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Chapter 1441: End of a Grand Gathering

"Let's go," Guihai Yidao gently sighed in dejection before leaving with Yang Lie and Feng Xiaotian.

Other than Feng Xiaotian who still remained rather at ease, Yang Lie's and Guihai Yidao's faces had both sunken. The outcome of the path lord was horrendous news for them.

Jian Chen looked away from the path lord and glanced around the miniature world. He had already used his soul to envelope the entire place. Through his senses, he could clearly see that the Carnal Desires sect and the hall deep in the miniature world was filled with corpses. The ground had been dyed with blood while the heavy smell of blood lingered in the air.

Jian Chen sighed gently and murmured, "The path lord personally killed the people here. Looks like he wanted to sever his emotions and desires and reach the Origin realm, but he didn't know that this world had been sealed, making it impossible to reach the Origin realm unfortunately."

Jian Chen gently shook his head. He did not touch anything in the miniature world. He left with some sympathy.

In the current world, it was even difficult to become a Saint Emperor. Even Jian Chen felt some admiration for the path lord seeing how he could create his own cultivation method to reach Saint Emperor and attain such great achievements all by himself.

This was because the path lord must have achieved everything he had owned through his own hard work. He did not have the support of any powerful organizations, unlike the magical beasts with the Beast G.o.d Hall, which made cultivating much easier. He did not even have what the protector clans and Mercenary City possessed.

Jian Chen returned to the Gesum Kingdom. At that moment, the Saint Emperors had all roused from their cultivation. They were all ecstatic as a terrifyingly tremendous pressure radiated from them. They had already consolidated their cultivation completely.

All the Saint Emperors gratefully bowed to Jian Chen when they saw him. A few of the magical beasts immediately swore their loyalty to Jian Che and said that they were willing to become guardians of the Changyang clan in the future.

"I appreciate your good intentions, except the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints is still present. Our utmost priority is to make preparations in order to fend off the foreign world. Once we completely eliminate this threat, I will definitely welcome you with open arms if you still want to come join the Changyang clan," Jian Chen faintly smiled and turned down the oaths of loyalty.

If it was before, Jian Chen would have accepted several Cla.s.s 9 Magical Beasts as guardians with great joy, but now, Saint Emperors were no longer as valuable to him as before. More importantly, he still did not know how many of these Saint Emperors would survive the battle against the foreign world.

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