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Keeping the Secret

“This w.a.n.g indeed doesn't have a woman he likes…But now, I met her…Plus, it has gotten out of hand…Duo Er…can you feel who the person that this w.a.n.g likes…?”

His pa.s.sionate eyes stared at the woman in front of him.

Qian DuoDuo bit her lips, a shocked look. She unbelievably stared at Long MuChen…

After a good while, Qian DuoDuo sneakily stared at Long MuChen's face. She pounded her chest and stamped on her feet: “Aish, aish. I thought that I was only able to see gay people in my homeland. Who knew you – this super duper handsome dude actually is a gay too. Not close to the female gender, Cheng w.a.n.g who is n.o.ble and virtuous actually likes men ah…No wonder you refuse Zhao Yang who is pretty as a flower. No wonder before you told Senior Concubine Lin that your daily routine is taken care of by Han Tie. No wonder you scrambled away at the sight of women. As it turned out, you have a hidden problem ah…”

Long MuChen, originally, had no idea what the word gay meant but in the end, he felt as though Qian DuoDuo's words were getting off track. When he found out that she was saying that he liked men, Long MuChen felt crushed!

Rejecting Zhao Yang, this completely was for her okay!

This thankless wretch ah. She completely angered him!

Qian DuoDuo shook her head back and forth, feeling pity. She continued to mumble about: “What a pity for this great youth ah. Look at this small nose and eyes. What a great model ah. If I can use this to my advantage, then I can clone ‘n' times more super handsome guys ah…Fourteen ah, this time you have injured the thousands upon thousands of young girls' hearts within Shen Cheng Country ah…”

“Qian DuoDuo…You…” Long MuChen was irritated. Under the bottom of his eyes, he was a little hurt!

Qian DuoDuo clapped on Long MuChen's shoulders, comforting about: “Fourteen ah, you don't need to feel upset ah. It's not your fault for being h.o.m.os.e.xual. Having a seductive face, now that is your fault…However, I – Qian DuoDuo have a high notion of one's duty and won't look at you with colored This secret, I will keep it for you…However, in the future, every month you need to bring over some gold, silvers, and treasures as the hush money…”

“Qian DuoDuo, you first shut up!” There were black lines appearing on his head. If he had let her continue to think according to her thoughts, his own legendary reputation would be ruined by her mouth.

“Long MuChen, you don't need to be scared. I am not going to laugh at you. You tell me, do you like Han Tie ah? It's okay. He has rather the hint of a man…You two, which one of you guys is on defense and on attack ah?”

Qian DuoDuo didn't finish gossiping when a hand suddenly raised over and pressed her in his arms.

She hadn't gotten time to react when she saw as Long MuChen's face moved closer to hers. Without a second word, he directly blocked her mouth.

This girl, thinking even more off track…Even brought Han Tie up. If he didn't use this method to shut her mouth, who knew later on if he might spout smoke through the seven orifices due to anger.

However, was this girl frightened…A pair of eyes widened as though the Tongling prefecture. She unbelievably glanced at himself.

Long MuChen ignored her shock and gradually closed his eyes. He led her and from shallow to deep, sampling her sweetness.

He was increasingly addicted to this…unable to free himself from her…

This was the first time that Long MuChen felt that actually loving a person, besides worrying for her constantly, this type of pain where the whole heart was exhausted would actually follow along with this happiness…

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