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Chapter 1903: Jian Chen's Might (Two)

"p.i.s.s off!" Jian Chen roared out as a vicious light flickered through his eyes. He opened a path with the Startling Rainbow sword. His every strike possessed the power of laws, and every single one of them resonated with the world. When it came in contact with protector Wu's Laws of Metal, it tore through it all.

Protector Wu's huge sword danced quickly. Energy surged, and the laws of the world appeared. The might of a powerful battle skill shook up the surroundings as he used his full strength against Jian Chen to keep him busy.

Protector Wu fought with great difficulty. His face was extremely stern, and he had already paled. The protector's uniform from the Earth Spirit sect on his body had already ripped. In such a short amount of time, he had already become covered in slashes and blood.

Jian Chen formed a seal and used the Daluo Sword again. It punched through the golden light around protector Wu and struck his body.

With a heavy thud, protector Wu was sent flying while vomiting blood. His face was pale, and he was now very injured.

The sword Qi did not pierce through his body. Instead, his huge sword blocked it. However, he still became heavily injured regardless.

"How is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan so strong? He's unstoppable. Are there still any OverG.o.ds who can take him on? No, I can't let him catch up to my juniors, or it'll be too late even if I want to save them," protector Wu was extremely shocked. He immediately took out some healing pills he had received from the Earth Spirit sect and consumed them before charging over once again.

Jian Chen was worried about the Tian Yuan clan, so he was not in the mood to continue fighting with protector Wu. After pus.h.i.+ng him back with a single strike, he wanted to hurry off to the Tian Yuan clan.

However, at this moment, a hand covered in golden flames appeared before Jian Chen with the Laws of Fire and shot towards him.

Protector Gong had silently appeared behind Jian Chen. His eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

Frigid light flickered through Jian Chen's eyes. He was extremely cold. Jian Chen experienced killing intent when the two protectors did everything they could to stop him so that they could buy time for the two mid OverG.o.ds to destroy the Tian Yuan clan.

The light around Jian Chen shone brighter, and Chaotic Force rampaged within him, filling every inch of his body. He pushed the defences of his Chaotic Body to the maximum. He did not even try to dodge protector Gong's palm strike. Instead, he directly used his back to resist it.

Protector's Gong's golden hand struck Jian Chen's layer of protective light with terrifying heat, destroying it.

However, the light managed to waste away quite a lot of the Laws of Fire that had condensed within the hand. It had lost half of everything just to get through the light.

In the end, it struck Jian Chen's back with only half its power.


All of the power within protector Gong's hand exploded on Jian Chen's back, blowing him far away.

Protector Gong could not help but smile joyously when he saw his attack land. Jian Chen had used his body to take on the strike. Even though it had already weakened drastically to get through the light around Jian Chen, the remaining power was still extremely great. Any OverG.o.d would become heavily injured if they took such a strike regardless of how powerful they were.

However, in the next moment, protector Gong's complacent expression suddenly froze. His eyes widened as he stared at Jian Chen in utter disbelief. He became slightly stunned.

He discovered that Jian Chen's complexion was the same as before after taking on the strike. He was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, and his presence did not weaken at all. It did not seem like he was injured at all.

Instead, he flew towards the provincial city with even greater speed, pursuing protector Gong's two juniors with lightning speed.

The palm strike did not even seem like it was for injuring Jian Chen. Instead, it seemed like it was used to propel Jian Chen towards his two juniors.

"Why did this happen? My attack clearly landed on him. It's impossible for him to not become injured," protector Gong watched on in disbelief. He had struck Jian Chen after so much difficulty, but he discovered that he failed to injure Jian Chen at all. This matter had taken him by surprise.

Even in the Earth Spirit sect, his strength made him one of the top existences among all OverG.o.ds. He was proud, yet he seemed like nothing time and time again after coming to a backwater place like the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The two women from the Earth Spirit sect also discovered that Jian Chen was chasing them. Jian Chen simply moved too quickly. It was impossible for them to destroy the Tian Yuan clan before he arrived, as they were only mid OverG.o.ds.

"Feng Xia, go destroy the Tian Yuan clan. I'll stop him," one of the women said coldly. She held a fan and swung it forcefully. It produced a cloud of sword Qi that shot towards Jian Chen. Each strand of sword Qi was only the size of a finger, and it fell on Jian Chen like rain. They all possessed the power from the Laws of the Sword.

Jian Chen stabbed out. The light on the Startling Rainbow sword surged. The sword Qi from the fan collided with the light from the Startling Rainbow sword, causing it all to disperse.

Afterwards, a ray of light shot out from the Startling Rainbow sword. With a flash of white light in the sky, the light directly punched through the woman's chest.

The woman vomited blood. At the same time, blood spurted out from her chest like a fountain, falling like rain. Filling the air, it seemed like a storm of blood, dyeing the streets of the city red.

"Junior Chen!" The two late OverG.o.ds both cried out. They had already rushed over, stopping Jian Chen once again. The three of them began fighting above the city. Terrifying shockwaves of energy shook up the surroundings and kicked up storms. Many structures collapsed wherever it managed to hit.

The city was in a mess. Everyone fled crazily. They all used everything they had to push their speeds to the limit.

These were energy shockwaves from battles between late OverG.o.ds. Even G.o.ds could not endure it, not to mention the fact that many of them had not even attained G.o.dhood.

Jian Chen was entangled with protector Wu and protector Gong. He was unable to break free temporarily, so it was difficult for him to heavily injure the final woman.

At this moment, sword Qi shot into the air. A dark, metal sword surged into the air from one of the streets in the city, directly towards the final protector.

"Jian Chen, just deal with the two of them without worrying. Leave the two women to me," Shen Jian's voice rang out. As he spoke, he struck Kai Ya's back with a palm strike, sending her flying with a gentle force. At the same time, he called out, "Go return to the clan."

After sending Kai Ya away, Shen Jian shot up from the ground. He too flickered with light as he soared into the sky with sword Qi. With the dark, metal sword in his hand, he began fighting with the female protector.

The woman who had a hole punched through her chest by Jian Chen was not dead. She raised her head and looked at Shen Jian, who was busy fighting Feng Xia. Then, she glanced at Kai Ya, who had been sent far away by Shen Jian. A cold light appeared in her eyes.

"Where did this OverG.o.d come from? He's sticking his nose into other people's business, getting in the way of us destroying the Tian Yuan clan. I'll definitely make you pay a heavy price. Since you pushed away that Saint Emperor ant before you began fighting with Feng Xia, she must be quite important to you. Oh right, I think I remember seeing you always guard her before."

With a thought, the woman sneered, and with a single moment, she charged towards Kai Ya with great speed.

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