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Chapter 1440: A Severed Path

Severing the emotions and desires would be freeing the body from everything that had held it down, allowing an unbound soul to break through. The path lord had completely failed when he tried to follow that path. He had severed his emotions and desires too hurriedly and without taking the appropriate measures. He had completely failed to find the rest of his path. As he stood at the end, he lost his sense of direction for the future. He became confused and came across an obstruction on his path to the Origin realm.

However, there was no way back once he embarked on this path. His initial path no longer suited him, so he needed to abandon it. He couldn't continue on a broken path. He needed to pave a new path.

He paved this path using his hatred of Jian Chen.

Originally, the path lord would not have been able to feel any hatred with his pure soul since he had severed his emotions and desires. However, the mysterious force from outer s.p.a.ce had forced him out of that mental state, greatly injuring his soul and making it extremely weak. Even the slightest stimulation would have pushed him over the edge.

The path lord's eyes lost their clarity and were replaced with madness. Hatred burned within them as well. This hatred was so powerful that it was enough to annihilate his own soul. This burning hatred mixed with his soul.

"Jian Chen, the only reason why I'm like this now is all because of you! I want to surpa.s.s Saint Emperor! I want to surpa.s.s you and then torture you to death in the most brutal fas.h.i.+on possible!" The path lord roared at the sky, causing the entire miniature world to tremble. His face had become viciously distorted. His hatred for Jian Chen was increasing at an unbelievable rate.

His enmity for Jian Chen had not reached such an irreconcilable level before, but he had decided to use his hatred to pave a path to the Origin realm. This lead to the rapid increase of his hatred.

The path lord of carnal desires was currently caught on the path between Saint Emperor and the Origin realm. Because the path had not been completed and did not exist, he had not broken through, but everything would be extremely smooth as soon as he had found a new one. His strength was increasing at an unbelievable rate as he inched toward the Origin realm.

If this continued, he definitely would have been able to become an Origin realm expert.

However, the supreme force from outer s.p.a.ce appeared once again as he moved along the path to the Origin realm. It stopped him from breaking through.

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