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Chapter 1687: Collection

As Jian Chen's voice rang out, the entire chasm became dead silent. Some people were even stunned after hearing his words. In their eyes, Jian Chen was a mighty G.o.d. He stood at the same level as the ancestors of the four organisations that reigned over the region. He would be prestigious to the point where it would be extremely difficult for them, who were at the Origin realm at most, to even catch a glance of him.

Yet, the person who was equivalent to a supreme expert that they were revering had actually come personally to rob the divine crystal mine. He did not care for his ident.i.ty as a G.o.d at all. His actions immediately stunned many people.

"Esteemed senior, this mine belongs to the Lu family. The ancestor of our Lu family places great importance on this mine. At the same time, this is only a low grade mine. Only low grade divine crystals can be found here, with mid grade divine crystals being extremely rare, so with senior's greatness, these divine crystals must not be enough to satisfy you," the old man bowed and said carefully. At the same time, he paid close attention to Jian Chen's reaction. His forehead had already become covered in a layer of sweat after saying that.

Although the Lu family possessed a G.o.d, they had never seen him before. The senior before him was the first 'G.o.d' they had ever seen. It was just that Jian Chen's appearance was obscured by the light around him, so no one was able to tell who this 'G.o.d' was.

The old man brought up the ancestor of the Lu family in hopes of deterring and scaring this 'senior' somewhat. After all, the Lu family did place great importance on the mine. Without any exaggeration, the mine in the Dark Cloud Mountains was the lifeblood of the Lu family. They could not afford to lose it.

Jian Chen's gaze turned icy. He gently swung the Flying Snow Sword in his hand. With a flash, a silver-white strand of sword Qi seemed to have fused with the snow, shooting towards the old man with lightning speed.

The old man was only at Reciprocity, making him a decent expert among the guards. However, he was as insignificant as an ant before Jian Chen who could even fight G.o.ds. He could not resist at all. As a matter of fact, he could not even react to a casual attack from Jian Chen.

The old man did not realise it at all. He only felt a heart-wrenching pain from his right arm all of a sudden, causing him to cry out miserably and uncontrollably. Blood spurted out like a fountain from his right shoulder. His entire arm had been cleaved off by the sword Qi.

"This is only a warning. Don't mention what you said earlier to me ever again," Jian Chen said icily. There was a heavy killing intent in his eyes, warning all the people present that he did not fear the ancestor of the Lu family or fear offending them.

Jian Chen's ruthless act of chopping off the old man's arm immediately caused the expressions of all the guards present to change. Despite that, no one dared to speak out.

"Senior, please spare me. I'll hand over all the divine crystals I've mined…"

"Please spare us, senior. Please spare my insignificant life. There are over five thousand low grade divine crystals in this s.p.a.ce Ring. I planned on giving it to the supervisor initially, but I'll offer all of them up to you now…"


The miners that were responsible for excavating the divine crystals handed over their s.p.a.ce Rings without any hesitation at all. Although they had mined quite a few of them, the divine crystals did not belong to them. They had to hand it all up, so it was all the same to them whether they gave the divine crystals to the Lu family or someone else. They would not lose anything.

Over a thousand miners removed their s.p.a.ce Rings and placed them before Jian Chen courteously. None of them tried to keep a single divine crystal to themselves, and there were even a few miners who took pleasure in the situation.

Most of them were people who had offended the Lu family, or they were brought here for other reasons to do the hard work. They naturally had no good opinion of the Lu family. They felt delighted now that the Lu family was going to suffer.

As the miners handed up their s.p.a.ce Rings, a huge pile formed before Jian Chen very soon. Every single s.p.a.ce Ring possessed the same design, and they all held quite a lot of divine crystals.

The old man from the Lu family and the captain of the guards watched everything unfold with pale faces. Even though they were furious inside, they dared not to voice it at all, much less exhibit it on their faces. In their hearts, they only wished that the ancestor would learn what was happening here and arrive sooner.

Very soon, all the miners handed up their s.p.a.ce Rings. Jian Chen nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the pile of s.p.a.ce Rings. His robbery of the Lu family had been much more successful than he had originally thought it would be.

Jian Chen looked at the old man and sneered, "Looks like you're in charge here. You must have quite a lot of divine crystals on you, so hand over your s.p.a.ce Ring as well."

The old man's face immediately became extremely ugly. After a moment of hesitance, he clenched his teeth and removed his s.p.a.ce Ring from his finger reluctantly. Even though his life savings were stored inside there, nothing was more important than his own life.

With a wave of his hand, the large pile of s.p.a.ce Rings before him suddenly vanished. He took them all away. He could already tell that many of the miners had been trapped here by the Lu family to excavate divine crystals. Even the s.p.a.ce Rings they used had been specially handed out by the Lu family, so he would obviously keep the Lu family from getting their s.p.a.ce Rings back.

"Senior, a piece of high grade divine crystal was just excavated earlier. For a mine where a high grade divine crystal can appear, it's definitely not low grade. It'll be mid grade or even high grade," at this moment, someone said loudly from within the crowd of miners. He was one of the people that the Lu family had imprisoned here, so his hatred towards the Lu family had already reached fuming levels. He was tempted to create some more trouble for the Lu family.

"Oh? A mid grade divine crystal mine? Or maybe even a high grade mine?" Jian Chen's eyes lit up. He stared at the miner and asked, "What's your name?"

The miner immediately beamed when Jian Chen asked for his name. He completely ignored the old man's murderous glare and replied politely, "Senior, I am Ye Xing. I accidentally offended a clansman of the Lu family five hundred years ago, so they captured me and sent me here to excavate divine crystals for them."

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