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Chapter 14: Temperament of a Shota

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Su Ke followed that woman upstairs. His line of sight happened to fall upon her b.u.t.tocks, which seemed to be a grade more curvaceous than that of Li Feifei’s; it was plump and round as a ball—a perfect curvature. It made his heart thump madly as he looked at them sway left and right.

Su Ke felt his palms dampen. “If I touch these b.u.t.tocks, perhaps the sensation of feeling them will be a lot better than Li Feifei’s!” Su Ke gulped down and smeared the sweat on his palms on his jeans as he did his best to adjust his breathing.

“Ahhh!” As Su Ke was fantasizing, he saw the woman ahead of him slip; her body leaned backward, just about to fall down.

Su Ke’s hands moved as swiftly as his eyes, supporting that woman’s waist, grabbing it. He felt a slender waist full of delicate skin, without even the slightest amount of flab. That Fretwork linen sleeveless one-piece had a soft texture, so his palm could clearly feel the warmth of her skin through it, as well as that tenderness and smoothness.

The woman didn’t fall down due to Su Ke supporting her; she turned back to smile and thanked him. The saying—”Turning her head, she smiled so sweet and full of grace, that she outshone the fairest face in the six Palaces”—was no joke. The surging waves of red wine swept up; her pair of cheeks blus.h.i.+ng due to being drunk; that gaze akin to spring river ripples was a look enough to cause one to be fl.u.s.tered.

Fortunately, the incident frightened the woman, rousing her up from the influence of wine. She nodded towards Su Ke and continued climbing upwards; Su Ke follower her to the 3rd floor.

The 3rd floor was an area used to serve the VIP clients. Its decoration was done in a partial European style, with a light yellow hue which made a person relax subconsciously. The entire floor was divided into 15 individual cosmetic rooms by crystal bead curtains, through which a spa bed could be seen. The west side was separated into a Lounge Area, which had a circular sofa, as well as a small bar counter, while the east side was an open s.p.a.ce which had a piano placed at the center.

“The piano is over there. If you don’t mind, I’ll lie down and listen!” That woman pointed at the piano to the east. It seemed as if the wine had made her squiffy again; her sight blurred as she reached out to ma.s.sage her brows.

“I don’t mind it!” Su Ke had already left behind the nervousness of his heart. “I’m already upstairs, and the piano is before me, so no matter what happens, I have to give it a try once.” He nodded towards that woman with a smile.

It was a three legs piano which had a body that gave a bright l.u.s.ter and a feeling full of texture; in addition, those black and white keys gave it a graceful grandeur. Su Ke sat in front of the piano and took a deep breath, pressing a piano key in pa.s.sing. The sound was crisp, with a clear treble as well as a deep and resonant ba.s.s; the key also felt very comfortable.

Luckily, there was a Bandari piano sheet in front of him, otherwise, Su Ke would have had to play a tune impromptu. Su Ke suddenly felt his mood relax as the first note pulsed out, each of the piano keys felt familiar to him, as if he was proficient in playing them for many years.

The continuous piano notes, soft and ringing, contained a pa.s.sionate rhythm. Under Su Ke’s natural and flowing play, the black and white keys fluttered at lightning speed. Similar to a river’s flowing water, to a bird’s chirping, the sounds were occasionally cheerful, occasionally mournful; occasionally wavering, occasionally rising high.

Unknowingly, Su Ke had already closed his eyes. The piano sheet had been rooted in his heart, and a faint smile formed across his mouth. He was immersed in the sound of the piano, unaware of the flow of time.

Su Ke eventually began to improvise his play, completely pa.s.sionate, until the final note which slowly dissipated. Only then did he open his eyes, returning to reality. The entire floor was silent except for the lingering sounds, void of any sound from the beautiful boss.

“Fudge! The piano sounds didn’t scare her away, right?” Su Ke got up, walking over towards the direction the woman had gone and found her behind the bead curtain.

Su Ke softly lifted the bright and pure crystal bead curtain. The woman laid there on the spa bed, her eyes closed as her long eyelashes covered her eyelids; a beautiful and elegant nose bridge, gorgeous red lips, and the remanent blush on her cheeks due to the intoxication, which radiated a dreamy sense of beauty.

Her legs curled together as her skirt had already been raised to the thighs; a look upward and the belly’s tender mutton fat nephrite-like skin could be seen through the Fretwork linen. Those plump and towering twin peaks and the cleavage in between were both seducing.

“Gulp!” Su Ke could hear the sound of him gulping down his saliva as his madly heartbeat palpitated. This was his first time observing a woman, a Sleeping Beauty, at such a close range. “If I crouch down, wouldn’t I be able to take a peek? Is it really a thong? If so, the spring scene visible to me wouldn’t be just that!”

— — —1

His breathing became rushed as he made soft steps.

Looking at Su Ke come down alone, the girl at the reception desk had a smiling expression, welcoming him. “How? What did the boss say?”

“Eh! She fell asleep! It might be because my play resembled a lullaby very much!” Su Ke felt helpless.

“Who said that? I believe your playing was pleasant to listen. Ah, why is your face so red!” The reception desk girl noticed the blush on Su Ke’s cheeks as well as the indistinct sweat on his forehead. “Were you extremely nervous?”

“Eh, yes, extremely nervous. I fear I might not pa.s.s!” It was utterly improbable for Su Ke to speak about what he did above. Luckily, the girl seemed to be good at understanding others and had already given a good excuse for him.

“The boss might be too tired. The business hasn’t been open for long, each day, the Industry and Commerce, Taxation, Public Security, Hygiene, etc… all come to bother her. Once she wakes up, how about I inquire regarding your evaluation!”

“Thank you very much, Big Sis!” Su Ke’s face had already become thick, so his address of "Big Sis" had become smoother as well. He had to go all in to be able to obtain this part-time job; after all, the reward is Senior High School Mathematics Proficiency (Intermediate Level)!

“Right, Big Sis, will I be able to do the job part-time, I have to go to during daytime!”

“This… You’ll have to see how the boss makes the arrangement. The initial request was for three s.h.i.+fts: Morning: 9 AM to 11 AM, Noon: 3 PM to 5 PM, and Night: 7 PM to 9 PM. If the boss agrees, you can choose the night s.h.i.+ft, but you can’t hold up on doing homework, okay? You are in your Senior Year now!” the girl spoke her thoughts.

“Hehe, no problem. It won’t affect my homework!” Su Ke wasn’t anxious to leave as he didn’t have anything else to do after this. “It will be good if the boss wakes up soon so I can directly receive the result.”

Another reason was that he wanted to form a sound bond with this reception girl. Just in case the boss has different intentions, he wished she would speak for him and bend her policy.

“Big Sis, I’m called Su Ke, in my Senior Year at Seventeen Senior High School!" Su Ke hadn’t realized how sunny his smile seemed currently, so perhaps it was due to the reception girl’s willingness to help him.

“I’m called Lin Xiaobai. You can call me as Big Sis. I turned 22 this year.” Lin Xiaobai placed a chair beside herself for Su Ke to sit, and then propped up her chin, sizing him up and down. “I feel your temperament has changed from since going upstairs and coming down!”

“Aah? What temperament did I have?” Su Ke laughed.

“Ah, the temperament of a Shota!” Lin Xiaobai giggled while covering her mouth.

Scene change. Note that nothing was skipped in the process of translation and this is intentional by the Author for this specific chapter. Let your imaginations run wild. ;)

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