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Chapter 1729: Five OverG.o.ds

Afterwards, Jian Chen entered seclusion and began to condense his second strand of Profound Sword Qi.

Not only had his battle prowess increased after reaching the great perfection of Sword Origin, but the strength of his sword techniques had increased by several folds as well. Even the strength of his first strand of Profound Sword Qi had grown.

In the past, he had almost directly slain the ancestor of the Lu family with his first strand of profound Sword Qi. At that time, his Profound Sword Qi only posed a fatal threat to early G.o.ds. Against mid G.o.ds, it would only heavily injure them at most.

However, now that he had reached the great perfection of Sword Origin, he was confident that he could directly kill mid G.o.ds even without refining the second strand of Profound Sword Qi. If he condensed the second strand and used them together, he could even kill late G.o.ds in a single strike. At that time, no one below OverG.o.d would be able to threaten him any more.

When Jian Chen entered seclusion, Mo Ling and Ando Fu entered seclusion as well. They wanted to comprehend the mysteries of the world and reach mid G.o.d.

Both of them were at the peak of early G.o.d while their bodies were filled with origin energy, so they were unable to absorb any more origin energy. They only required the comprehension of laws. Once they deepened their comprehension, they would reach mid G.o.d.

If they failed, they would remain as early G.o.ds for the rest of their lives.

As they began to cultivate, the Deity elders of the Mo clan and the Ando clan all sat down and began cultivating in seclusion as well.

They had already entered this place many times, so they completely understood the dangers. To ignorant outsiders, G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling was a land of fortune ready to be excavated, but to the people who were familiar with this place, it was a grave. As a result, they did not dare to move on their own without the lead of their ancestors.

A few days later, Shen Jian made a full recovery. However, he did not immediately emerge from seclusion and instead continued to cultivate with his divine crystals.

Basically, all the divine crystals Jian Chen had obtained were given to Shen Jian. Even the high grade divine crystals given to the patriarch of the Mo clan before to maintain the protective formations had been returned to Shen Jian. Shen Jian now possessed a large number of divine crystals of various grades, so it was more than enough for him to become a late Deity.

In the past few days, more and more G.o.ds gathered outside G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling. They no longer only came from the Dong'an province. Across the thirty-six provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, over eighty percent of the G.o.ds had gathered there. Quite a few G.o.ds from other divine kingdoms had gathered here as well.

Perhaps G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling was nothing attractive to other G.o.dkings, but it was something irresistible for G.o.ds and OverG.o.ds.

In particular, OverG.o.ds desired to enter G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling even more. They all hoped that they could come across the fortuitous encounter they needed to become a G.o.dking inside the dwelling.

The OverG.o.d from the Yubing clan of the Frigid Snow province always remained near the entrance of G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling. He tried various methods to enter, but all of them failed so far. However, he still did not give up.

"Bing Lou, you've sure come quickly…" Suddenly, an ancient voice boomed out, causing all the mountains nearby to tremble. A ruddy old man strode over with a sword on his back. He radiated with soaring sword Qi, which was both sharp and brutal.

He did not walk quickly, but he would cross a great distance with each step. He arrived before the OverG.o.d of the Yubing clan with just a few steps.

"It's the ancestor of the Ling family from the Swordseeking province, Ling Hougong…"

"Heavens, another OverG.o.d…"

"Duke Hou was a subject of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in its founding. It's said that he went to war with the divine king before founding the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in this large expanse of land. The divine king bestowed a region to duke Hou, which became the Swordseeking province of the thirty-six provinces…"

"Duke Hou has devoted his life to the sword, becoming infatuated with it. As a result, he changed the name of the province he came from to the Swordseeking province. The Ling family controls the entire provincial city, and they don't have to pay taxes to the royal city either…"

"It's all because Ling Hougong was a subject of the kingdom during its founding. There are over a dozen OverG.o.ds in our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, but there is less than a handful of OverG.o.ds who can enjoy Ling Hougong's treatment…"

The hunchbacked old man looked up and glanced at Ling Hougong. He said steadily, "Is there any use in coming early? Haven't I still been blocked outside as well? G.o.dking Duanmu's abilities really are great. Even when you stand at the entrance, you can't tell there's anything here."

"I'm guessing G.o.dking Duanmu hid his dwelling in s.p.a.ce and protected the entrance with powerful formations. However, since there are formations, attacking it will definitely lead to a response. Let me try," said Ling Hougong. With a crisp thrum, the sword on his back was drawn. He wielded it in one hand, and his presence completely changed. The figure of a huge sword seemed to condense around him as he directly slashed out.

Ling Hougong's Laws of the Sword had already surpa.s.sed Sword Origin and reached Sword Spirit.

The slash caused the origin energy in the surroundings to fall into disarray. A sharp sword intent filled the surroundings as if even the air had sharpened.

All the G.o.ds gathered in the surroundings retreated. Although Ling Hougong had directed his slash at the s.p.a.ce, the sword Qi that permeated the surroundings still made them s.h.i.+ver.

However, even with Ling Hougong's slash, the entrance to G.o.dking Duanmu's dwelling failed to appear. There were not even any pulses from any formations.

"The entrance to the dwelling is too well hidden. There's nothing I can do," Ling Hougong sighed gently. If it were not for Bing Lou who had told him where the entrance to the dwelling was located, he would have even believed it was just ordinary s.p.a.ce.

"Hahaha, none of you have entered, so it looks like we're not late." At this moment, another loud voice rang out. Three figures approached the region rapidly. The tremendous presence they gave off had reached the level of OverG.o.ds as well.

"Feng Bule, Guhun Xue, You Jin, you've come at the perfect time. Let's see if you can open the entrance," Ling Hougong's eyes immediately lit up.

These three figures who flew over were the other three OverG.o.ds from the five great provinces of the divine kingdom. They were Feng Bule of the Feng family, Guhun Xue of the Guhun clan, and You Jin of the You family.

Aside from You Jin, who was a gray-haired old man, the other two both seemed to be in their twenties. One was male, while the other was female. Feng Bule was dressed in white robes. He seemed handsome and elegant. Guhun Xue, on the other hand, was an alluring beauty.

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