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Chapter 628 - Innate True Soul

After three days, Zhong Yue was still in his frenzied cultivation; however, his calculation speed had slowed considerably. Bi and An was right, he had absorbed too many abstrusities, and he was reaching his limit now.

His brain couldn't contain so much undigested knowledge, and his soul wasn't able to to accomodate all of the abstrusities attained.

After all, he was still at the True Spirit level, even the Sun Moon Twin Spirits couldn't contain the knowledge anymore.

"He will not last till the day ends." Bi and An agreed.

At the center of the golden flowers, the Yang and Yin lines around him grew lesser in number, while his heads also returned to his body.

As the calculation slowed down, fewer heads were required to alleviate the stress.

All of a sudden, the Six Paths Fruit in his Dao Yi Realm was fully consumed, and the knowledge in the Six Paths Reincarnations contained within the fruit were wholly turned into his knowledge.

Rays glimmered in his eyes, after cultivating for so long and attaining various insights, he was finally ready to cultivate the Innate True Soul!

Soon after, the symbols around him faded away, and the Yang and Yin lines disappeared—his ruminations had stopped.

"See, he has reached his limit." Bi and An nodded and said in unison, "But nonetheless, it is still a stunning achievement for a young cultivator like him. At such an age, he is able to withstand the billowing energy of our past 98 lives while also attaining the abstrusities in it…"

While they were busy praising Zhong Yue was, the latter's ara burst right through the firmament. The spiritual energy in the heaven and earth surged violently and rammed right down into his body.


The Yang and Yin lines burst out from his body, forming into countless marvelous symbols that waltzed around him. Heads grew out from his body as he started a new round of rumination.

Bi and An watched on with their mouths agape at the sudden change of situation.

With Zhong Yue's current cultivation, it was impossible for him to contain anymore insights. However, his cultivation base was seeing an evident increase, meaning that his capacity for comprehension was continually increasing.

"Has he broken into the Imminent Deity level? No, no, his prowess is still in the True Spirit level, but why can he continue?" Bi asked curiously.

An was also curious as well, "He must have broken through something, given that he is still at the same cultivation level, it can only be the extreme state—the awakening of the Innate True Spirit. However, by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like he has achieved that. Could there be another extreme state in the True Spirit level we don't know of?"

But they never could have fathomed that Zhong Yue had cultivated the unprecedented Innate True Soul!

The benefits of cultivating the Innate True Soul were even greater than awakening the Innate True Spirit, thus allowing him to continue comprehending the abstrusities.

The Innate True Soul was truly strong, it is far beyond the level of the Innate Golden Crow True Spirit or Innate Star Toad True Spirit!

Zhong Yue couldn't help but praise. Unlike many other cultivators, his soul was the dominant part in his atman, thus his Innate True Soul was stronger than both his other two spirits combined together.

The innate totem patterns in his Innate True Soul was stronger and more durable; if he had morph into the f.u.xi True Form now, his prowess would be boosted at least five times than what he was before, granting him the power to contend even with the elites of the other higher realms!

However, he wouldn't simply cast the f.u.xi True Form due to the underlying dangers that would come after; but even so, his prowess would still be raised by at least 50 percent!

As his cultivation base was increasing rapidly, he was able to proceed further with the calculations and attaining more insights.

His arcane energy, psyche, and totem patterns were all reshaped for the better; one could say that this was a process of rebirth to him!

Another three days flashed by, and Zhong Yue could feel his Innate True Soul reaching its limit, and thus, he decisively stopped his cultivation.

If I break through into the Imminent Deity level now, I will be able to attain more of the insights and abstrusities, and my cultivation will see a new round of improvements as well. However, it is better that I wait a little longer until I've cultivated the extreme states in the True Spirit level. Zhong Yue thought.

There were two extreme states on the True Spirit level, one was the awakening of the Innate True Spirit and the other was the Chaotic Origin True Spirit. Only by awakening the Innate True Spirit could one unleash the full potential of the spirits.

However, only the innate spirit bodies had the Innate True Spirits and could awaken them; other than that, the other spirits cultivated were merely manifestations of the true spirits. Unless the cultivator reverted the manifested spirit into its innate state like Zhong Yue did, it was impossible for them to cultivate one of the two True Spirit state of extremities.

Those Qi Pract.i.tioners Zhong Yue ma.s.sacred in the twin planets were mostly cultivators who had achieved the Chaotic Origin True Spirit, none of them were innate spirit bodies nor had they cultivated their spirits into their innate states.

One could tell how difficult it was to cultivate Innate True Spirits, let alone awaken it.

Among all of the Qi Pract.i.tioners Zhong Yue came across, only Li Tianxing had awakened the Innate True Spirit. Li Tianxing was an innate spirit body, but he had the Innate True Spirit inherently and awakened it. In addition to the Six Paths Wheel, making him a truly formidable opponent.

Although it was possible for Zhong Yue to still awaken the Innate True Spirits after breaking through to the Imminent Deity level, the difficulty in doing so would greatly increase and eventually affect his cultivation progress. Furthermore, not only did he have to awaken the Innate True Spirits, he would also have to awaken his Innate True Soul.

If awakening the Innate True Spirit was already so difficult, one could infer how hard it would be for him to awaken the Innate True Soul; in truth, he don't even know if he might make it.

Nevertheless, he was confident that he would be able to awaken his two Innate True Spirits within the range of a year to ten years.

Zhong Yue stood up and glanced around and saw the others still cultivating. He could feel their auras surging vigorously, and their cultivation base improving greatly.

There were water waves rippling around Jun Sixie as she was now forming her own Dao, it was also the betokening of deityhood to be able to condense a Dao of one's own. Although Zhong Yue's strength could contend with the G.o.ds, his cultivation level was still too inferior for him to cultivate his own Dao.

On the other hand, Qiu Jin'er's aura was undulating violently as her Innate Wood Spirit was on the brink of awakening. She was also an Imminent Deity magnate, one level above Zhong Yue, and if she was able to awaken her Innate Wood Spirit, she would also be granted the G.o.dlike powers.

Whereas s.h.i.+ Buyi was already a monster G.o.d, he had already condense a Dao for his【Monster G.o.d Ming King Art】's divine eye. However, as he had nine heads, he would eventually need to cultivate an additional eight Dao for the other eight divine eyes.

Old Man Six Paths and Husan Weng were also shrouded with the G.o.dly totem patterns, a nine-petal flower even bloomed above the huge carrot's head while releasing a tantalizing fragrance into the air.

However, Zhong Yue did see a G.o.dly corpse dangling below the huge carrot's long whiskers. Clearly, the ruthless divine tree Old Man Six Paths had taught Husan Weng his way of absorbing the G.o.dly corpses as fertilizers.

Yet, among all of them, there was Bai Canghai who pitifully sat on the side and watched as his friends cultivated.

The insights here that were suitable for his Curse Spirit Body were too scant, Bai Canghai only lasted for two days before he fully absorbed all of those he could, and could only sat on the side waiting for the others to finish.

Zhong Yue walked up to him and comforted, "Brother Bai, don't worry, I will find you a teacher who can guide you. I promise."

Bai Canghai sighed and lamented, "Don't worry about me, I suppose this Comet Innate Spirit Body of mine is the only one in this universe, I am no different to a lone wolf with no packs."

Zhong Yue laughed happily upon hearing, "With you saying something like that, I am now sure that you'll soon find a teacher in no time!"

A day flashed by, and Granny Shan appeared outside of the golden flowers. Her hoa.r.s.e voice grated on their ears, "Dear guests, your time is up."

Jun Sixie, Qiu Jin'er and the others were awoken from their enlightened state and they walked out of the forbidden area.

"The masters are looking for you." Granny Shan softened her face as she saw them leave the forbidden area without any intentional delays.

The crowd then turned and left from where they came. Just seconds after they left, loud noises reverberated the sky.

The flower buds abruptly bloomed, and the golden petals covered over few thousand miles of radius with G.o.dly rays bursting through the firmament.

At center of the flowers were giant corpses suffused with divine auras, totaling up to 196 corpses!

These G.o.dly corpses were indistinguishable for one another, with the only difference between them being the fact that there was a different Dao condensed around their bodies.

Immediately as the flowers bloomed, strong waves of G.o.dly auras pounced on them and nearly pressed them down from the sky.

"Deity Emperors!" Old Man Six Paths exclaimed in total terror.

Turns out, this 196 G.o.dly corpses were all Deity Emperors!

"A reincarnation as a tribulation, one life that transcends beyond another." s.h.i.+ Buyi mumbled bewilderedly, "How amusing, how stunning…"

These 98 Amaryllis contained 196 G.o.dly corpses of the Deity Emperors who were Bi and An's previous 98 reincarnations. They were on their 99th reincarnation now, and the next reincarnation would be the last and final.

No ordinary cultivators can endure living through 100 lives, Zhong Yue thought in his heart, These two brothers, Bi and An, the Deity Emperors are not at the end of their cultivations!

Soon, they reached Bi An Palace at the top of the precipice where Bi and An were awaiting for their arrival. Zhong Yue stepped forward and said while smiling, "Thank you brothers for allowing us to stay and even cultivate in such a blessed location. I have nothing that I can repay you for the things you've done."

"Junior Martial Brother Zhong, no need to worry about that." An smiled, "You've asked ten days ago of how can you escape the Realm Lord's inspection. Fortunately, after some time spent researching on it, we've come out with an idea."

Zhong Yue's eyes brightened up, he beseeched, "What idea? Please, enlighten me!"

Bi and An exchanged a look and said in unison, "It is very hard, and life-risking. You should reconsider it, Junior Martial Brother Zhong!"

Jun Sixie also couldn't restrain herself and asked, "May I ask, what is that do you propose us to do?"

Bi and An looked at one another again before answering, "Sneak into the h.e.l.l Reincarnation and write your name into the Book of Life and Death to the Prison Realm!"

Zhong Yue and the others were bewildered, while Bi continued saying, "And if Junior Martial Brother Zhong is willing to go, we have a request for you."

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