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Chapter 1560: Visiting Fairy Hao Yue

After the battle, the Serpent G.o.d Hall and Heaven's Spirit Hall began to decline. Only the Sea G.o.ddess Hall maintained its prestige. Their hall master and newly-gained emperor, Yadriam, were both alive. They possessed two experts at the level of emperor, which was unique in the sea realm.

At the same time, the sea G.o.ddess was still alive. It was said that the Sea G.o.ddess Hall had been founded during the ancient times by the sea G.o.ddess herself, so the Sea G.o.ddess Hall's influence immediately became as overwhelming as the midday sun.

Jian Chen flew through the sea realm. He had turned into a violet streak of light and shot across the sky like a comet, disappearing in the blink of an eye. Jian Chen had already expanded his soul when he had ventured to the sea realm earlier to observe the situation of the Sea race.

He found that the Turtle clan was also shrouded by a thick layer of sorrow. In the battle against the foreign world, their Saint King elders had also taken part in the battle, but only a single person survived in the end. The rest of them, including Tai Dou, had all pa.s.sed away.

Jian Chen rode past the Turtle clan from ten thousand kilometers away on the Zi Ying Sword, making way to the Sea G.o.ddess Hall. He did not go to the Turtle clan. There was nothing in the Turtle clan that he cared about. The only person he had cared about was the grand elder, who had laid down his life to save him, and Jian Chen had already taken up the role as the ruler of the clan just to complete his final wish.

Jian Chen had successfully made the Turtle clan powerful. They had become a peak-level organization in the sea realm. He had also completed the grand elder's final wish, so after that, he cut his ties with the Turtle clan.

The Sea G.o.ddess Hall was a majestic divine hall. It was deep blue and let out a radiant glow. It hovered in the air like a primordial beast, unintentionally giving off a certain pressure that permeated the surroundings. Even Saint Kings would be deterred by it.

The experts in the Sea G.o.ddess Hall had fallen as well. The entire structure seemed to have emptied. They had lost many Saint Kings and many Saint Ruler emissaries.

When Jian Chen arrived before the divine hall, he was immediately recognized by an emissary, who courteously bowed to him. The emissary then moved as quickly as he could to report to the hall master.

Very soon, both Yadriam and Atlantis emerged. This time, they did not conceal their appearances at all, revealing their alluring beauty. At a closer glance, it was not difficult to tell that they looked somewhat similar.

Jian Chen was invited into the divine hall after some greetings were exchanged.

"Jian Chen, we sisters were injured too heavily and were completely incapacitated, so we could only leave first. We did not last until our final moments, so we must apologize." As soon as the three of them sat down, Yadriam spoke apologetically.

"How can you say that, hall master? I'm happy that you could successfully escape under such circ.u.mstances. It's just a pity that my great-grandfather Changyang Zu Xiao failed to make it out alive and pa.s.sed away on the battlefield." Jian Chen's voice carried some grief. If Changyang Zu Xiao had been able to make it out alive, no matter how heavily injured, Jian Chen would have been able to heal him.

"I never thought that the divine hall in Mercenary City would be so powerful that it could stop Returnance experts from the World of Forsaken Saints. Jian Chen, can I ask how long the divine hall will last?" The sea G.o.ddess' illusory figure appeared in the hall as she asked Jian Chen a question.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly released his sorrow that formed from losing family. He said, "The divine hall from Mercenary City is powerful, but maintaining it is not easy. It requires the support from all the Origin realm experts and many Saint Emperors to display the might that stopped the foreign world. I've come this time to a.s.sist the hall master and elder Yadriam in recovering as well as to rebuild your majesty's body. The supreme divine hall from Mercenary City requires your majesty."

"I can rebuild my body, but origin energy is just far too difficult to replenish. I might not be of much help. After all, the energy of the world in the sea realm became much thinner after my first resurrection. It will not recover even after a very long time. I can't use the spiritual springs in the sea realm again, or the energy of the world would completely vanish, making it impossible for my people to cultivate," sighed the sea G.o.ddess.

Jian Chen smiled confidently. "Don't worry, your majesty. I just happen to have heavenly resources that can recover origin energy. Once you have revived, all you need to do is consume this fruit and you'll be able to recover your peak strength in an extremely short amount of time." As he said that, a Mortal Energy Fruit appeared in his hand. It gave off an intoxicating fragrance.

The sea G.o.ddess' eyes immediately lit up. She stared at the Mortal Energy Fruit and asked in disbelief, "Is that true? Just this single piece of fruit can return me to my peak condition?"

"I'm completely certain," Jian Chen swore.

Jian Chen immediately began to move. He a.s.sisted the sea G.o.ddess, reviving her a second time. He had collected quite a few of the materials she required to rebuild her body from the Xuaxhuang Microcosm, so he still had a lot left. Even a hundred resurrections would not be enough to consume them all, so he did not need to worry about any required materials.

In order to ensure no accidents happened, Jian Chen personally guarded the sea G.o.ddess during her second resurrection. After recovering, Yadriam and Atlantis took part as well.

Since they had the experience from the first revival, the entire process happened much faster, it was successfully completed in just seven days. After consuming a Mortal Energy Fruit, the sea G.o.ddess had replenished all her power by the next day.

The sea G.o.ddess immediately went to the supreme divine hall on the Tian Yuan Continent after she had been revived. Jian Chen returned to Flame City after completing his tasks in the sea realm. He stood outside the Bright Moon Divine Hall, intending to visit fairy Hao Yue.

However, the entrance of the divine hall remained tightly shut, as if she wanted to deny Jian Chen entry.

"Jian Chen, do you want me to partake in the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints?" Fairy Hao Yue's obscure voice appeared in Jian Chen's ears. She had already sensed Jian Chen's arrival, but she did not let him into the divine hall.

Jian Chen knew that fairy Hao Yue possessed a great background. He clasped his hands and said, "Fairy Hao Yue, I have materials that can rebuild your body. I do indeed hope that you can a.s.sist us in fending off the World of Forsaken Saints once you recover your strength. After all, you also exist on the Tian Yuan Continent. Probably even you are unable to keep yourself safe if the front lines fall."

"Jian Chen, you should go. I won't help you fend off the World of Forsaken Saints. Even ignoring the fact that I don't want to use your low quality resurrection materials, I would not want to offend the World of Forsaken Saints even if I still had a body." Fairy Hao Yue declined without any hesitation.

"Why's that?" Jian Chen asked. He did not understand her reasoning.

"Jian Chen, if I've examined the people from the World of Forsaken Saints correctly, they should be Spiritsages from the Saints' World. The Spiritsages are a great race in the Saints' World. The Spiritsages may not necessarily cause you trouble even though the people of this world are battling them, but I come from the Moon G.o.d Hall of the Saints' World. If I interfere, the Moon G.o.d Hall will definitely be dragged into the conflict," fairy Hao Yue said.

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