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Chapter 1448: Changes to the Saint Artifact

When Jian Chen emerged from the Elven G.o.dtree, Audriana sank into a slumber. The Soul-offering Ceremony that Tie Ta had gone through had been secretly directed by Audriana. She had expended a great deal of energy, so she needed to fall asleep since she no longer possessed her strength as a G.o.dking.

Jian Chen stood a hundred meters away as he stared at the Elven G.o.dtree that let out a faint, green glow. His emotions were extremely mixed. He now knew that the Elven G.o.dtree before him was not a tree but a G.o.dking.

"Jian Chen, what happened?" Tie Ta asked Jian Chen out of doubt as he stood beside him. He had no idea what had happened within the Elven G.o.dtree.

The elven queen stared fixedly at Jian Chen as well while she stood beside Tie Ta. She wanted to know the answer to that question very much. The Elven G.o.dtree had existed among the elves for so long, yet something like this had never happened before. It had never let someone into its main trunk.

Jian Chen said nothing. He gazed at the tree before bowing. He said, "This is a G.o.dking's tree." Afterward, he turned around and left.

Tie Ta scratched his head in confusion. He glanced at the tree suspiciously a few times before silently leaving with Jian Chen.

"A G.o.dking's tree? What is sovereign Jian Chen trying to say?" The elven queen stood there in a daze. She closely observed the Elven G.o.dtree while confusion filled her face.

Although she did not understand what Jian Chen meant by 'G.o.dking's tree,' she understood that the Elven G.o.dtree was probably not as simple as her predecessors had understood it to be. Otherwise, how could it have been worthy of receiving a bow from the human sovereign?

However, what Jian Chen did not know was that soon after he had left, the bow he gave to the Elven G.o.dtree was recorded in the archives of the race. At the same time, the 'G.o.dking's tree' he had mentioned was clearly recorded as well.

Tie Ta and Jian Chen left the only forest on the Wasteland Continent after visiting the elves. Along the way, Jian Chen also asked Tie Ta about the matter regarding the keys to Aergyns' corpse, the beast furs.

"The hall elders of the War G.o.d Hall have reported that they've already gathered eleven of the eighteen beast furst. There's just seven left that they haven't obtained. Two of them are with the Beast G.o.d Hall on the Beast G.o.d Continent, one is with Mercenary City on the Tian Yuan Continent, one is with the Tyrant's Blade School of the protector clans, and the whereabouts of the last three are unknown," said Tie Ta.

Jian Chen thought of something. With a flip of his hand, three palm-sized beast furs immediately appeared. These beast furs were once crucial for his breakthrough to Sainthood. He had given the three beast fur to others to cultivate with but had taken them soon after back.

"Tie Ta, I just happen to have three beast furs. These must be the three with unknown whereabouts. I'll give them to you right now. I'll help you find the other beast furs as well," said Jian Chen before pa.s.sing his three beast furs to Tie Ta.

There was obviously no need to be polite since Tie Ta and Jian Chen were close, so Tie Ta accepted the three beast furs.

At this time, Jian Chen's face suddenly changed. A golden stream of light immediately shot from his forehead, turning into a fist-sized golden tower before him.

"Tie Ta, I need to enter the artifact s.p.a.ce, so I'll leave it with you for now." Jian Chen hurried into the artifact s.p.a.ce before Tie Ta could ask why.

A white-robed, middle-aged man currently stood in a majestic hall within the artifact s.p.a.ce. He sternly stared ahead. He was the artifact spirit of the artifact s.p.a.ce.

An extremely powerful but not very large formation shone with resplendent light, illuminating the hall in front of the artifact spirit. To no surprise, the Radiant Saint Force origin energy refined by the artifact was all stored within the formation.

The origin energy of Radiant Saint Force was crucial for allowing Radiant Saint Masters to go from Cla.s.s 6 to 7 and from Cla.s.s 7 to 8. However, the world did not possess any by itself. The reason why the saint artifact existed was to absorb the Radiant Saint Force in the world and transform it into origin energy.

The seal within the artifact s.p.a.ce had existed for an extremely long time, so long that it had been there before the artifact spirit was born. At the same time, it was the only place in the artifact s.p.a.ce that the artifact spirit could not control.

Over the countless years the saint artifact had existed, the amount of origin energy it had stored up had already reached a terrifying point. However, the seal would only weaken once every fifty years, and every time it weakened, only a bare minimum of the origin energy would escape, allowing people to take it away and thus giving birth to Cla.s.s 7 Radiant Saint Masters on the Tian Yuan Continent.

At this moment, a violet streak of light shot over with lightning-like speed. It vanished into the hall. Jian Chen had made his way over as quickly as he could once he received the news from the artifact spirit.

As soon as Jian Chen arrived, his gaze was drawn to the powerful seal. He immediately frowned because the seal that held in all the origin energy was extremely unstable. It showed signs of shattering.

"Greetings to the master!" The artifact spirit greeted Jian Chen with a bow.

Jian Chen stared at the seal and asked, "Artifact spirit, what's happening here?"

"Master, I am not too sure as to what the exact situation is, because I only just discovered the abnormality of the seal. However, according to my close observations, I have found that a foreign force appeared at a certain time within the seal. Even though there is only a sliver of it, it is so powerful that it makes me s.h.i.+ver. It's currently eating away the seal bit by bit," responded the artifact spirit.

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes and stared at the seal. Indeed, he discovered the foreign force that did not belong to the seal, as described by the artifact spirit. After a moment of observation, he suddenly became extremely stern. There was only just a sliver of the foreign force, but Jian Chen sensed it as a fatal threat.

"Just how did this foreign force appear?" Jian Chen thought as the light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty. He thought about Audriana, but he quickly shook his head. This force clearly did not match Audriana's power and he could not think of a reason why she would want to help him.

"Master, the seal is slowly being eaten away by the energy. If this continues, the seal will completely collapse in just a few days. If the seal is unable to keep it busy and if the foreign force erupts in the saint artifact, the outcome will be…" The artifact spirit said with a heavy voice as his complexion became horrendous. The saint artifact could only resist attacks from Saint Emperors, and a few more powerful Saint Emperors would have been enough to destroy it, let alone the foreign force that surpa.s.sed Saint Emperor. Once the saint artifact was destroyed, he would disperse as well.

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