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Mother Juan's heart suddenly sank; after checking that this female parent was still breathing, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like she had only pa.s.sed out. After all, this female parent had eaten two of her dishes, and most critically, had actually finished them!

But fainting wasn't a side effect of the fan bing bing and heavenly silkworm potato strips!

Mother Juan thought it was a little strange; logically speaking, only the third dish "b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l tomatoes" might cause people to faint right away. But after creating the improved version 2.0, she was very confident that just one bite wouldn't be a problem at all – absolutely no more than a bite was the right way to go!

Staring at the female parent who had toppled over on the table, Mother Juan sighed and then took out a bottle of emerald green pills.

These were Empty Stomach Pumping Pills. Just one pill would instantly dissolve everything in the stomach as well as detoxify the insides. Of course, this was an emergency medicine which only worked when it was taken within three minutes of a person eating something wrong. If taken too late, the person could only be sent to the hospital to get their stomach pumped.

She took out one pill, and just as she stretched out her hand to give it to Elder Ji Xing, his head suddenly twitched, and he sat back up!

Mother Juan: "…"

Elder Ji Xing opened his eyes a little hazily. He had a dazed expression as he rubbed his eyes and felt a little dizzy. However, the feeling quickly faded, only to be replaced with utter bafflement… He remembered that he had been about to taste the next dish, but why didn't he have any memory at all of the first two dishes?

Looking at Elder Ji Xing's muddle-headed expression, Mother Juan immediately guessed from the female parent's vacant look that the other party had perhaps lost her memory…

But the problem was that amnesia also wasn't a side effect caused by these two dishes!

Could it be a poisonous mix of the two?

Mother Juan thought of this possibility.

That was because no one had been able to finish eating more than one of her new dishes before; now, this female parent had finished two dishes in one go, and furthermore had polished off the plates! When the toxins in two new dishes combined together, they created brand new side effects, and the side effects for a combination of the fan bing bing and heavenly silkworm potato strips was fainting and temporary amnesia!

Pondering this, Mother Juan felt that this was the only explanation that made sense.

Even she herself never thought that there would be this kind of operation.

But looking at this female parent's current reaction, it was only fainting and temporary amnesia; she was still alive!

Thus, Mother Juan once again gave Elder Ji Xing an affable smile. "Parent, the food tasting event has officially started! Please taste the first dish, b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l tomatoes!"

As soon as she said that, Mother Juan directly opened the lid of the third dish.

Elder Ji Xing: "???" Wait! The food tasting… just started?! Then what was up with the two empty plates before this one?

Mother Juan pa.s.sed Elder Ji Xing a new pair of chopsticks. "Parent, here are your chopsticks! The other parents already ate the first two dishes and finished them because they were too delicious. You came at the right time!"

Elder Ji Xing: "There… there were other parents?"

Mother Juan smiled. "Of course! But they left after eating, as they still had other things to do later. So the rest have been left for you to taste!"

Elder Ji Xing was addled. "…" Was this the case?

But before he could think too carefully about it, Mother Juan had already started to introduce the third dish.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l tomatoes version 2.0! Not only had she chosen better quality tomatoes, even the white sugar accompaniment was of a new and improved quality! This wasn't ordinary white sugar, but sugar produced by the Qin family in the ancient capital of Jiangzhou city (originally Guang Ling regional city)! Each jin was sold in immortal gold currency!

"Don't underestimate my tomato salad. These aren't ordinary tomatoes, I chose them very carefully. The sugar is Jiangzhou city's Qin family's sugar, which I bought with my pension. I added three spoons of it to this tomato salad."


"Hurry up and see what my dish is like."

Elder Ji Xing realized that he already couldn't refuse.

The other party had spent a great deal of money to buy this white sugar, the famous Qin family's sugar! This was a well-known condiment! Furthermore, he was already here, but hadn't tried even a single dis.h.!.+ Even though his initial objective had been to infiltrate No. 60 High School for a look around, he still had to properly act his part given his current disguise! He couldn't arouse this kitchen lady's suspicions!

And most importantly, the other party had gone to so much trouble to make this dish, how could he not take even a bite?

This old woman had painstakingly made this food, how could he let her good intentions go to waste!

And so, Elder Ji Xing picked up a slice of cold tomato liberally sprinkled with sugar and put it into his mouth.

This was…

In a flash, tears welled up and spilled from his eyes!

This tomato salad had been mixed so well! The tartness of the tomato and the sweetness of the Qin family's sugar were a perfect blend of flavors, which made him feel extremely moved! This time, he was reminded of his grandfather!

After his grandmother pa.s.sed away, it was his grandfather who looked after him, and he was the best at making salads!

But most unfortunately, not long after Elder Ji Xing came under his care, his grandfather went to join his grandmother…

Elder Ji Xing couldn't help sighing in his heart.

This tomato salad tasted strongly of his grandfather's cooking, which he pined for!

When Elder Ji Xing came back to his senses, he realized that he had already polished off this entire tomato salad.

He dabbed at the tears that clung to his eyes.

After coming back to himself, he saw that the kitchen lady, who had been wearing an affable expression initially, was now observing him with eyes as wide as copper bells – as if she was watching a white mouse in an experiment.

But when Elder Ji Xing rubbed his eyes again, he found that she was back to that good-natured smile.

… Had he been mistaken?

The truth was that it hadn't been a mistake – Mother Juan was observing his reactions.

She actually wasn't sure whether or not there would be anymore new side effects.

After several seconds, she then saw Elder Ji Xing faceplant into the third plate.

Mother Juan: "…"

It seemed that the side effects of fainting and memory loss from the combination of the first few two dishes hadn't disappeared completely; instead, eating the third dish had exacerbated them!

This time, Mother Juan didn't take out the medicine, but waited silently.

Sure enough, Elder Ji Xing regained consciousness after several seconds.

With a good-natured expression, Mother Juan gave him a new pair of chopsticks. "Parent, the food tasting event has officially started! Please taste the first dish…"

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