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The boys and girls enjoyed themselves at the karaoke. They drank, sang, rolled dice and played poker or mahjong.

Lin Wenxi and Gu Yu kept whispering to each other, and Zhao Yuan sat cross-legged beside them and looked at them smilingly. Sometimes, Zhao Yuan would leave to drink and then quickly come back. Lin Wenxi did not say a word to Zhao Yuan, but every time he felt tired, Zhao Yuan would notice that and approach him to let him lean on his body.

Zhao Yuan took such a good care of the two boys. Shu Xiaoman was amazed upon seeing that.

Suddenly, they heard a sweet female voice and could not help but listen to her attentively. She sang like an angel and deeply impressed everyone in the karaoke room.

It was Zhang An'an singing a love song. "You're always brave and always protect me. I'm somewhat petty but care a lot about you. I'm really blessed to have you in my life..."

Zheng Kai kicked w.a.n.g Xiang into the center of the dance floor and said, "You react really slowly. You're the one who deserves to be single for a lifetime!"

w.a.n.g Xiang hurriedly went over to hold Zhang An'an's hand and sang together with her. "Give you my hand, like a gentle beast. Give my freedom to..." The boys and girls who have just been deeply impressed by Zhang An'an's singing voice could not help but boo w.a.n.g Xiang, since he had such a hoa.r.s.e and loud voice and totally ruined the song. His singing voice did remind everyone of a roaring beast.

Zhao Yuan chuckled upon seeing that while talking to someone on the phone. Lin Wenxi heard him say, "The 16th floor, the room near the main entrance."

When the boys and girls were making catcalls toward w.a.n.g Xiang, the door was suddenly pushed open, letting some cold air flow into the room. A person who wore a military coat and looked travel-worn stepped into the room. Because of the dazzling light inside the room, none of them recognized who he was.

"You guys really have a good time here." Upon hearing his voice, everyone cheered. "It's Zhang Dong!"

Zhang Dong walked out of the shadow and into the light. He took off his hat, revealing his short black hair. He had thick eyebrows, a hooked nose and a chiseled jawline, looking quite handsome and masculine.

The boys flocked to their military instructor excitedly, and the girls looked at him surprisedly. They wondered why they had not noticed this good-looking young man during the military training. He really stood out among the soldiers.

Lin Wenxi stood behind the crowd and greeted Zhang Dong by nodding to him. Zhang Dong approached the boy and put his arm around his shoulders. When they sat down together, Zhang Dong said, "I told you that we would have a chance to drink together in the future." With these words, he poured a cup of liquor and gave it to Lin Wenxi. Lin Wenxi drank it up without saying a word. Somehow he felt that this liquor tasted exceptionally sweet.

According to Zhang Dong, he had come to the city on business and happened to hear about this party. He said that he just wanted to come here to have fun. Every boy came up to drink a toast to him, and he drank a toast back to each of them. When a girl came to drink a toast to him, he would drink two cups of liquor to show his respect. Everyone liked this gallant soldier very much.

He chatted with them about a lot of things, such as the news, the sports and even some TV series that the girls liked very much. When he asked them about their Freshmen Contests, Chen Wanxin said that she was determined to win the first prize in the dancing contest, and Zhao Yuan expressed that it was just a piece of cake for his team to win the basketball match.

Upon hearing that, Shu Xiaoman whispered to Lin Wenxi, "Zhao Yuan and Wanxin are really well-matched."

Lin Wenxi remained silent.

Shu Xiaoman continued, "But why did they suddenly break up? You know what. In the beginning, when Zhao Yuan asked Wanxin to be his girlfriend, Wanxin said that she would never say yes to him unless he successfully 'bended' you. He really treated you tenderly after that. Even I felt envious upon seeing you guys being together. But now, he seems to enjoy being together with you and doesn't think about Wanxin anymore!"

Lin Wenxi was startled and asked, "What did you say?"

Shu Xiaoman repeated what she had said and asked, "Are you really in a relations.h.i.+p with Zhao Yuan?"

Lin Wenxi felt so irritated that he nearly blacked out. He felt somewhat dizzy and turned to look at Zhao Yuan. After drinking with Zhang Dong, Zhao Yuan went to roll dice together with Zheng Kai. Their faces were red now. They laughed and looked excited.

Lin Wenxi thought to himself, "No, this is not true.

"Zhao Yuan has treated me very well since the first day we met. He did not do this because of Chen Wanxin, although he did use Chen Wanxin to make me feel jealous during the past few months. That's not a big deal. Well, I can ask him about this matter later. This is just nothing but a joke."

Despite that, he was still somewhat sad after knowing this. When he felt that tears started to wet the corners of his eyes, he hurriedly went to the bathroom. When he came back, his face was covered with small drops of water, and some of his hair got wet too.

"I know that you can drink more than that." Zhang Dong gently patted Lin Wenxi's back and occasionally pinched his spine. Lin Wenxi found this feeling somewhat familiar and suddenly trembled. He wondered, "Is it Zhang Dong?" He looked at Zhang Dong in utter disbelief and thought to himself, "No, I must've thought too much. I must be confused and crazy now. But I guess it's alright to ask him some questions in a joking tone."

"Instructor Zhang, were you a student of Zhenbei high school in Yangzi County?" While saying this, Lin Wenxi could not help but chuckle. He thought, "I must be crazy. That boy can't be Zhang Dong. That thing happened 6 years ago, and at that time Zhang Dong probably still stayed at his hometown in inner Mongolia."

"Yes..." Zhang Dong blurted out. He looked stunned and lost in thought.

"Six years have pa.s.sed, but I can never forget about it. Why did I meet this boy again during the military training. It's such a strange coincidence. He has changed. He's not the happy little boy anymore. That boy could cheerfully skip all the way back home while humming a tune even when he was alone."

Lin Wenxi looked at Zhang Dong incredulously and dared not to ask him a question again. To his surprise, Zhang Dong suddenly got emotional and said, "Wenxi, I'm sorry." Zhang Dong was confused by his emotions now. He should have realized that if Lin Wenxi was able to recognize him, he would have known who he was during the military training instead of asking him this question now.

Zhang Dong bitterly regretted what he had done. Now, he really wanted to kill himself in front of Lin Wenxi to cleanse the sins.

"You're sorry?" Lin Wenxi could hardly believe what he had heard.

He thought to himself, "Why did he say that he's sorry. Why did he apologize to me?" Zhang Dong reached his hands out toward Lin Wenxi, trying to comfort him. Upon seeing the hands, Lin Wenxi thought to himself,"These hands, these hands, back in that pitch-dark night..."

"No! Why is it you?" Lin Wenxi screamed out loud. He sounded miserable and desperate.

"I'm sorry, Wenxi..." Zhang Dong muttered to himself.

Lin Wenxi picked up a cup of liquor and poured it on Zhang Dong's face to vent his anger, but he felt that it was not enough. He picked up a beer bottle and slammed it on Zhang Dong's head.

As Lin Wenxi was a quiet and mild person, no one had expected him to do such thing. Zhao Yuan had felt that something was not quite right when he saw Lin Wenxi pick up the beer bottle. He had planned to go there to help Zhang Dong out, but the next moment, he thought that it was unnecessary to help this nimble and strong soldier. He had never expected Zhang Dong to remain still and let Lin Wenxi slam the bottle on his head. Upon seeing the beer flowing down Zhang Dong's face together with his blood, everyone was panicked and hurriedly came over to help him treat the wound. Suddenly, they heard the door slam. Lin Wenxi stormed out of the room.

"Leave me alone!" Zhang Dong shouted harshly. He picked up his coat and hurriedly ran out of the door.

Shu Xiaoman was shocked. She covered her mouth with her hand, tears welling up in her eyes. She wondered, "Oh, what happened? Lin Wenxi looks so sad and angry. "But shouldn't he be mad at me? Why did he beat Zhang Dong instead of me?"

When everyone was stunned and felt lost, Zhao Yuan rapidly ran out of the door.

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