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Chapter 623 - Beheaded!

The extreme state of the Heavenly Dharma level was to strengthen the cultivator's power with the power of heaven and earth!

However, it wasn't the power of heaven and earth that Zhong Yue was utilizing now, it was the divine rays of the three suns.

He broke the equilibrium of the superimposed magnetic fields to let the divine rays in so that his sabers could absorb the divine rays and grow to beyond its limits.

It truth, Zhong Yue was weaker than the Reverse Emperor. Although their arts and skills seemed to be on par with one another, Reverse Emperor's control over his attacks were superior to Zhong Yue's over his own.

After all, Reverse Emperor was an emperor in his past life, there was plenty of time for him to hone his arts and skills. Moreover, his experience and knowledge was simply beyond Zhong Yue's current reach.

Zhong Yue was already at his best performance when he cast a seamless flow of【Sun Burst】and【Moon Tiede】; but even so, Reverse Emperor was able to break them away.

Reverse Emperor's arcane energy and cultivation base was stronger than his, and in addition to his extensive experience, Zhong Yue wouldn't be able to defeat him even with the third style!

However, he had a distinct advantage right here right now—the solar storms were happening, and they were at the center of it all!

The burning sunfire flared all everywhere, but all he could feel was a warm comfort. The sunfire was deadly to the others, but for a cultivator of the Innate Golden Crow True Spirit, it was a source of energy for him!

In his hands, the two divine sabers grew stronger.

"Six wheels, open!" Zhong Yue shouted, his blood essence burst out vigorously and the six Yuan Shen secret realms opened behind him.

"The sixth wheel!" Li Tianxing's eyes flared brightly as he stared at Zhong Yue's sixth light wheel, this was the first time his expression faltered.

Even when Zhong Yue slaughtered the Qi Pract.i.tioners with the【Moon Tide】, the young demon only expressed distant admiration. However, the fact that Zhong Yue had opened the sixth wheel couldn't help but cause his emotions to shudder.

Although the Prison Realm had a complete Six Paths Reincarnations, the number of Qi Pract.i.tioners who could open the sixth Yuan Shen secret realm was still incredibly rare. Those who had were usually spared and brought out from the Prison Realm to the higher realms like the Heaven Realm, Earth, or even the Celestial Realm. Moreover, one might even be talented enough to be selected as a disciple of the greater figures from the Zi Wei Imperial Star.

Before this, Li Tianxing was the only known cultivator with the sixth Yuan Shen secret realm.

Zhong Yue's blood essence billowed violently, the Nine Revolving Inner Core flew out and his third eye opened with a sun and Innate Golden Crow True Spirit in his first divine eye, and a moon and the Innate Star Toad True Spirit in his second divine eye.

As he now cast everything he had, the power of the two sabers doubled instantly!

The Reverse Emperor's face grew solemn and he suddenly moved; with Zhong Yue now leveraging the force of the solar storms, he was already strong enough to pose a great threat to him!

After all, the solar storms were far too strong for a cultivator to handle, even a slight surge of it would be able to threaten his life!

As of now, the sunfire, Solar Cosmic Rays and Metamagnet Divine Rays were scattered all around them. In the midst of the sunfire, Reverse Emperor dashed forward while his body started morphing.

A smaller body of his own suddenly grew out from the top of his head, like a mini Reverse Emperor above him.

It was the Immortal Body!

Clearly, the Reverse Emperor had also cultivated an art like the Immortal Body that allowed the mortal body to morph and change forms!

The mini Reverse Emperor on his head held on the Blood Banner and swung it heavily, using the Blood Banner to hinder Zhong Yue's blood essence and power.

Whereas the Reverse Emperor clenched on the Blood Axe and brought it down in a slas.h.i.+ng motion with great battling will. It was an ancient skill with unparalleled strength, so strong that all who dared to stand against it should be sentenced to death!

It wasn't just a skill, it was the resemblance of the demon emperor's undefiable will!

Blood rays extended out from the axe, cleaving the sunfire into halves like waves in front of him.

Amidst the blood rays were the souls of the dead swarming over at Zhong Yue!

"Reverse Emperor amended the flaws in his past life." Bi suddenly said, "This is his strongest skill. It was cast in the last battle of his past life, but a flaw in it was seized by his opponent and it lead to his death. But now, it seemed like he had managed to patch the flaw in this skill."

An nodded, but shook his head again just seconds later, "But it was only the flaw in this particular skill that was fixed, there isn't much improvements in his arts."

Zhong Yue's clothes fluttered against his own billowing aura, the hairband disintegrated away, he and set his white hairs loose in the air.

The young man let out a strong bellow, his muscles bulged out, and two additional arms grew out from his body. He then clasped the divine sabers and swung them in a cross shape!

The twin sabers were like two soaring dragons, shearing Reverse Emperor's skill away in an instant and leaving a deep crack on the Blood Axe. The Reverse Emperor m.u.f.fled a deep groan, and he felt a peculiar force of energy pummeling through the axe into his hands and exploding within his muscles.

"Is this the third style of the【G.o.d Slaying Three Styles】?" Faces of the experts changed drastically and they grew solemn as they said, "Strong, how strong! This skill is capable of crus.h.i.+ng almost every skill!"

Yet, little did they know that this wasn't the third style of the【G.o.d Slaying Three Styles】nor was it created by Zhong Yue. This skill had proven to be unstoppable in many battles and was created by a cultivator whose talent and dedication were beyond comprehension!

The Reverse Emperor was struck hard, the mini Reverse Emperor on his head suddenly fluttered the Blood Banner and with a loud boom, Zhong Yue's mortal body exploded. His blood essence was sucked toward the banner like a stream of river!

The solar storms only enhanced the power of the twin sabers while his mortal body remained the same. At such close proximity, the Blood Banner was strong enough to greatly affect and even siphon his blood essence out from him.

Zhong Yue's mortal body wrinkled at a great speed, but his gaze remained tranquil as he pulled the sabers back as a single beam of light which eventually formed into a glowing light scabbard.

The light scabbard glowed brighter, and as Zhong Yue drew out the Metamagnet Divine Saber, the Metamagnet Divine Rays emanated into the surroundings. The s.p.a.ce around them distorted and its balance was toppled, opening up countless tiny s.p.a.ce rifts around him!

Second style of the【G.o.d Slaying Three Styles】—【Moon Tide】!

Reverse Emperor swung the the Blood Axe and blocked the Metamagnet Divine Saber; however, the Metamagnet Divine Rays around the saber were unaffected and continued to pummel into him, tearing open s.p.a.ce rifts right within his body!

Meanwhile, the Blood Banner had sucked all of Zhong Yue's blood essence out from his body, inflicting severe damage to Zhong Yue as well. He looked no different to a mummy at this point.

"I may be severely wounded, but you have no blood essence anymore. Death is the only way out for you!" The Reverse Emperor laughed loudly, and he blocked the incoming Metamagnet Divine Saber again and was further wounded, but he neglected it all. Instead, he grew happier and his battle spirit only became more inflamed as he swung the axe toward Zhong Yue's head, "Your cultivation will be useless without the support of your blood essence, will you still be able to block my axe? Your third style is no secret to me now, how do you think you can defeat me with a skill that can't kill me?"

All of a sudden, a deep thrumming sound resonated out from within Zhong Yue's body; the f.u.xi divine heart thumped vigorously, pumping an abundance of energy througho his body, quickly regenerating his mortal body to its peak state.

Zhong Yue clenched the Metamagnet Divine Saber and parried the Blood Axe just in time, while the other pair of hands raised the gleaming Solar Divine Saber high up and slashed it down!

Before the saber was even slashed down, the light rays from the Solar Divine Saber were already shot down like a barrage of javelins!

It was the【Sun Burst】!

The Blood Axe clashed on the Metamagnet Divine Saber, nearly breaking the saber into halves. Its immense impact force pressed the saber into Zhong Yue's left shoulder while the Blood Axe cleaved into Zhong Yue's skull.

Meanwhile, the【Sun Burst】also engulfed Reverse Emperor in its blinding light. Reverse Emperor's Yuan Shen flew into the mini Reverse Emperor and it bolted out from the saber lights.

After the【Sun Burst】, the mini Reverse Emperor returned to the mortal body while spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Although his Yuan Shen managed to evade the strike, the arcane energy, psyche and totem patterns in his mortal body were greatly injured. The【Sun Burst】wasn't a skill that targets on the physical mortal body, instead it would only strike on the totem patterns in the mortal body, the internal organs and cultivation base.

Thus, even though the【Sun Burst】did not inflict any physical wounds on the Reverse Emperor's mortal body, it was in fact destroyed beyond repair!

s.h.i.+t, my Immortal Body's been broken! Reverse Emperor's heart thumped in shock, but the Solar Divine Saber had beheaded him before he could react to it.

The Blood Axe fell to the ground, and the Blood Banner slipped away from his hands. Zhong Yue stretched his hand out and grabbed the Reverse Emperor's skull, he twisted Reverse Emperor's neck and ripped his head off.

It was at this moment that the three suns slowly drifted moved away from one another, and the solar storms started to cease.

Outside of the twin planets, the demon G.o.ds looked down at the battle. Li Tianxing and the others were the first to enter their eyes, followed by Zhong Yue and Reverse Emperor's head in his hand.

"Reverse Emperor… was killed by a mere human!?"

d.a.m.n, Feng Xiaozhong never failed to amaze me every freaking time.

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