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Chapter 1815: Miraculous Liquid

"It's the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. He's the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan…"

"What's happening? Why is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan suddenly emitting such powerful sword Qi? Has he broken through…"

"The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was already very powerful. I heard that the OverG.o.d of the Wayner clan was not his opponent at all and was kept at bay throughout the entire battle. Now that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has broken through, just how powerful will he become? Will he be a mid OverG.o.d? Or a late OverG.o.d…"

"I heard that every breakthrough for an OverG.o.d requires an extremely lengthy period of cultivation, but the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has only remained here for two decades, and he has broken through again. This talent is just too terrifying…"

"The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was already a peak expert within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Even among all the OverG.o.ds, there aren't many people who are his opponent because he has comprehended the Laws of the Sword…"

Many cultivators stood in the distance as they cried out while staring at Jian Chen.

Chi Qian did not leave during this period. When he saw Jian Chen make another breakthrough, he felt joy from the bottom of his heart. He was a part of the Tian Yuan clan now, so the more powerful the patriarch became, the more immovable the Tian Yuan clan's status would become. His chances at becoming an OverG.o.d would increase as well.

The sword Qi radiated from Jian Chen for an entire day before slowly dispersing in the end. Very soon, the surroundings settled down once more.

With the disappearance of the powerful sword Qi, all the cultivators gathered there dispersed their protective barriers and stared at Jian Chen in reverence.

At this moment, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes as he sat on the mountain. The moment his eyes opened, a streak of light seemed to shoot out, directly striking a mountain several thousand meters away, producing a heavy boom.

If it were not for the fact that all the mountains around the area had become extremely tough due to the existence of G.o.dking Duanmu's sword slashes, the mountain probably would have been penetrated by Jian Chen's gaze.

"I've finally reached the partial achievement of Sword Spirit successfully," the corner of Jian Chen's mouth curled up into a smile. After twenty years of cultivation and comprehension, his Laws of the Sword had broken through once more in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling.

"When I reached the minor achievement of Sword Spirit, my Laws of the Sword were only equivalent to early OverG.o.d. Afterwards, I comprehended some more on the second floor of the Sword Comprehension Building, allowing me to make some more progress. After a few years, it culminated to the peak of minor achievement, which was equivalent to mid OverG.o.d."

"Now that my Laws of the Sword have reached the partial achievement of Sword Spirit, it's equivalent to the comprehension of a late OverG.o.d," Jian Chen thought. He immediately determined his current strength.

His comprehension of laws had now reached the levels of late OverG.o.ds.

The only thing he lacked was the same as before, and that was personal cultivation.

His Chaotic Body remained at the tenth layer, which was equivalent to a G.o.d. Only when his Chaotic Body reached the eleventh layer would his cultivation reach OverG.o.d.

Cultivation realms depended on the comprehension of laws, while cultivation depended on the energy within the dantian.

"My chaotic neidan is only missing a third of the energy it needs before it can reach the eleventh layer. I have to find the cultivation resources for this third as soon as possible," Jian Chen made up his mind inside before leaving without any reluctance at all.

After reaching the partial achievement of Sword Spirit, this place no longer held much significance for Jian Chen.

This was because this was only the place where G.o.dking Duanmu practised the sword and not where G.o.dking Duanmu decided to pa.s.s on his laws. Jian Chen had already completely understood and absorbed the comprehension that would be beneficial to him. Remaining any longer would not allow him to improve.

However, Jian Chen did not know that after he left, the place where he cultivated basically became a treasured and desired area. Everyone wanted to have it for themselves as if they believed that the effects of comprehending the Laws of the Sword would be greatly increased as long as they practised there.

At the same time, as people from many divine kingdoms were gathered in the dwelling, the news of the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan's breakthrough was brought back to their clans as quickly as possible.

In a tall tower within the Mo family of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang, the ancestor of the family sat in a s.p.a.ce. Currently, he was wearing black robes. He held an extremely damaged piece of armor in his hand as he studied it. He appeared to be hesitating.

"This G.o.d artifact is far too damaged. With my strength, even if I find the corresponding materials, I won't be able to repair it. If I can't repair it, this armor will only be an extremely rare but useless item for collection. I can sell it to those large sects or clans and benefit greatly, but it's a G.o.d artifact after all. Even if it's damaged, it's rather regretful for me to just sell it like that."

"That's because the things that those clans and sects will offer to me probably won't be enough for my strength to increase. No matter how many divine crystals and heavenly resources I possess, my strength won't increase at all as long as I can't make a breakthrough in my comprehension of laws. However, if I can repair the armor, my strength will directly increase," thought the ancestor as he hesitated.

"Jian Chen killed my beloved descendent, taking much delight from me. That's unforgivable. Although I've reached the peak of mid OverG.o.d, I still don't have much confidence in stopping Jian Chen's two strands of sword Qi. I must find a way to block the two strands of sword Qi if I want to kill Jian Chen. But I can only stop the sword Qi if I reach late OverG.o.d or get many OverG.o.ds to work with me."

"It's very difficult for me to make a breakthrough in my cultivation while finding other OverG.o.ds to fend off Jian Chen with me is extremely difficult as well. After all, basically everyone has learnt about Jian Chen's strength and power from what happened in G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling. It'll be difficult to invite them to help me against Jian Chen. Even if I can invite them, I'm unwilling to pay the price."

The ancestor of the Mo family looked at the damaged armor in his hands again and murmured, "Looks like I can only use this G.o.d artifact given the current situation. The armor is a G.o.d artifact after all. I don't have to repair it completely. Just fixing it by ten or twenty percent will be more than enough to stop Jian Chen's sword Qi. It's just that the liquid is just too precious. Do I really have to use it like this?"

The ancestor of the Mo family could not help but think about the few droplets of liquid he had come across out of luck. He had found them in outer s.p.a.ce. When they floated quietly in s.p.a.ce, they gave off a strange pulse.

The ancestor of the Mo family did not know what the liquid was, but he did know that it was extraordinary. As a result, he collected it in delight. Afterwards, he experimented with it for countless years and finally discovered their unique property, and that was to repair.

He did not know how powerful the liquid was and whether it could repair G.o.d artifacts or not. He only knew that the damaged supreme quality saint artifact he had found in the past was completely repaired with a single droplet.

The only flaw was that it descended to high quality after being repaired.

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