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Chapter 1459: Revival through Saint Weapons (One)

Not only had the human sovereign's breakthrough to a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master rock the continent, but the news also reached the Beast G.o.d Continent, the sea realm, and the Wasteland Continent as quickly as it could, leading to great uproars among the three other races. Everyone discussed the matter of Jian Chen reaching the 8th Cla.s.s with great interest.

If Jian Chen was only a Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Master, his ident.i.ty as both a Radiant Saint Master and fighter would not have been able to create such a commotion. However, his ident.i.ty held a whole new significance now that he had reached Cla.s.s 8. Not only had the rumors about Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Masters spread across the Tian Yuan Continent, but a few experts of the three others races, as well as a few ancient clans and organizations, had heard them as well.

The ability to revive Saint Weapons was labeled as heaven-defying. Many people believed that if the Tian Yuan Continent was in possession of a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master, they would definitely become the most powerful among the four races.

If a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master had appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent in the past, the magical beasts and the Hundred Races would have tried to him regardless of the consequences, because countless Saint Weapons from Sainthood experts had appeared all over the continent. If all the experts of these weapons were revived, the Tian Yuan Continent would be in possession of a chilling force. At that time, even if the Beast G.o.d Continent and the Wasteland Continent worked together, they would not be the Tian Yuan Continent's opponent at all.

However, the threat of the foreign world had united the four races for the first time. Under this situation, not only did the appearance of a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master fail to make the people of the Beast G.o.d Continent and Wasteland Continent worry, but it instead filled them with delight.

"My clan originally possessed a King Armament. It was obtained by one of my clan's ancestors several tens of thousand of years ago, when he fought against a human Saint King and took it as a trophy of the battle after he killed the human. It's been stored in my clan's treasury for all these years, but a few months ago, the great war G.o.d sent the command to collect all the Saint Weapons created by human experts, so we handed it over to the War G.o.d Hall. Otherwise, I could have used this opportunity to trade for some benefits with the human sovereign." An old man, who was part of a large tribe on the Wasteland Continent, mumbled to himself after receiving the news.

Many people voiced similar thoughts in the sea realm. Although these weapons would only remain when Sainthood human experts pa.s.sed away during meditation, there were still a few that had ended up with various organizations in the sea realm due to variety of reasons. A fraction of humans would stay in the sea realm and cultivate there until they pa.s.sed away, so there were quite a few Saint Weapons left in the sea realm, far more than on the Wasteland Continent. However, since their great sea G.o.ddess had personally issued an order for all the clans and organizations to hand over the Saint Weapons they had collected, they had all sent them to the Sea G.o.ddess Hall as quickly as they could. No one dared to defy the order.

However, it was exactly because of this order that many clans and organizations began to regret handing over their Saint Weapons. They did not benefit at all by handing them over to the Sea G.o.ddess Hall. The human sovereign Jian Chen had personally given the order to collect Saint Weapons, so many people immediately began to think about how they could earn a reward if they gave the weapons to Jian Chen.

On the Beast G.o.d Continent, the Tiger clan that had once stood as one of the most powerful clans began to feel regret as well. The current grand elder of the clan stood on a mountain as he gazed in the direction of the Beast G.o.d Hall. He constantly sighed. "No wonder the peng emperor commanded the entire Beast G.o.d Continent to gather the human Saint Weapons. Turns out he already knew that the human sovereign had become a Cla.s.s 8 Radiant Saint Master. Sigh, my clan also had a few of these human Saint Weapons. Just the Emperor Armaments numbered four. They were all trophies of battles from the past, but they've all been collected by the peng emperor. If our clan had personally delivered the Emperor Armaments to the human sovereign, we could have gotten him to add a few words for us to the beast G.o.d. It wouldn't have been difficult to save our clan from being devastated.

"Peng emperor, this might be our only chance at surviving. Are you unwilling to give us a chance like this? The emperor may have committed heinous crimes, but many of our clansmen are innocent…"

The grand elder was grief-stricken. He also showed vague signs of despair. Even though he knew that the end of the clan would coincide with the day the Winged Tiger G.o.d emerged from seclusion, the clan did not choose to flee. Even if they fled to the ends of the earth, it would be useless against an expert who had surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor.

Soon after Jian Chen announced the news that he was collecting Saint Weapons at Flame City, the ten protector clans and Mercenary City all paid him a visit. They all offered up a s.p.a.ce Ring before leaving, and soon after they left, Cangqiong, Yadriam, and a Saint Emperor hall elder of the War G.o.d Hall, all came as well. They also offered up a s.p.a.ce Ring each.

Within the s.p.a.ce Rings were all the Saint Weapons they had collected from their own territories. They all offered them to Jian Chen without holding back at all.

Jian Chen became stunned when he saw how the s.p.a.ce Rings were filled with so many Saint Weapons. Soon after, his face was replaced by a smile. He clasped his hands at them and thanked them. After conversing with them a little, he entered a secret room with the s.p.a.ce Rings and immediately entered seclusion.

As Jian Chen sorted through the Saint Weapons in the s.p.a.ce Ring, he could not help but gasp, even with his mental fort.i.tude. From all the s.p.a.ce Rings, just the number of Emperor Armaments ranged in the hundreds. There were over ten thousand King Armaments while the Ruler Armaments had exceeded the King Armaments by tenfold. There was over a hundred thousand of them.

These Saint Weapons had been acc.u.mulated over several hundred thousand years, possibly even over a million. Although there were many of them, they amounted to a tiny fraction, less than a hundredth, of all the Sainthood experts that the Tian Yuan Continent had given birth to.

Each protector clan had fused over a hundred Emperor Armaments into their ancestral weapons and all the former masters of the weapons belonged to their clan.

Jian Chen sat down in the secret room. He calmed himself before grabbing a Ruler Armament. His eyes revealed his eagerness as he mumbled, "Let's try with a Ruler Armament first and see what the outcome is really like after its master has been revived."

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