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Chapter 1447: Experts of the G.o.dking's Throne

Jian Chen's eyes immediately widened as disbelief filled his face. His heart surged even more, and he almost lost all composure. He had even begun to doubt his ears at that moment.

A G.o.dking! The owner of the obscure voice was actually a G.o.dking. This was just far too astounding.

Jian Chen had learned from the sword spirits long ago that beyond the Origin realm was G.o.dhood. G.o.dhood was split into another four cultivation levels, which were Deity, G.o.d, OverG.o.d, and G.o.dking. G.o.dking was the peak of G.o.dhood, and one more step would lead to the highest realm of cultivation in the Saints' World, the Primordial realm!

Audriana was the strongest G.o.dking among the G.o.d race of the Saints' World. That would mean that even among the G.o.dkings, her strength was ranked near the top.

Jian Chen was extremely shocked, struggling to return to his senses even after quite some time. A G.o.dking was actually hidden among the Hundred Races and had never been discovered over the countless years. This was just far too shocking, far too astounding.

Jian Chen finally began to recover after a long time. He sucked in a deep breath and stared at the empty, green s.p.a.ce with some lingering shock. He asked, "Senior, junior doesn't understand something. You said that you came under the orders of the hall elders to welcome the war G.o.d. Why did you not interfere when the previous war G.o.d, Aergyns, was slain by the Winged Tiger G.o.d?" With your strength as a G.o.dking, protecting the previous war G.o.d would have been extremely easy, wouldn't it?"

"Sigh," Audriana deeply exhaled as her voice became bitter. She said, "I've already lost that ability. I may be the greatest G.o.dking of the G.o.d race, but I'm only a weak soul now. After being weak for countless years, I need to sleep and nourish my soul so it doesn't disperse."

Jian Chen understood. The Hundred Races had a G.o.dking, yet she had never been discovered after so many years and had never acted either because Audriana was only a fragile soul now. Even if she wanted to do something, she did not have the power.

"Senior, you're a G.o.dking. You're already invincible here, so may I ask how you ended up like this? Did something go wrong during the process of coming down, or was it some other reason?" Jian Chen carefully asked.

"I'm not the only G.o.dking in this world. The G.o.dking of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall, Shui Yunlan, came down as well. I arrived several thousand years before Shui Yunlan, but she went overboard when she came down. As soon as she came down, she sealed up this world. Not only did she seal up the tunnel to the Saints' World, she stopped everyone from being able to reach the Origin realm. Even the G.o.d race Saint Emperors who followed me to this lower world were affected, preventing them from reaching the Origin realm. For this, I engaged in a great battle again her. Unfortunately, our difference in strength was extremely great even though I was the greatest G.o.dking of the G.o.d race. I was not her opponent, so I was slain by her in the end.

"Shui Yunlan wiped out my body and heavily injured my soul, making it extremely difficult to recover. The teeming life force within my body turned into this tree of life to nourish my weakened soul so that it would not disperse. However, Shui Yunlan would never dare to kill me off. Once I die, the hall elders in the higher world would immediately know what had happened."

Jian Chen's heart beat heavily. He could not help but think about protector Shui. He sighed in surprise, "Is protector Shui really that strong? You're both G.o.dkings, but you're still not her opponent even as the greatest G.o.dking of the G.o.d race?"

"Shui Yunlan has already arrived at the very peak of G.o.dking. There is a G.o.dking's Throne in the Saints' World that records a thousand of the most powerful G.o.dkings in the entire Saints' World. Shui Yunlan's ranking is ninth. There are only a few G.o.dkings who have surpa.s.sed her in the entire Saints' World. I only rank in the top one hundred. Her strength is not something you can imagine," Audriana gently sighed.

Jian Chen gasped. Only now did he understand just how terrifying protector Shui was, the same person who was always polite to his sister.

There were many G.o.dkings in the vast Saints' World, yet protector Shui ranked ninth among all of them. This was a great surprise to Jian Chen.

"And that was what happened over three million years ago. Although Shui Yunlan's strength has not been able to progress during the three million years she's stayed here, much less make a breakthrough, she's become even more powerful now," Audriana's voice rang out. It was filled with bitterness.

Although she had stayed in the lower world with Shui Yunlan for over three million years, Shui Yunlan's strength had increased while she was only a weak soul right now. Even recovering her strength was just an extravagant wish, let alone making any improvements.

"You can only rely on yourself to fend off the threat of the foreign world. I am unable to help you. I am also a G.o.dking that's come down from a higher world, so I can't interfere with too many matters regarding this world, or I will be punished by the laws of the world. The treasure that the hall elders bestowed upon me to fend off the punishment of the laws was destroyed in the battle against Shui Yunlan…

"I can already sense that Shui Yunlan has found the snow G.o.ddess of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall. Soon, Shui Yunlan will leave with her. At that time, the seal of this world will shatter and the tunnel to the Saints' World will open again. The formation that restricts everyone from reaching the Origin realm will vanish as well. At that time, you'll be able to reach the Saints' World…

"At the same time, since you're friends with the war G.o.d, I hope you can pa.s.s on my message: he cannot take revenge for the previous war G.o.d before he has truly become powerful. That Winged Tiger G.o.d from a million years ago is not as simple as he seemed. Even though he only displayed strength of someone from the Origin realm, he makes my heart jump. Even if he's not as powerful as me, he is definitely in possession of a treasure that can heavily injure me. I also get the same feeling from the human Mo Tianyun…

"I have become extremely exhausted after a.s.sisting the war G.o.d undergo the Soul-offering Ceremony, so I am about to fall into a slumber again. Do not expose my existence. When the Winged Tiger G.o.d slaid the previous war G.o.d, he sealed up his corpse and shed eighteen pieces of fur. Those pieces are the only key to the seal of the war G.o.d, and opening the seal will allow the current war G.o.d to obtain the essence and power of the previous war G.o.d."

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