
[Kerebryl-chan, wait]
When Kerebryl tried to get off from the bed, Kantarou stopped her with his voice.
[We're going to record the bonus movie]
[Bonus movie……?]
With her head tilted to the side, Kerebryl muttered disturbing words confusedly. It seems that d.a.m.n Kantarou still have something that he wants to do.

The image on the screen switched off and on for a moment. The image right now looks to be taken from a bit further to the back compared to before, and it's showing Kerebryl's delicate back at the center of the screen.

Kerebryl is kneeling on top of the bed with her thighs opened to the left and right to straddle over Kantarou's lower body. Below the position of her a.s.s, Kantarou's c.o.c.k can be seen standing in full erect facing upward.
[Kerebryl-chan, it's ready. You can insert it now]

When she heard Kantarou's words, Kerebryl looked backward toward my direction.

Huh? I can hear what's Kantarou's saying suddenly, I wonder why?

[It's fine now……?]
While looking at my direction, Kerebryl spoke like she was asking for confirmation.
[Yup. Kerebryl-chan's lewd p.u.s.s.y is showing properly now]
[N, Ufu-……]
The edge of Kerebryl's lips are pulled and she laughed like she made a snort after she heard Kantarou's graphic words. It seems she unintentionally laughed because Kantarou was saying such embarra.s.sing words so nonchalantly.

I wonder if the reason why I can hear Kantarou's voice is because this is only a bonus movie? Or could it be that this video is another experimentation of his? I wonder what that guy is thinking.

In any case, the only thing I can do is keeping my eyes out on the screen.

Kerebryl is bending her body forward and made her a.s.s protruding toward my direction. Her place down there is angled perpendicularly to my point of view, and the crack that was closed perfectly until it formed a vertical line is displayed in its fullness. Then from the gap of that beautiful line, the s.e.m.e.n that Kantarou let out could be seen forming a whitish droplet that is hanging down from her body.
Kerebryl’s a.s.s moved like its swaying. It’s still faced toward my direction, but its position rose up higher compared to before. When seen from behind like this, Kerebryl’s pubic mound looked so puffy and plump that any man who saw it will definitely want to shove their c.o.c.k between it because of how tempting it looked. When you actually entered inside, you will find yourself enveloped in sensation that is warm and soft, yet when it begun to treat the c.o.c.k inside, it would tighten itself around the whole thing in way that would bring you great pleasure. It’s a pleasant sensation that I have came to know really well.

From between the opened thighs, a small hand appeared from the direction of the stomach. It seems Kerebryl have turned her right hand and stretched it toward her place down there. Her long fingers moved to cover the crack, and the surface of her palm is pressedagainst her skin softly.
A s.e.xy sounding breath echoed, and the fingers in Kerebryl’s hand moved to the side. From the gap between her index and middle finger, the vertical line in her place down there appeared while being pulled to the sideways like a string being tugged. The line then is opened into a crack, and s.e.m.e.n that remained inside Kerebryl’s place down there is flowing out from the opening.

Kerebryl’s knees then bends and the position of her a.s.s slowly move downward. The size of Kerebryl’s a.s.s is on the small side, however it has enough meat inside it that developed like what one would expect from a girl and can be discerned with a glance. On top of that, because of how slender Kerebryl’s waist is, her a.s.s ended up looks bigger in comparison. Her waist is so small that her body looks like it might snap in two, so when that is combined with her a.s.s that is round and girlish, it formed an apparent body line that looks very irresistible.

The droplet of s.e.m.e.n that is hanging down from Kerebryl’s place down there while pulling a line of white thread is. .h.i.tting the tip of Kantarou’s glans that was positioned right below it. The droplet then flowed along the surface of the glans toward the direction of the glans neck at the same time the crack that was spread open in Kerebryl’s place down there is pressed against the tip of the glans in an attempt of swallowing it inside wholly.
The shaft of a c.o.c.k that has huge circ.u.mference is stretching the crack to the side evenly. Because I’m seeing it from the back, the sight of place where the two are connected isn’t shaped like reversed V letter, but a semi circle that is somewhat round instead.
It seems Kerebryl is trying to loosen the strength in her lower body as much as she can. The crack in her place down there is stretched even further, while the constricting pattern in her soft-looking hole in the a.s.s appeared like it’s spreading wider.
After the sound of gasping for breath with a sweet tone behind it echoed, the small a.s.s swung downward in one stroke. The sight of place where the two of them are joined within round semicircle shape also had moved from the previous position. Right now, that sight can be seen on the bottom side of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k’s shaft after it had swallowed everything else inside it.
[Nh……, My p.u.s.s.y, it’s completely stuffed now……]
Then while looking toward my direction, Kerebryl said that with her cheeks flushed red.

At this moment, Kantarou lifted his face upward. He is staring at my direction with a happy looking smile plastered all over his face, It seems he's feeling good from the sensation of Kerebryl's place down there.

This is really irritating somehow. Is he trying to make some kind of appeal at me by doing that? I do felt humiliated by it, and my mood is also getting worse as time

Then while still staring toward my direction, Kantarou is raising his left hand upward too. I wonder what's he trying to do? Because Kerebryl is looking toward my direction too, she doesn't seem to notice Kantarou's strange behavior.
Spontaneously, I pulled my pants upward while raising my a.s.s from the bed. Kantarou is waving his left hand up and down in cat-like manner as if he was trying to say 'come over here'.
I turned my face toward the door at the entrance of my room. I felt like flinging that door open and rushed toward the room next door while still dressed as it is.
However, this video is something that was recorded in the past. More specifically, it was taken during the day me and Rachel returned from that『 BAR 』all drunk.
Even if I go to the room next door right now, Kerebryl and Kantarou won't be in there anymore.

I sat back on the bed again while calming down my confused emotion. In the end, there's nothing else I can do besides watching this video quietly.

Kerebryl turned her face toward Kantarou and is staring at him curiously. Because Kantarou had been staying silent since a while ago, Kerebryl might be thinking that he's acting suspiciously.
[What's wrong……?]
[It's nothing Kerebryl-chan]
Kerebryl tried to confirm it with him, but Kantarou responded by obviously evading her question. His left hand is also already lowered to the bed by now.
[Rather than that, you should continue your talking Kerebryl-chan. For example, what are you doing right now?]
Kantarou is changing the topic forcibly by asking question that I don't know the purpose. You can tell what Kerebryl is doing just by looking at the screen alone.
Kerebryl responded with a somewhat annoyed tone.

She then twisted her upper body and looked backward toward my direction. Her eyes looked mysterious as if she's looking at what's on my side of the screen.
[This is……, embarra.s.sing……]
When I heard Kerebryl muttered those, I thought that something felt off. Kerebryl seems to be especially embarra.s.sed right now.
[Nh……, n……]
Kerebryl's waist started to move slowly. She isn't swinging her a.s.s like she usually do but is moving her waist back and forth instead like she was trying to make her lower body rubbing against something instead. It seems her intense s.e.x with Kantarou is leaving Kerebryl a little tired.
[Hey……, Nn……, what are, you doing right now……?]
Just like before, Kerebryl talked to me while looking toward my direction.
[Ufufu……, Are you, busy with your hands……?]
She then smiled mischievously and imitated the gesture of giving a handjob with her hand raised to the front of her face.
[I'm sure he had started to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e by now]
While he was speaking, Kantarou raised his right hand and put it on top of Kerebryl's a.s.s, at the same time, his left arm is also raised and encircled around Kerebryl's slender waist.
[Nh……, Ufu, You think so……?]
Kerebryl turned her face downward and responded to Kantarou while looking over him.
[Of course, no doubt about it]
Kantarou spoke with a very confident voice, and his right hand then moved toward the valley in Kerebryl's a.s.s.
Kerebryl let out a small cry and stopped moving her body. Kantarou's right middle finger is touching the hole in Kerebryl's a.s.s right now.
[Kerebryl-chan, your a.s.s sure is loose isn't it]
[Nha……, A, Ah……]
Kantarou grasped his right hand into a fist while leaving only the middle finger sticking out. He then inserted the tip of that middle finger into the hole in Kerebryl's a.s.s.
[Mou……, Don't suddenly do-……, A, AaNh……]
[My bad Kerebryl-chan, but you like a.n.a.l don't you?]
Kerebryl protested, but she didn't manage to say her words until the end. Meanwhile, Kantarou who apologized without the slightest hint of regret behind his voice continues to shove his middle finger in the hole of Kerebryl's a.s.s while moving it like he's gouging something.
[When I pushed my finger into your a.s.s like this, your p.u.s.s.y is squeezing me really tight Kerebryl-chan]
[Ah……, Aaa……, n……]
Kantarou is saying that happily while pus.h.i.+ng his middle finger even deeper. Just as Kantarou said, Kerebryl's place down there seems to be constricting around the c.o.c.k inside tightly. When the place where they're connected is seen from behind like this, the folds in Kerebyl's place down there looked like it's digging into the surface of Kantarou's c.o.c.k shaft while trying to suck it deeper inside. Meanwhile, the hole in Kerebryl's a.s.s is also acting the same, except it was constricting around the middle finger of Kantarou's right hand.
[Kerebryl-chan, do you like double penetration?]
[Nn, Nh……, I, like it, But……]
Kantarou asked Kerebryl more question while moving his hand persistently and vigorously. Then while enduring the sensation of the hole in her a.s.s being teased, Kerebryl answered while sounding really embarra.s.sed about it and with her face turning red.
[Yup yup, I'm sure you do. I'm going to make you feel even better now okay]
[Ah, A, nH……]
Kantarou said so and begin moving his right middle finger. A small ­-chupu- -chupu- sounds can be heard every time his finger is going back and forth in small steps inside the hole in Kerebryl's a.s.s.
[I wish I could do it too with Yuelchan……]
[Nh……, Yuela is lewd, so……]
Kantarou spoke with a dejected face. He seems to really regret not being able to do Yuela in both of her holes.

Kerebryl then looked toward my direction. Her long slit eyes is narrowing like she was thinking of doing something mischievous.
[Ufufu……, What are you doing, right now……?]
She performed the gesture of giving a handjob again with her hand raised high. Her hand that is lightly gripped is moving back and forth in front of her mouth, but unlike before, her adorable tongue is now extended out and moved up and down like it was trying to lick something. From my point of view, Kerebryl looked like she's imitating the act of giving a b.l.o.w.j.o.b.

I felt a strange sense of incongruity. There's something wrong with the action and the words of those two until now.

To be precise, I didn't start feeling strange just right now. I'm feeling a sense of discomfort that keeps growing stronger as time, and the reason for that is the message from Kerebryl. Her message is delivered quite straightforwardly, however there was a time when her message felt a bit off.
[Kerebryl-chan, let's kiss]
After Kantarou's voice called out to her, Kerebryl's small head descended downward slowly.
Her face eventually disappeared behind the sight of her delicate back, and what's visible afterward is only her silver hair on the back.
[N……, -chu-……]
I couldn't see it because it was hidden by her back, but Kerebryl seems to be kissing with Kantarou right now.
[-chu-, -chuu-……, -chup……, -churu-……]
Her shoulder blades can be seen moving slighty, and her silver hair beside it also swayed with smooth motion. The back of Kerebryl's head then moved like its being shaken on the place repeatedly. It seems her lips might be touching against Kantarou's lips for many times.
[Nh……, N, nh……, -rero-……]
Kerebryl's movements then become more subdued compared to before. It seems the two of them might have entangled their tongues against each other inside their mouth at one point.

I think I just heard a clicking place from a place beyond what's reflected on the screen.
My heart felt like it's going to jump out from my mouth. From the corner of the screen, an unknown old man has appeared abruptly.
In my confusion, I nearly rushed out toward the room next door while thinking that I need to do something about that ojii-san, or maybe killing him straight up.
However I proceed to put down my waist on top of the bed again. After all, this movie is something that was recorded in the past.

Even if I went to the room next door right now, I won't find anyone else in there.
The video showing on the screen right now is something that happened in the past, an event that had already pa.s.sed……

For some reason, the ojii-san begun to took his clothes off immediately. He undressed his jersey that has bland design and then dropped it on top of the floor quietly. His back that is bare and flabby now can be seen on the screen clearly.

His belt then is unfastened quietly too, and the loosened trouser which color has already faded away immediately start to fall down. An unpleasant premonition is spreading all over my heart,
this Ojii-san isn’t wearing any underwear.

I started thinking to myself. Could it be that the hand gesture that Kantarou did earlier is him calling out to this ojii-san?

If that was really the case, then this ojii-san must be watching the recording of the movie in real time from somewhere else. And then after Kantarou gave his hand signal, this ojii-san followed it and came into the room sneakily.
[-chu-, -rero-……, –rerorero-……]
Kerebryl is completely unaware of the ojii-san’s presence.
[-chu-, -chu-……, N, n……? -chup……]
Kantarou then stretched both of his hand further and grasped Kerebryl’s a.s.s. It seems Kerebryl was slightly concerned by it, but she keeps continuing the kiss that seems to be very pleasant for her.
[-chuu-……, -churu-, -chu-……]
With the ten fingers pointed toward the valley, Kantarou’s palm spread the mound on Kerebryl’s a.s.s to the side. The hole in her small a.s.s is also pulled together with the mount of soft meat, and the wrinkles around it looked like its being stretched to the side.

I feel like I had understood everything now.
The reason behind Kerebryl’s unusual embarra.s.sment at the beginning of the video.
The strange feeling of incongruity that kept growing by how Kerebryl voiced her words.
That was because Kerebryl didn’t just spoke to me alone.
She’s also showing her s.e.x with Kantarou to another man, and the provocative words that she said is also addressed to him too.
When I realized this, the meaning behind everything I’ve seen so far had suddenly become totally different.

The ojii-san who has become fully naked is approaching the bed closer while killing the sound of his foosteps.
In the middle of his way, the ojii-san stopped and turned his face to the sideway slightly. There’s a small, happy smile reflected on the visage of his sideway facing face.

After that, he opened his Item Window and took out a small gla.s.s bottle from it.
He tilted the small gla.s.s bottle to the side and dripped some liquid which is the content of the bottle. The dripped liquid can be seen sprinkled all over his c.o.c.k which is in full erect state.
Huh……? This ojii-san, isn’t he’s the one at the counter of this hotel……?
I never remembered the face of people that I’m not interested in, but there’s no way I won’t recognize the face of this ojii-san. After all, I just met him in person a little while ago.
I see……

If this ojii-san cooperated with Kantarou, lots of thing can be explained easily.
The room next to us will be able to be used by Kantarou, while he himself could watch the live recording of the video from another room close by. After Kantarou gave his signal, he will also be able to invade the locked room easily.

How did Kantarou managed to persuade Kerebryl I wonder? Did he said stuff like it will be more exciting if another people is going to watch too? Or did he said that I’m going to like stuff like this?

I smiled thinly.
d.a.m.n you Kantarou. You sure had this recording under your control don’t you?
I decided. I will make sure to thank you properly the next time we met.

the ojii-san put his feet on top of the bed gently. The bed creaked and sunk a little after receiving his weight.
Kerebryl seems to had sensed that something felt wrong. She stopped kissing Kantarou and raised her small head up. Ojii-san then took a step forward quickly, his legs is opened like he’s going to straddle over Kerebryl’s a.s.s.
Ojii-san used both of his hands to grasp Kerebryl’s slender waist. Kerebryl let out a small cry and her body jolted a little. She thought that there’s no one else in the place, so it’s no wonder that she was surprised.
[You-……? W-, why are you……?]
Kerebryl turned her face around and stared with surprised expression and eyes opened wide. As expected, Kerebryl had no idea that this ojii-san is intruding the room.

Ojii-san doesn’t answer. He bent his knees and lowered his body like he’s going to squat, and the tip of his c.o.c.k is brought near the hole in Kerebryl’s a.s.s as the result.
My gaze is fixated on the Window. Even without seeing it my own, I know that my eyes are spread wide open.
I’m gritting my teeth. I have let my girlfriends sleep with many numbers of man, but this is the first time this kind of stuff happened without me being able to intervene with it in any way at all.
Up until now, all of the men had been an opponent that was allowed by me, and if I really want to, I could stop them at anytime by using force on my own. If I was offended, it was a simple matter of pulling my gun out.

However, the only thing I can do right now is just watching this video only.
I never expected that watching without being able to do anything could be this much irritating.
The tip of the ojii-san’s c.o.c.k touched the hole in Kerebryl’s a.s.s. The sudden stimulus made Kerebryl twisted her a.s.s in reflect, and the glans of the c.o.c.k immediately slipped away from the hole in the a.s.s. As a result, transparent threads made of the sticky-looking lotion were drawn between the surface of the glans and the hole.
Ojii-san positioned his c.o.c.k carefully and pushed it forward one more time. Because she is being grabbed by Kantarou, Kerebryl can’t seem to move her body around by much.
The tip of c.o.c.k touched the hole that were spread to the side until the wrinkle around it looked like it’s being stretched to the side, and then the tip looked as if it was being sucked to the inside.
Kerebryl twisted her back and pushed the ojii-san on his chest with one hand, however he seems unaffected by it and keeps lowering his body slowly.
It took a long time before the hole in Kerebryl’s a.s.s finally swallowed the whole glans. Because Kantarou’s c.o.c.k is currently inserted in her place down there, the r.e.c.t.u.m where the ojii-san is inserting his c.o.c.k must be cramped and tighter than normal.
With the lotion acting as lubricant, ojii-san’s c.o.c.k keep pus.h.i.+ng its way forward until it finally is inserted all the way to its base.

Whirling -jii- sounds echoed, and the image on the screen is growing larger steadily. It seems Kantarou intend to make the place where the three of them connected reflected bigger.
In the middle of the screen, Kerebryl’s cafe au lait colored a.s.s is reflected while being caught between two men. Her place down there and the hole in her a.s.s were spread open exquisitely, and the place where it’s connected with a c.o.c.k looked like it’s being expanded into a circle shape.

Frustration and emotion that is similar to feeling of loss are spreading in my heart.
Looking at it made me thought ‘Aah, Kerebryl has been f.u.c.ked by that Ojii-san’, together with impression that she had been robbed from me.
However [Likes NTR] is really troublesome. Even when I’m frustrated, sad, and irritated like this, my c.o.c.k is standing in its full erect shape while throbbing.
[Nha, A……, Nh……]
The screen switch off and on for a moment. It’s now reflecting the bed obliquely from behind with an angle that allowed the movement of those three to be seen well. It seems this image is taken from the other camera.
[N, n……]
Also, the image of the place where those three are connected and is seen from behind while being zoomed in had become a small window that was positioned on the lower right corner of the screen.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Kerebryl-chan, this kind of stuff is interesting too right?]
While grabbing Kerebryl’s a.s.s, Kantarou used the spring inside the bed to propel his waist up from below.  Then while repeating his action as it is, he asked that to Kerebryl while wearing a happy looking on his face.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Aa……, Nh, This isn’t, interesting in the……, AaNh….., n, AaHn……]
Inside the small window on lower right corner, I could see how two c.o.c.ks are entering Kerebryl’s place down there and the hole in her a.s.s alternately.
The ojii-san is straddling Kerebryl with his legs opened wide and nearly covered all of her a.s.s, but his knees are bent and kept in the position with the only thing moving is just his waist alone. For that reason, the sight of two c.o.c.ks moving back and forth is able to be displayed in its fullness.
In comparison, Kerebryl’s small a.s.s is hardly moving. It can only trembles in its place as it accepted the impact brought by Kantarou and ojii-san’s waist, and because the pounding are coming in alternately, the small yet soft a.s.s are shaking most of the time.
It’s really a wonder how that small a.s.s, or rather, the inside of that small stomach is able to receive two big c.o.c.k like that so well.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
pN, HaAnh……, A, Aa, Nn……, Why……, A, Nhh……, wasn’t it, only watching……, N, Aaah……]
The voice of Kerebryl’s protest is mixed with her sweet sounding moans. Strength already escaped from her slender arms, and her upper body collapsed on top of Kantarou’s body powerlessly.
The b.r.e.a.s.t.s that are big like a melon are pressed against Kantarou’s chest, and the soft meat is overflowing toward the side.
I strongly believe that Kerebryl doesn’t want to feel pleasured by this, but the expression on her face had turned into a mushy one. Her mind might be saying no to this, but her body that had went through lot of thing in the recording until now seems to had turned far too sensitive for her.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[N, HaAnh……, No, my ear……, A, Aah……, don’t breathe in it……, Nh, AaHn……]
Ojii-san grasped Kerebryl’s shoulder and covered her upper body with his. He seems to be giving his all to swing his waist back and forth, and the breaths that he let out are blowing on Kerebryl’s ear. Her ears that are long and pointy is twitching up and down like its trembling from receiving the air.
Kerebryl’s upper body is caught between the two men, you can say that she is completely sandwiched by them. Her face are turned toward my direction on the side, and tears of pleasure are floating on her long slit eyes.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[I tried calling out to him earlier. I didn’t expect that he would really come. It can’t be helped I guess, Kerebryl-chan is too erotic after all]
[N……, NhAh, Aa……, No way……, A, AaNh……, you’re……, N, AaNh……]
Kantarou said some selfish thing while keep thrusting his c.o.c.k in and out of Kerebryl’s place down there. Because ojii-san’s c.o.c.k is pus.h.i.+ng it from the r.e.c.t.u.m side, her place down there seems to had turned really cramped and is squeezing Kantarou’s c.o.c.k tightly. The surface of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k is also rubbing against the wall even stronger, and the pleasure that Kerebryl received had turned bigger as the result.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[-rero-……, -reroo-……]
[Nha……, n, Aah….., Don’t……, lick it, Nh, Aah, no……, A, Aahn……]
Kerebryl has droplets of sweat forming all over her body. The ojii-san doesn’t seem to have any intention of opening his mouth, but he licked the sweat floating on Kerebryl’s neck with his tongue carefully. The pleasure seems to be unbearable for Kerebryl, and her delicate shoulders twitched like it’s trembling.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[A, AaNh……, N, Haah, Nnh……, It’s, too strong……, HaAnh, N, Nn, Nhh……]
Because the pleasure seems to be too overwhelming, Kerebryl raised her a.s.s in an attempt of escaping it, however Kantarou then is grasping her a.s.s in place, while the ojii-san kept thrusting his c.o.c.k from behind steadily.
Her r.e.c.t.u.m also seems to end up the same with her place down there. The narrowing intestinal wall that is soft and tender is tightening around the c.o.c.k inside like it was trying to squeeze it.
When that c.o.c.k is pulled out from her r.e.c.t.u.m, the feeling that is similar to when one is doing excretion is bringing another kind of pleasure to Kerebryl.
As the multiple kind of pleasure is enveloping her, Kerebryl sounded like she was moaning even when she was gasping for her breath.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Nh……, HaAnh……, A, Aah……, Nh, AaHn……]
Kerebryl’s thighs and also the surrounding of her pubic mound are drenched with sweat, while her place down there is overflowing with love juices. It looked really obscene when that sweat formed from this dirty activity is flowing down to Kerebryl’s stomach.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Nhah……, Aa….., n, Nh……? N, -chuu-……, Nh……, -chuu-……]
The ojii-san brought one of his hand to Kerebryl’s chin and then lifted her lovely face upward slowly. After her face is turned to the side, the ojii-san without a moment of delay covered Kerebryl’s lips that were half opened because it was letting out moans with his lips.
Aah, even Kerebryl’s lips are robbed by this ojii-san.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[N, -chuu-……, -rero-, -rerorero-……, n, nh……]
Kerebryl furrowed her eyebrows, yet she still accepted the ojii-san’s tongue. Their pressed lips parted their way after a moment, but in the meantime their two tongues are entangled against each other from between their opened mouth.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Kerebryl-chan, me too]
[N, n……? A……, Nh, -chuu-……]
After Kantarou spoke out, the ojii-san released his hand which was attached to Kerebryl’s jaw. Kantarou then brought one of his hand out to Kerebryl’s hand and pulled her face toward his direction. Kerebryl’s sakura colored lips that remained open then overlapped with Kantarou’s half opened lips.
Kerebryl is being continuously kissed while being sandwiched by two men. The kiss wasn’t one that was filled with affection, but a kiss that was performed for the sake of bringing more pleasure and excitement from the s.e.x.
When one is mentioning being f.u.c.ked by two men, surely there’s no more fitting thing than what’s currently happening in the screen right now.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Nnh……, N, Nh……, Nnnh……]
Kantarou’s jaw is moving greatly as his tongue is having its way all over the inside Kerebryl’s mouth.
At the same time, he and the ojii-san is working together to commit the holes in Kerebryl’s lower body. The two c.o.c.k is pulling in and out alternately so that the wall of meat inside Kerebryl’s place down there and her r.e.c.t.u.m would be pus.h.i.+ng against the two of them respectively.
Since Kerebryl’s mouth is blocked by Kantarou’s lips, she can only swing her head to the left and right like she was trying to refuse something.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Nnh……, -puh……, Aanh, N, Aa……, nh……, nhAh, AaaNh……]
Perhaps Kantarou is satisfied already, he moved his hand away from Kerebryl’s head and also released her from the kisses. Then at the next moment, as if a fire has been lit inside her body, Kerebryl let out her moans again with high pitched voice.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Nh, HaaNh……, Anh, My inside……, is being rubbed……, NhAah, AaNh……]
Kantarou is pus.h.i.+ng the wall of the r.e.c.t.u.m with his c.o.c.k from the direction of Kerebryl’s place down there, the ojii-san is pus.h.i.+ng the wall from the direction of the r.e.c.t.u.m. Both of them is continuing with their thrusting as if they’re trying to make the area around their glans to kept being rubbed non-stop.
Kerebryl seems to be able to feel what they’re trying to do, and her loud moans are echoing inside the room. Inside her body, the rubbing from the two different c.o.c.ks must be felt together by her, and as the wall of meat between her place down there and the r.e.c.t.u.m is rubbing the two c.o.c.ks back, a unified feeling of pleasure was produced between the three of them.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[N, AaNh……, N, Aah……, Noo…… , AaaNh……]
The ojii-san grasped Kerebryl’s lower arms with two hands respectively, and then he raised Kerebry’s upper body to its previous pose. After Kerebryl’s body is lifted, the ojii-san resumed thrusting his c.o.c.k into the hole in her a.s.s once again. It seems he is trying to enjoy the feeling of having a.n.a.l s.e.x with Kerebryl to the utmost, and it caused the feeling of frustration to spread inside my heart. Meanwhile, Kerebryl’s whose two arms were pulled to the back had her upper body warped and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s stretched together with it. In front of Kantarou’s face, the b.r.e.a.s.t.s that is big like a melon is jiggling and swaying back and forth because of the impact coming from the back.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Kerebryl-chan, your face looks really lewd right now. You must really like being double penetrated]
[Nhaa, Aa……, That’s right, AaNh……, I really like….., N, Aah, doing it,  in my p.u.s.s.y and a.s.s……, N, AaaHh……]
Kantarou grabbed the swaying b.r.e.a.s.t.s in front of his face with two hands, and then he asked that while squeezing his hand strongly. At that moment, Kerebryl immediately closes both of her eyes and let out loud moan that was filled with pleasure.
Kerebryl body which was caught between Kantarou and the ojii-san is trembling as its being shaken around like a toy. Her silver hair is swaying in the air, and her speech kept being interrupted by moans that she cannot hold back. The scene looked as if Kerebryl’s body is being used by the two men to satisfy their s.e.xual desires.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[If you kept letting out loud voice like that, *beep* is going to hear us you know?]
[N, Aah……, No……, Aanh……, that would be….., Nhah, HaAnh……]
Kantaoru is inciting Kerebryl with his words again, but it’s true that Kerebryl voice is really loud right now. It’s enough to make me wonder why me and Rachel weren’t awakened by it.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[By the way Kerebryl-chan, have you ever tried doing double penetration with *beep*?]
[A, Nh……, I, never……, AaNh, I’m sorry……, Nnh……, A, AaNh……]
Kerebryl’s sense of guilt seems to be stimulated after hearing Kantarou’s words. Her apology have a pained feeling behind it, and when she turned her face to look toward my direction, there’s tears floating in her long slit eyes.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[N, Nn……, Ah……, AaNh, This is, amazing….., A, AaNh……, N, Aa…….]
However, sweet sounding moans immediately followed from Kerebryl’s lips and made her apologetic look from before feels like a lie. It speaks of how overwhelming it is the pleasure that Kerebryl experienced from the double penetration.
When the ojii-san’s c.o.c.k is drawn from her r.e.c.t.u.m, the pleasure from feeling that is similar to excreting made her body shook and trembling, then at the same time, Kantarou’s c.o.c.k would be driven inside her until it knocked the entrance of her uterus mouth.
The c.o.c.k that completely filled her place down there then would be pulled out immediately with swift motion. Its glans neck was constricted by the small folds around the wall, and as the c.o.c.k is dragged out from inside, the mucous membrane that was rubbed would create another kind of pleasure.
Immediately afterward, the glans of ojii-san c.o.c.k would push its way inside the r.e.c.t.u.m, and the contradictory feeling of a meat stick going backward inside her would create yet another kind of great pleasure. That c.o.c.k is inserted up to its root and rubbed the entrance of the uterus mouth from the back side, and after it’s pulled out, the whole process would repeat once again.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[I see I see. -reroo-……, Then, ­-chup, -chup….., *beep* doesn’t know, -chuu-……, about this tight p.u.s.s.y?]
[Aah, Nh……, Don’t, say that……, N, AaNh……, AaHn……]
Kantarou said that while licking Kerebryl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Just like a baby, he put Kerebryl’s nipple inside his mouth and sucked on it between the intervals of his speech.
Kerebryl doesn’t seem to have any reb.u.t.tal that she can make. She simply said that while lowering her line of sight to look at Kantarou who is busy licking two b.r.e.a.s.t.s front of his face alternately.
Just as Kantarou said, I have never had s.e.x with my girlfriends while sharing her with someone else, yet this ojii-san that we just met not long ago is doing it with Kerebryl.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[N, HaAnh……, Noo……, I’m, already…..,. Nh, AaNh, going to,……, Aah……]
The ojii-san seems to be completely immersed in enjoying the pleasure unique to a.n.a.l s.e.x where the entrance have a peculiar tightness to it and the other side is an open s.p.a.ce without dead end.
Meanwhile, Kerebryl seems to be close to her climax. She had tightened the muscle in her a.s.s unconsciously, and as the ojii-san’s c.o.c.k is moving inside her, the entrance of her hole is squeezing the shaft that is going back and forth inside it.
When the ojii-san’s is pulling his c.o.c.k out, the constricted glans would rub against the soft intestinal wall, and when the swelled glans neck finally struck the inside of the a.n.u.s, it creates great pleasure for both sides at the same time.
And when the ojii-san is thrusting his c.o.c.k inside, his waist would against Kerebrl’s a.s.s until their skin are sticking to each other and his c.o.c.k is inserted up to its root.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
[Then, Kerebryl-chan, I’m going to do it with *beep* next time. When *beep* is doing it in the p.u.s.s.y, I will fill the role of pus.h.i.+ng it from the a.s.s with my c.o.c.k]
[NhAh, Aaahn……! Aa……, That-……, HaAnh……, that would be-……, Ah, NhAaah……]
Kantarou is grabbing Kerebryl’s waist and said his suggestion while smiling, and Kerebryl immediately turned her adorable face toward my direction when she heard that. From my point of view, Kerebryl’s eyes looked like it’s filled with expectation.
Meanwhile, the ojii-san is swinging his waist with great momentum. The impact is making Kerebryl’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s swinging back and forth, and transparent sweat can be seen scattered from the tip of her nipples.
-jyupu- -nupu- -jyupu- -nupu-……
The ojii-san frowned and pushed his c.o.c.k deep inside Kerebryl’s a.s.s. The place where they’re connected and the hole that was stretched into big round shape are hidden from plain view by the ojii-san’s He seems to be trying to shove his c.o.c.k as far as he can before he, and then before long, the s.e.m.e.n that he had been enduring from leaking is pouring out deep inside Kerebryl’s r.e.c.t.u.m.
-jyupu- -jyupu-……
[NhAaah, c.u.mming, AaaHn……!]
-biku- -bikubiku- -bikun-……
After a short moment, Kerebryl and Kantarou climaxed at the same time. The shaft of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k is moving with short piston motion inside Kerebryl’s place down there that was stretched into round shape, and in the next instant, s.e.m.e.n can be seen oozing out from the gap between shaft.
While feeling the warmth of s.e.m.e.n spreading inside her a.s.s and her place down there, Kerebryl’s whole body convulses and turned stiff.

The screen changed in an instant. Kerebryl’s a.s.s is reflected bigly on the screen now.
it seems the camera view point has switched. It’s showing the image from the window in lower right corner before.
The ojii-san is pulling his c.o.c.k out slowly until it completely plopped out. The hole in Kerebryl’s a.s.s that was gaping open immediately narrowed until it’s fully closed off.
[A……, Aa, n……]
Because her waist is being grabbed by Kantarou’s two hands, Kerebryl’s a.s.s kept floating in its place. Kantarou’s c.o.c.k then can be seen pulling out from her place down there, and when the glans came out from the inside, s.e.m.e.n that was blocked by it gushed out from Kerebryl’s opening.
While still grabbing Kerebryl’s waist, Kantarou moved both of his hands to the left side, it seems he’s trying to lay Kerebryl on the bed right beside him. Kerebryl body then falls from the top of Kantarou’s body to the bed.
Kerebryl is lying on the bed face down. She looks really weak and exhausted as she groaned with a sweet tone behind her voice. After going through such intense s.e.x, her figure isn’t in her most modest condition right now. Her beautiful brown skin can be seen reflecting light on top of the white colored bed sheet.
[Kerebryl-chan, you okay?]
Kantarou slowly woke up his upper body and asked that to Kerebryl while looking at her worriedly.
Kerebryl sounded like she’s a little angry. She turned her face to the side and glared at Kantarou with her long slit eyes.
[It’s because you were doing it so intensely……]
And then with her cheeks flushed red, she said that as if she’s blaming the threesome s.e.x that they just had.
[My bad Kerebryl-chan, but I’m glad you look more lively than I expected]
Kantarou smiled as he said that. It seems he was relieved that Kerebryl is healthy enough to be able to speak normally.
[Then, sorry to ask this while you’re tired……]
Kantarou then changed his position at this moment. He bends his legs and pushed both of his knees against the bed, then after raising his waist, he turned his knees and whole body toward Kerebryl.
[Can you clean my c.o.c.k with your mouth?]
Kantarou thrusts his half erect c.o.c.k in front of Kerebryl’s face and asked that shamelessly.
Kerebryl seems to be surprised by it too. She just lies there in the bed without saying anything.
[You always did it for *beep* right? Do it for me too, clean it by licking it with your mouth]

It seems Kantarou wants to have a cleaning b.l.o.w.j.o.b done to him by any means. I can somehow understand that feeling. As a man, having a girl cleanse you with their mouth after you’re done will make you feel really satisfied with yourself. It feels as if you’re satisfying the last bit of your desire, or that you have conquered over that girl.
[Yuelchan did it for me, Kerebryl-chan saw that too right?]
[N, Mou…… Yuela……]
Kantarou persuaded Kerebryl by bringing up Yuela’s name. After making an it can’t be helped expression with her face, Kerebryl took a glance toward my direction.
Kerebryl then opened her mouth and stretched her tongue towards the direction of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k.
Kerebryl’s tiny tongue licked the s.e.m.e.n that was going to drip from the tip of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k.
The tongue that has whitish s.e.m.e.n at the tip then returned into Kerebryl’s mouth.
It was a sight that I’m supposed to be familiar with, but it caused my chest to slightly hurting.
Perhaps, the inside of Kerebryl’s mouth has turned into the taste of Kantarou’s s.e.m.e.n.

Kerebryl then raised her right hand and grasped the shaft of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k while staying silent.

Kerebryl pressed her left elbow against the bed and raised her upper body. It turned her figure into a sideway facing position now.
Both of Kerberyl’s knees then bent, perhaps because she needs to balance her body. Her a.s.s ended up facing toward my direction, and the moment I noticed that, the hole in her a.s.s opened.
Together with that sounds of air leaking from her a.n.a.l, the s.e.m.e.n that ojii-san poured inside her dripped out.
[Noo……, don’t listen……]
Kerebryl’s face turned red in an instant and she used her right hand to hides her a.s.s in panic, girl sure are very shy about letting such sound be heard. However, the sound of that air leak continues. It was one of those things that you can’t do anything about after all.
[No need to be embarra.s.sed Kerebryl-chan. I think it’s a good lewd sound, I really like it]

Without caring about the atmosphere, Kantarou said that out loud. Then with Kerebryl staying as it is, Kantarou brought his c.o.c.k closer toward Kerebryl’s stationary lips.
[N, n…..]
Kantarou’s big c.o.c.k is pus.h.i.+ng open Kerebryl’s sweet lips. Her jaw moved to let the c.o.c.k entered inside, and before long, Kerebryl’s mouth is stuffed with Kantarou’s c.o.c.k.
[N, n……, nh……]
Kantarou is moving his hip back and forth and treated his c.o.c.k with Kerebryl’s two lips. When I take a better look, I noticed that Kerebryl is also pressing her lips against the shaft of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k firmly.
[Nnh……, n, nnh……, n……]
From the way her lower jaw is moving, Kerebryl must be using her tongue to lick the glans of the c.o.c.k inside her mouth. The long c.o.c.k would sometimes came out from the lips until its glans appeared, but it would disappear again inside the mouth immediately. During that time, I can see how the shaft of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k is drenched wet with saliva.

Meanwhile, the ojii-san is looking enviously at the situation.
[Kerebryl-chan, how about sucking him too?]
Kantarou seems to have noticed the expression in the ojii-san’s face. That guy sure can read the atmosphere at the strangest place possible.
[n……? n, Haa……]
Kerebryl leaked a puzzled-sounding voice, and then she shook her head after taking out Kantarou’s c.o.c.k from her mouth.

Huh……? Once again, Kantarou is waving his hand like a cat at my direction.

Somehow, he looks really happy as he made his beckoning gesture.
[You…… that’s……]
Kerebryl seems to notice what Kantarou was doing.
[Yup, that’s right Kerebryl-chan. Which is why, do your best for a little bit more okay]
After saying so, Kantarou’s extended his hands around Kerebryl’s waist.

[N, ­-rero-……]
A whirling -jii- sounds can be heard as the image in the screen is growing larger.
It’s reflecting Kerebryl’s upper body where each of her hands can be seen grasping Kantarou and the ojii-san’s c.o.c.k respectively.
Kerebryl is stroking the two c.o.c.ks in her hands back and forth. It was quite the intense sight.
i wonder why the sight of a girl giving handjob with each of her hand looks really erotic.
[You saw it right? How was it?]
[You’re truly a pervert……]
Outside of the screen, Kantarou and the ojii-san is talking with each other.
[-rero-, -rerorero-……]
Kerebryl is guiding the glans of the two c.o.c.ks closer to her face with her hands, and then she licked both tip at the same time. Her small tongue can be seen crawling between the two swelled glans that has different color each while repeating licking motion to both of them.
[But you m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed right? Did you receive some help?]
[Yeah. I truly can’t believe it……]
It seems Kantarou is not bothered that he was called a pervert.
[-reroo-……, -chup, -chup……]
Kerebryl’s left hand raised the shaft of Kantarou’s c.o.c.k upwards, and then she licked the backside of the c.o.c.k with her tongue. After that, as if she was trying to peck at it, she brought the tip of the glans toward the front of her mouth and pressed her lips against it.
[Did you do it with the mouth too?]
[What was it again……, Kuh, it’s so dirty, this is special okay……]
The ojii-san let out groan-like voice while he was talking.
[-reroo- -rerorerorero-……]
Kerebryl licked the tip of the ojii-san’s c.o.c.k carefully, and then she did the same too for the glans neck and its surrounding.  Her purple eyes beyond the tip of that c.o.c.k can be seen reflecting light and s.h.i.+ning beaituflly.
[I see……, I wonder if I should do it once too in the mouth. But the hole in the a.s.s might be good too……]
[Just what are you saying now……]
Kantarou had been saying some disturbing words since earlier.
[-chup……, N, -chup……]
Meanwhile, Kerebryl is sucking the two c.o.c.ks inside her mouth alternately. Her head kept turning from the left to the right as she sucked on the c.o.c.k as if she was trying to compare the taste between the two.
[I called Yuelchan earlier. We still have plenty of time]
[You called her……, there’s no way she’s going to come right……?]
[You think so? Contrary to her appearance, Yuelchan is really lewd you know. I think she will come to this room so that she can be pleasured until she squeal]

The ojii-san is staying silent while wearing the look of disbelief in his face.

At that moment, I can hear the sound of door being opened.
[What are you…… calling me for……]

The video then ended abruptly at this moment.

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