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Mo Awu and Shui Gui sprinted towards Tang Xiu like two phantoms at night in the dense woods. Both of them appeared in front of Tang Xiu in a short while.


Seeing that Zhenlei Duomu was standing next to Tang Xiu, Shui Gui suddenly frowned and had a fierce intention to kill her. He summoned his flying sword out and hewed down mercilessly towards Zhenlei Duomu.

Tang Xiu's face distorted slightly. He appeared in front of Zhenlei Duomu as fast as lightning, summoning out his sword and fending off Shui Gui's blow. With one step backward, he shouted in a rage, "Shui Gui, stop it."

Shui Gui was ignorant of the reason why Zhenlei Duomu was standing next to Tang Xiu just then. Seeing his attack was fended off by his boss, his expression changed slightly and he took back his sword in an instant, glaring at Zhenlei Duomu murderously.

Tang Xiu frowned and asked, "What's wrong?"

Zhenlei Duomu sneered, saying, "It's you, Shui Gui. I haven't seen you for seven or eight years, to my surprise, you have become much more powerful. What? You still want to avenge your brother Shui She's death?"


Except for Mo Awu, the other nine warriors summoned out their flying swords immediately and glared at Zhenlei Duomu with a fierce intention to kill, which made Zhenlei Duomu's back up half a step in an instant with her expression slightly changed.

Tang Xiu frowned and asked in a deep voice, "Shui Gui, answer my question."

Being loyal enough to Tang Xiu, Shui Gui heard the anger in his voice and hastened to lower his head and said, "Boss, I had a younger brother named Shui She, who once served as a core member of our Everlasting Feast Hall. Seven and a half years ago, we met this woman when we were carrying out tasks abroad. Her appearance has changed little, so I can be one hundred percent sure it was she who killed my brother and also severely wounded me, causing me to be trapped for a few days on the cliff and almost died in a foreign country. Over the years, I tried my best to find her, but I don't expect her to appear here."

Tang Xiu turned to look at Zhenlei Duomu and asked in a deep voice, “You killed his brother? Why?”

Zhenlei Duomu said bluntly, “We belong to different groups and serve our own masters. Your two brothers have my employer in order to steal secret messages. Think about your countless despicable schemes! Yes, I indeed killed Shui She, but if I didn't kill him, the dead person would be me. As a matter of fact, that deadly battle was brought about by you. As for me, I just counterattacked.”


Although Shui Gui knew that Zhenlei Duomu's words made sense, the person who died was his full younger brother, so this hatred had been buried in his heart for many years, and he couldn't let it go easily.

Tang Xiu was in a dilemma, as he didn't expect to encounter such a situation. However, he was partial to Zhenlei Duomu, because he approved of her words – if you serve different masters, you have to fight desperately for their profits, alive or dead.


The hatred!

How to deal with it?

Tang Xiu took a deep breath and waved his hand, saying, “Shui Gui, leave the grudges between you after the things on Mist Source Island getting solved. I can tell you in advance that Zhenlei Duomu is like you, who benefited from Yan'er when you were young. After solving the troubles here, I will personally bring you back to Jingmen Island. At that moment, let's ask Yan'er how to deal with those grudges between you!”

After saying that.

He looked at other people and said, “Put away the weapons. If you want to kill, kill first those foreign forces.”

Jin s.h.i.+ and others took back their flying swords, while Shui Gui hesitated a moment, then also withdrew the released flying sword into his body. He dared not to go against Tang Xiu's orders, but he made up his mind secretly – when the trouble on Mist Source Island was settled, he would definitely make Zhenlei Duomu pay the price.

Tang Xiu looked at Mo Awu and asked, “What information have you got?”

Mo Awu took out a map and respectfully replied, “The Stygian Club's campsite has changed. After our investigation, the people at the Stygian Club are now setting up a very weird array. We have already marked the location, just in the only entrance road to the Stygian Club campsite.”

Tang Xiu took the map and read through it. He nodded and said, “Since the Stygian Club can become the third largest foreign force, they definitely obtain some ace in the hole. Our purpose is very simple, to let them kill each other and lose both sides. The only force we have to guard against now is the people of the Pyramids. Let's go to watch a good show.”

In the northern suburb of Mixed Summit City.

Tang Xiu quietly took Mo Awu and others to detour to the mountain northwest of the Stygian Club encampment. After searching carefully, they found a good place, where Tang Xiu quietly arranged the next array for concealment.

"We'll station here, waiting for those ambitious men to kill each other."

Mo Awu asked, "Boss, don't we need to add fuel to their combat secretly?"

Tang Xiu sneered and said, "Of course, we do. But I will do it in person. You stay here. Awu, are there any vampire corpses left?"

Mo Awu took the broken wings out of the Spatial Ring, saying, "These are all the wings that were left."

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