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Chapter 1838: Sword of Ways

"Fifteen thousand high grade divine crystals…"

"Twenty thousand high grade divine crystals…"

"Thirty thousand high grade divine crystals…"

"A hundred thousand high grade divine crystals…"

The flying sword intrigued many people. At the same time, there were a few people who revealed much desire and yearning towards possessing it. As a result, the price surpa.s.sed a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals very quickly.

There were three grades among medium quality saint artifacts. Although Jian Chen had also obtained a medium quality saint artifact in the Dong'an province, the Flying Snow sword, it was far, far cheaper than the flying sword right now.

This was because the Flying Snow sword could only be considered as a rather normal medium quality saint artifact. As a matter of fact, it was nowhere near the level of being considered as a superior medium quality saint artifact, while the flying sword that had appeared in the auction was a masterpiece, even though it was also of medium quality. It was basically on par with inferior high quality saint artifacts, so it would naturally be extremely valuable.

"One hundred and fifty thousand high quality divine crystals…"

"One hundred and eighty thousand high quality divine crystals…"

The price of the medium quality saint artifact continued to climb. Many people bid for it, which was why its price rose like this. It had already surpa.s.sed the limit that many clans with G.o.ds could afford, so they could only give up on it. Now, only a few people from clans with OverG.o.ds within the private viewing boxes contended for it.

After a fierce struggle, the flying sword that was only slightly inferior to a high quality saint artifact was purchased by a person from an OverG.o.d organisation from the Divine Kingdom of Kaiyuan.

The items for auction were brought up one by one. Not only were there various saint artifacts, but there were also a few precious heavenly resources, Truth Tier Battle Skills, cultivation methods, and notes on cultivation. There were even various formation discs and banners that possessed extraordinary power.

In such a grand auction, there were naturally various pills that normally never appeared. Even three Soul Recovery Pills appeared, which piqued even Jian Chen's interest. He was tempted to buy all three of them immediately.

Soul Recovery Pills could save his life in crucial times. If he had enough of them, he would have no need to worry about the consequences of consuming all the power of his soul from using two strands of Profound Sword Qi together.

Unfortunately, the Soul Recovery Pills were just too expensive. Basically every single one of them had been sold for over two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals, so Jian Chen could only suppress his desire.

He still had a few Soul Recovery Pills that he had obtained from G.o.dking Duanmu's s.p.a.ce Ring. As a result, he was not in desperate need of the pills right now. He had to use the limited sum of divine crystals he had to buy the Soul-drawing Lotus.

"I believe many will find interest in the item for auction next," the hostess smiled on the stage. She currently held an embroidered box covered in formations with great caution.

Ever since the auction began, this was the first time the hostess had revealed such a stern expression, which made people realise that the item within the box was probably something special.

At that moment, everyone became interested. Their eyes shone as they stared at the box within Ou Di's hands.

Ou Di carefully removed the formations on the box. She moved extremely slowly and with great care. However, it was exactly because of her actions that everyone became even more intrigued by the item within the box.

Finally, the formations on the box was completely removed. Ou Di used her elegant fingers to remove the lid carefully. Instantly, a deathly presence of destruction began to radiate from it, filling the entire auction centre. The expressions of all the G.o.ds present changed drastically, revealing their shock.

Jian Chen also became surprised. He stared at the box.

Within the box laid a translucent sword that was the length of a hand.

The deathly presence of destruction experienced by all the G.o.ds originated from this sword.

Ou Di brought the box around so that everyone could see it before closing the box immediately. She cut off the presence of the sword that was extremely terrifying to G.o.ds.

"A Sword of Ways! It's a Sword of Ways!" Someone suddenly cried out from one of the private boxes.

The tens of thousands of people present were immediately thrown into an uproar when they heard this person's words. They all discussed with each other softly as shock was plastered across their faces.

Ou Di stood on the stage as her gentle and pleasant voice rang out, "Correct, this is a Sword of Ways, and it's one condensed by an OverG.o.d!"

Ou Di continued, "Although many of you have already recognised what it is, I believe there are still quite a few of you who have no idea what a Sword of Ways is. Allow me to explain in detail."

"A Sword of Ways cannot be condensed by those below OverG.o.d. Once someone reaches OverG.o.d, they can use their comprehension to control the laws of the world and forcefully seal it into a piece of Stone of Ways, which forms a Sword of Ways. Each sword's power is equivalent to a strike from the expert who condensed the sword. It's only a single attack condensed from the laws of the world, so it lacks adaptability and ingenuity, making it very difficult to threaten experts of the same level. However, it is a fatal threat to those one cultivation level lower. It can kill them instantly or even heavily injure a large group of people."

"Let's use the Sword of Ways here as an example. It was condensed by an OverG.o.d, so you all must have sensed how terrifying it was. May I ask just how great of a chance do you have to survive if someone used this against you?"

Many people paled slightly when they heard Ou Di's explanation. They became extremely stern. Before, they had all clearly sensed the presence of destruction from within the Sword of Ways. In front of the presence, all of them felt their souls tremble.

A sliver of pity appeared on Ou Di's face. She continued, "Unfortunately, although OverG.o.ds only need some time to condense a Sword of Ways, the Stones of Ways that can record the laws of the world are extremely hard to find, which is why Swords of Ways are extremely rare in our region."

Ou Di's face suddenly changed. She raised the box up high and said, "The bidding for the Sword of Ways starts now. If you need a clan treasure, if you need a trump card to save your life, if you have an enemy who is also a G.o.d, you cannot miss the opportunity to purchase this item. The starting price is five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals!"

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