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Chapter 67

Su Ke saw that Zheng Mo was still a bit embarra.s.sed, so he walked over to her side and took out her black phone from the back pocket of her hot pants, touching her b.u.t.t very naturally. Through the material of her pants, there was a soft and flexible feeling.

“Ah!” Zheng Mo wanted to protest, but it was already too late.

“For you!” Su Ke then took out her SIM card and put it on top of the iPhone box before pus.h.i.+ng it over.

“Let’s talk about the Basketball tournament!”

“Oh!” Zheng Mo’s face was red and she didn’t protest, letting Su Ke talk about the Basketball tournament. Even though it was mentioned over the phone, she didn’t go into that much detailed.

“You said that the tournament was Sunday afternoon?” Su Ke didn’t know when it was, so he never thought that it would be so close.

“That’s right, they’ve already declared war! I can’t believe that Lu Hua is so hateful. He obviously wants to humiliate our cla.s.s. I’m so angry!” Zheng Mo then gnashed her teeth and slammed her fist onto the table.

“It’s fine, just calm down. I’m really good at Basketball!” Su Ke currently had intermediate proficiency in street ball, so his confidence was quite high.

“En, I’ve discussed it with our cla.s.s. I actually also wanted to ask you if you’re free Sunday morning. They want to come up a strategy!” Even though Zheng Mo had only met Su Ke

a few times, she had a lot of faith in him even though she’s never seen him play Basketball.“En, no problem. I’ll buy a SIM card later and call you tonight!” Su Ke saw that it was quite late, and since he had later, he slid Zheng Mo’s phone into his pocket before standing up.

This time, Zheng Mo was like a cute kid as she followed Su Ke to the bus stop before waiting for him to board and heading home afterward.

While Su Ke was sitting on the bus, he fell into a light doze, entering the flower system’s s.p.a.ce. Since he finished 2 tasks this time, the electronic screen had a few changes.

“Task: Accept Liu Fei Hong’s request (Complete). Reward: High school proficiency in English (High-Level).”

“Please accept!”

“Task: Get Zheng Mo’s first kiss (Complete). Reward: Piano proficiency (Intermediate).”

“Please accept!”

After choosing to accept the rewards, a white light shot through the empty s.p.a.ce, then Su Ke felt something warm spread all over his body. His brain then started to swell uncomfortably from all the English grammar, vocabulary, and even slang he had to forcefully learn.However, the sensation was quickly gone, leaving behind a refres.h.i.+ng feeling. His knowledge continued to grow as if it was already there.

The warm feeling came once again, but the only difference is that this one was full of piano knowledge. Scores of songs flooded his brain, then the warmth concentrated into his fingers. It was a

a warm and refres.h.i.+ng taste, making Su Ke feel like his fingers became more nimble and controlled.

At this moment, Su Ke suddenly realized that with these completed tasks, he must have finally reached 20. He quickly went to the help menu  and selected the “help” option, then a message immediately popped up:

“Help function is only available after 20 tasks have been completed!”

“Current: 23 tasks, 20 completed. Initializing!”

A split second after the notice,  a second interface appeared in the shape of a strip.

“Plucking flowers system: currently in the primary phase.”

“System a.s.signment: Finis.h.i.+ng a task will have a corresponding reward. When the system upgrades, there will be corresponding consequences for failing a task. Current rewards are split into:

High school academic proficiency Technical skill proficiency Money Seek a desire

“Penalty unknown!”

Such simple words made Su Ke angry. He wasted half a day and actually got such useless news.

Su Ke mumbled to himself. “Wei, wait, why is there a penalty? Task failure will have a penalty? F*ck! What is this ‘desire’ thing anyway?” Even though the help section seemed like a brief introduction to the system, it shouldn’t logically be this way! Is it because the system is still in its primary phase?

In the midst of the confusion, Su Ke realized that the bus was nearing his stop. The busy afternoon made him feel tired, so he dragged his feet and returned to the cla.s.sroom before resting on his table and half submerging himself in his own thoughts.

Su Ke


Su Ke then realized that his life was slowly changing from the person he was before. He wasn’t just getting busier, but there were more people around him. Of course, he’s also met more and more beauties.

The afternoon pa.s.sed by quickly. After Su Ke heard the last bell ring, he started to slowly pack his bag. In order to excel in the monthly examinations, he was even more serious in cla.s.s.

“Wei, I’ve noticed that you’re quite attentive in cla.s.s lately!” Wei Lan said, while sitting on her bike as she twisted around to look at Su Ke.

“Haha, that’s because of somebody’s reward. I need to risk my life!” Su Ke was riding the bike and looking along the street, preparing to go and buy a SIM card. Hearing Wei Lan’s words, he turned his head and smiled, showing off his white teeth.

“Tch. You can dream on. If you really manage to surpa.s.s me, I’ll definitely keep my word!” Wei Lan faced the sun, a smile br.i.m.m.i.n.g on her face. Hearing Su Ke’s words, she curled her lip in disdain. Her dimples were like vessels of sunlight, so even her ruthless words seemed cute.

“Then wait! Haha!” Su Ke then followed Wei Lan to Feng Ze’s home. When Wei Lan got off the bike, she looked at Su Ke while speechless.

“What is it?” Su Ke didn’t get off the bike as he had one foot on the ground.

“Su Ke, you need to work hard!” to work hard!” After saying so, she quickly ran off, leaving Su Ke alone and confused.

“Giving me luck! Does she want me to study hard for the exams, win the bet, then accept my prize?” Su Ke felt like that was the case as he cycled away, feeling proud.

Su Ke then went to a trading center along the road and bought a SIM card and a charger. He then went to Fang Fei tor work. However, since Luo Fei Yan said that she wanted to go to Tianjin yesterday, there was barely anyone on the third floor, making Su Ke feel relaxed.

When he finally went home, Su Ke hid inside his house after he ate. He then started to fix up his phone. Su Ke knew that the majority of his cla.s.smates had phones, and Zheng Mo’s phone wasn’t actually that old. It was rather well maintained, making it seem brand new.

Even though he didn’t have a phone, Su Ke knew how to operate one. Afterall, being interested is the best teacher. In a short while, Su Ke was very clear about the phone’s functions.

“Pu! This is a private picture!” Su Ke casually looked through the pictures and quickly enough, he saw Zheng Mo’s private photos. A lot of them were also taken in her home, so there was a… lack… of clothing.

In a flash, Su Ke’s nose suddenly and very rapidly squirted blood. Is this the power of a beautiful woman?

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