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Su Ke had received a great shock. Getting confessed to by a girl, this was a heaven-and-earth shaking event for him! Liu Qingqing was just like a thunderclap directly echoing within his mind, leaving behind its buzzing sounds.

“What did she say?” Unbelievable, Su Ke even thought that maybe he was hallucinating. Luckily, the other two girls were still there to clear those doubts away.

“Brother Su Ke, Qingqing asked whether she can be your girlfriend!” That crew-cut girl raised her head and replied with a smile across her face, gazing at Su Ke with her bright eyes. “Do you accept?”

“Eh! Fudge! This is real!” Su Ke accepted that he wasn’t hallucinating, but he didn’t know how to respond to this question. At this moment, a beep sound rung within the Flower Pickup System, making him rush into its s.p.a.ce to have a look.

“Mission: Invite Liu Qingqing to have lunch together; Reward: 500 RMB.”

“Mission: Placate Wei Lan’s anger; Reward: 300 RMB.”

Two new missions were issued all of a sudden. It looked like the path ahead was filled with troubles, but Su Ke couldn’t find the right way to tackle this problem. The two girls in front of him appeared to be waiting for him with impatience. Looking at the change in his expression, their gazes became filled with contempt.

“Brother Su Ke! Say it clearly, whether you accept or not! How can you act so effeminate?” The crew-cut girl wrinkled her brows, expressing her bad mood.

“Yes! You weren’t like this when you beat up Li Daxing during lunch time! How is it that you don’t resemble menfolk now?!” The other girl apparently wasn’t a goody-shoes too, faintly showing hostility towards him. She slid her hand across her other elbow, pulling up the sleeve of her half-sleeved t-s.h.i.+rt to expose an indistinct rose tattoo.

Su Ke instinctively furrowed his brows. He didn’t expect these two girls in front of him were delinquents. They were clearly threatening him! He replied without thinking. “The cross-st.i.tch tattoo is done pretty well!”

“Your eyes are blind!” That tattoo girl directly pounced towards Su Ke. The arrogance within her expression disgusted Su Ke. If it were a man in front of him, he would’ve already kicked him away.

“You’re mad!” That crew-cut girl immediately held onto the tattoo girl from the side and quickly apologized towards Su Ke. “Brother Su Ke, don’t mind Li Yan. Her mind’s quite jittery since her menstruation period has arrived!”

Su Ke found this crew-cut girl to be amusing. This little freshman girl really had the guts to speak out, even making him feel embarra.s.sed. “Alright. You should return to cla.s.s now. Tell Liu Qingqing that if she has the time, maybe we have lunch together!”

“Brother Su Ke, you mean that you accept her confession?” The crew-cut girl leaped with a happy expression as if she had won a prize.

Before he could reply, he noticed a few girls had arrived within the corridor. Each of them appeared to be from the freshmen year as well. Their faces still had a trace of childishness, but all of them had a sharp look right now, scowling towards them with a murderous spirit.

“That’s her!” Suddenly, one of them yelled while pointing towards the crew-cut girl. The rest of them quickly ran over to start a fight.

By the time Su Ke caught onto what’s happening, the crew-cut girl was already surrounded by the five of them, receiving their punches and kicks. Luckily, her height was quite short, so she didn’t get her head hurt, else it’d have been too miserable.

The corridor became chaotic in a moment. After that, following after the crew-cut girl, that girl called Li Yan screamed and entered the fray as well. It then became a 2 vs 5, making it all the more bustling. A fight between girls didn’t have many movements, they pulled at each other’s hair and slapped each other’s faces.

“Mission: Help w.a.n.g Huan escape from the encirclement; Reward: 200 RMB.”

How could Su Ke know who was w.a.n.g Huan? Regardless of who it was, he decided to first help these persons out. Taking a step forward, his body easily entered the encirclement of those group of violent girls.

He was at a loss after entering inside though, as it’d be improper to set about against them to fend them off!

“Aigh, just do it!” Su Ke scolded himself and decided to resolve himself to first bring that crew-cut girl and that tattoo girl out. His actions were like electric current, eyes swift and hands quick, taking unpredictable actions.

“Ya! Who pinched my thighs?”

“Aaahh! Don’t pull my belt! My pants will fall down!”

“Aiyah! My b.u.t.t!”

Within the confusion, Su Ke had appeared in front of the crew-cut girl and the tattoo girl. He looked towards those five fiendish girl delinquents in front of him, all of whom now were blus.h.i.+ng and panting, looking at him, which made him feel a little uncomfortable.

To prevent these delinquents from starting a fight again, he opened up his arms to protect the two girls behind him. A soft feeling came through his palm. Mhmm, feels quite good as if I’m holding a big bun.

“Fudge! Bun!” Su Ke’s heart palpitated. His five fingers squeezing lightly. The texture of the pure cotton t-s.h.i.+rt could be felt through his fingertips, through it, his thumb appeared to have come into contact with some flexible sponge, while the rest of the four fingers felt smooth and tender skin.

“B-Brother Su Ke!” The crew-cut girl’s voice came from behind, completely void of the previous drive, instead, her shuddering voice was as mild as a sheep’s.

“Hmm?” Su Ke slowly turned his head. Though he had a bad premonition, he could only act stupid and display shock.

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“Y-Your hand!” The crew-cut girl’s face was bright red as she forced herself to squeeze out a smile, raising her right hand to point at her bosom. As for the other girl, Li Yan, her eyes were already wide open with alarm, covering her mouth with her hand, wearing an inconceivable expression on her face.

“Eh! I’m sorry. It was an accident!” Su Ke’s hand resembled a small cover which closely held onto her bosom. Although his palm didn’t cover it entirely, only occupying 2/3rd of it, Su Ke still gave an embarra.s.sed smile and slowly withdrew his hand.

“w.a.n.g Huan!” Li Yan screamed. Her hair had become a little messy due to scuffle just now. She looked towards the crew-cut girl. “w.a.n.g Huan, you lost your virginity!”

“Puchi!” Su Ke, who had just withdrawn his hand back, immediately felt his blood rus.h.i.+ng up his throat. What losing virginity? I was just a little careless and groped her bosom a little, that’s all. Although it felt pretty good, how can that be losing virginity?

His complexion turned green and then pale, Su Ke wished to cry but had no tears. He quickly turned back, but those five girls were still glaring at him like tigress’s.

“Gigolo, you pulled my belt just now, didn’t you?”

“Did you pinch my b.u.t.t?”

“Cough!” Su Ke took a deep breath. Although ‘Gigolo’ this address had a positive connotation to it, it still sounded a bit awkward. Can’t they use some others words, like – Handsome, Adonis etc… He furrowed his brows. “Which cla.s.s are you from? Don't you fear getting expelled due to fighting at school?”

“Hey, gigolo! Who forgot to zip up their pants and let you out!” The leader of those girls spoke with disdain, curling her lips up.

“Get lost!” Su Ke’s anger flared up immediately. I didn’t expect these freshmen to be so brazen with cursing. The students nowadays really are becoming worse. His eyes opened wide as he roared.

“This brother here is Su Ke, who beat up Li Daxing in the mess during noon. Since you’ve offended him, he’ll r*pe you all!” That tattoo girl, Li Yan, came to the front and stated fiercely.

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