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Su Ke also felt that he was hallucinating. Huang Mao and his goons were in front of him, but they were all smiles like a dog meeting their owner, just missing the wagging tails.

Even though it was surprising, Su Ke did not let down his guard, his body like a taut spring. His left foot was placed a step forward, while his right leg was ready to be unleashed, and his fists were clenched so tightly and contained such a explosive force, blue veins could be seen.

He then motionlessly stared at Huang Mao. The five goons behind Huang Mao seemed to have practiced this, as they made their faces more severe and shouted at Su Ke, "Brother Su Ke!"

"Heihei, Brother Su Ke, it's really embarra.s.sing. The last time was a misunderstanding, and I always wanted to resolve it. Who knew that when we went to find you, you would just leave? We hurried over because of that!" Huang Mao smiled, revealing scraggly teeth. His face also looked like a blooming chrysanthemum (a.n.u.s).

Not only was w.a.n.g Xiao Gang struck dumb, but even Su Ke was confused.

What was going on? He then furrowed his eyebrows slightly, but he didn't speak.

"This is what happened!" Huang Mao saw through Su Ke's suspicion, so he quickly continued, "Boss! Sun Song also follows Sister Fei Hong. Su Ke, you're her little brother, but we failed to recognize you. Family not recognizing family causes a dispute!" After he finished his explanation, he gauged Su Ke's expression, afraid that he wasn't about to resolve it properly.

Even though Huang Mao said such nice words, inwardly, he hated Su Ke. The last time he brought out his brothers 'to play', he got beaten up by Su Ke and became a laughingstock. He even had to pay for some of their medical fees. Huang Mao actually wanted to wait until his brothers were healed before coming back for revenge, but who knew that he would be Sun Song's scapegoat? He went to the guard house and waited for the boss to come out before helping him carry the weapon as contribution. He even asked for a few more men to strengthen his facade.  Of course, it was also so there wouldn't be any accidents or repeating history.

He hadn't even done anything, but he was scolded by Sun Song, saying that he had offended people he shouldn't have. Liu Fei Hong had announced that no one can cause trouble for Su Ke, and even said that she was looking after him.

If Huang Mao continued after hearing that, he was afraid that his next life wouldn't be so good. It was his boss's boss!
Everyone knew the Oppressive Demon, Liu Fei Hong of Lang Fang city!

Thinking until here, Huang Mao smiled even warmer.

"Brother Su Ke, please let bygones be bygones!"

"Oh!" After Su Ke heard Sister Fei Hong's name, he finally started to react. It was definitely Liu Qing Qing's Sister helping him. While thinking about it, she was able to get the photo of him eating with Liu Qing Qing, and probably knew about his scuffle with Huang Mao. He nodded and said softly, "En, I understand!"

"Thank you, Brother Su Ke!" When Huang Mao heard this, he felt like he just received a pardon, and his smile became even brighter. "Brother Su Ke, we'll head back now and stop bothering you. Just call me if there's anything you need! My name is Huang Yong, but you can call me Huang Mao!"

"En, go!" He replied softly. Su Ke finally knew this guy's name, but totally didn't place any importance on it. He then waved his hand like he was swatting a fly.

"Goodbye Brother Su Ke!" Huang Mao shouted again, as he brought the five hooligans away before he left.

"F*ck! Brother Su Ke, you're too cool!" It was only when they people left did w.a.n.g Xiao Gang dare to speak. His face was full of outrage. "Why do I feel like you were imitating Brother Hao Nan just then!?"

Su Ke immediately knew what Hao Nan w.a.n.g Xiao Gang was talking about. He was a big shot in the Hong Kong film that was very bold and awe-inspiring. His face was amused, "Move aside! Brother Hao Nan's stutter wasn't there, can you speak better!?"

The threat of battle suddenly faded into nothingness. Su Ke also relaxed before turning around to leave. At this time, he realized that the crowd of students were watching him. All of them were excessively shocked with disbelief on their faces.
When Su Ke's gaze swept over them though, they immediately pretended like nothing was wrong. They then felt anxious before walking away with their heads bowed.

"F*ck, what is all this!?" Su Ke knew that these students saw him as a hooligan. His name hasn't been washed clean, but there wouldn't be another bad nickname, right!?

"Brother Su Ke, take me in as your younger Brother. No one in this whole school would dare offend you next time!" w.a.n.g Xiao Gang then relaxed before returning to his usual look. His face was all smiles as he clutched Su Ke's shoulder.

w.a.n.g Xiao Gang then followed Su Ke before placing his bag on the bike. Wei Lan was also behind them and looked at Su Ke with furrowed eyebrows, "Su Ke, what did they say to you?"
Wei Lan was worried that the hooligans may have set a time to fight him..
If it was like this, she definitely needed to stop him.

"Relax, Brother Su Ke is a big shot! That Huang Mao was bowing and showing respect just now. Didn't you see those people acting like little brothers?" w.a.n.g Xiao Gang stood at his side with a super exaggerated expression, but what he said made Wei Lan even more suspicious.

"What happened exactly?" Wei Lan ignored w.a.n.g Xiao Gang and stared directly at Su Ke.

"It's like that!" Su Ke then used his forefinger to rub his nose as he organized his thoughts. "I have a friend that's quite influential in Lang Fang city. I told her about this situation and asked for help. After all, we're still students, so we don't have the ability to mess with these people!"

After listening to Su Ke's words, Wei Lan was consoled. When she saw Huang Mao and co, the first thought she had was to report it to the police. The situation changed too fast though. Before she had time to do anything, everything had settled down.

"I can't stand you treating me like air!" w.a.n.g Xiao Gang was speechless and slapped Su Ke's shoulder. "I'm leaving, go do your own stuff!"

When Wei Lan got on her bike, she asked, "Do you have time tomorrow?"

"Why?" Su Ke was shocked for a moment and immediately felt that something wasn't right as he slowly turned towards Wei Lan.

"I want to buy some examination books tomorrow!"

When Wei Lan spoke, her cheeks unwittingly heated up and her eyes flickered.

"Eh!" Su Ke was stunned. He already had plans with Liu Qing Qing tomorrow, so what should he do now?

Just as Su Ke was ruminating about what to do, he received a system notification alarm.

"Task: Accompany Wei Lan to buy books. Reward: High School Language and Literature (Intermediate proficiency).

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